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Eight years ago, Tien Shinhan was defeated by Blonde Launch.

After that, he and Chiaotzu left their master’s tutelage to venture outside.

In these eight years, they roamed around the world and challenged martial arts centers.

Their strength continuously improved in the process of tempering.

Until now, there were no martial artists in any of the martial arts centers who could defeat them, so they continued to temper their martial arts in the wilderness.

A few plump fish were struck with pebbles, and then a bonfire was set up next to the pool.

Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu began to eat dinner.

“Chiaotzu, is there any news from Master’s side” Tien Shinhan asked.

“No, it should be that we have to continue our training outside,” Chiaotzu replied.

“What is the identity of those people from eight years ago It has been so long, but why haven’t we found them yet” Tien Shinhan threw out a fish bone which pierced a small hole in a rock.

His first fight with Blonde Launch had left a deep impression in him, and on top of his uncle’s brother’s—Mercenary Tao’s—tight-lipped attitude, it all proved that the other party’s identity was not ordinary.

However, in these few years, he and Chiaotzu had challenged countless martial artist schools, but they hadn’t found any clues yet.

With Tien Shinhan’s current strength, except for the few people like Master Roshi, Master Shen, and Mercenary Tao, it would be difficult to find opponents who would be he and Chiaotzu’s match; no, maybe even Master Roshi and others were not their opponents.

This made Tien Shinhan more and more eager to once again meet those people and defeat them!

“Tien Shin, where are we going next”

Tien Shinhan was quiet for a moment and suddenly revealed a evil smile, “Let’s go meet the legendary Master Roshi! He could push down our Crane School for so many years, so he should able to give us a nice surprise!”

“Umm, then we will go look for Master Roshi.

I have heard that Master Roshi lives on a small island overseas…”


At the same time, Fire Mountain…

When Chi-Chi came back from Kame House, seven or eight days had already passed since Goku and Bulma left.

Suddenly, Chi-Chi was dumbfounded as she saw that her home was razed to the ground.

“Chi-Chi, did you borrow the Bansho Fan from Master Roshi”

Ox King walked over while carrying a stone on his shoulder which he was using to build the new castle.


He threw the stone on the ground, causing it to violently shudder as a big hole appeared on it.

He had asked Chi-Chi to borrow the Bansho Fan from Master Roshi, but it was now of no use.

“No, Master Roshi said that he had lost the Bansho Fan.” Chichi shook her head, looked around in surprise and asked, “Dad, what happened to our home How did the Fire Mountain disappear”

Ox King roared with laughter, the booming voice was a little painful for the ears, “This was done by Goku, senior brother Gohan’s grandson.

You don’t know this but that Goku had surprisingly used the legendary move of old man Master Roshi — Kamehameha.

One energy wave directly blew up the whole Fire Mountain and also extinguished the fire.”

“What! He blew up our castle with just one energy wave Is that person so powerful” After listening to him, Chi-Chi couldn’t help but freeze, disbelief written on her face.

“Hehe, I saw it with my own eyes.

Goku has fully inherited senior brother Gohan’s teachings.

If Master Roshi knew it, he will definitely be very delighted,” Ox king cheerfully said.

“So, martial artists can also do such things…” Chi-Chi’s eyes lit up as if she had seen a brand new world.

“Dad, I also want to learn martial arts.

Can you teach me”

Ox King laughed heartily and said, “If you want to learn, I can, of course, teach you.

However, dad didn’t learn Master Roshi’s core techniques, so I can’t teach you much!”

“Then I will go look for Master Roshi and ask him to teach me martial arts,” Chichi suddenly said.

She had seen Master Roshi, the God of Martial Arts a few days ago.

He seemed to be just a lecherous old man.

She had doubts about his strength, but when she saw that her home was destroyed by a unique skill developed by him, she realized that Master Roshi might indeed be more skilled than he looked.

“But Master Roshi has not accepted a disciple for many years…”

Ox King was very happy about his daughter’s desire to learn martial arts.

However, it was only that Master Roshi had not accepted a disciple for more than ten years, and he didn’t know if Master Roshi would be willing to teach his daughter!

Ox King did not understand the Turtle School’s profound martial arts because of his poor comprehension.

In few years, he could only learn a little superficial knowledge by relying on brute force-learning, but he became well known within several hundreds of miles of surrounding area. ‘If Chi-Chi can learn under Master Roshi, then with her intelligence, she will certainly achieve great accomplishments.’

‘The hard part is how to have Master Roshi accept Chi-Chi as his disciple!’ Ox King was worried.

“Dad, don’t worry, I’ll have Master Roshi teach me martial arts.” Thinking of Master Roshi’s lewd expression, Chi-Chi did not believe that Master Roshi would not be willing to teach her martial arts!

“I hope so!” Ox King began to look forward to it in his heart.

The next day, Chi-Chi packed her luggage and then rushed toward Kame House under the escort of Ox King.

This time, Chi-Chi didn’t wear the same kind of weird clothing like Ultraman.

Instead, she put on a blue martial arts suit and had her long black hair hung down.

She looked extraordinarily delicate and adorable.


Kame House, surrounded by the blue waters, the rolling waves hit each other, making crashing sounds.

A small island floated there alone, like a lonely boat.

On this day, Goku arrived at Master Roshi’s home on the Flying Nimbus.

Regarding Goku’s arrival, Master Roshi had been preparing for a long time.

When Goku arrived, he brought out a thick tortoiseshell from the room and put it on Goku’s back.

The tortoiseshell had a weight of 50kg.

For ordinary people, it was difficult to even walk with it placed on their body.

Of course, this was nothing for Goku.

In a sense, Goku was now far more powerful than Master Roshi.

What he lacked was just the combat experience and a person who could guide him on his training path.

Even though Master Roshi was lecherous, he was very principled.

In terms of theoretical knowledge, he was enough to be Goku’s teacher.

Just as Goku was training under the guidance of Master Roshi, a boat floated over from the distant sea.

The boat reached the shore, and a bald person, wearing a monk’s robe, jumped down from the boat.

Krillin took out a bunch of ***** magazines in an attempt to acknowledge Master Roshi as his master.

Although Master Roshi liked these magazines very much, he refused Krillin’s request with “righteousness”.

However, in the face of Krillin’s incessant pleading, Master Roshi gave Krillin a chance and promised to train him as long as he could bring back a beautiful girl.

After that, Master Roshi asked Goku to look for a beautiful girl around the world while carrying Krillin on his back.

In the original work, Krillin and Goku brought back the blue-haired Launch at this time, so that they could acknowledge Master Roshi as master.

But here, it was different.

One was that Goku had already acknowledged Master Roshi as master, and the second was that Launch now lived with Xiaya.

She was not likely to be taken away by Goku and Krillin.

However, Krillin’s luck was quite good.

Although they weren’t able to find Launch, they accidentally encountered another girl who was being chased by police officers near a desert.

The girl had the same golden and curly hair as the Blonde-haired Launch.

She was wearing a heroic and revealing blue trench coat and a dark-red armor on her shoulders and knees.

At this time, the girl was holding a pistol and confronting several police officers.

Following the sounds of fighting, the police officers were caused to retreat again and again in defeat, and they could only hide behind the police cars and wait for support.

“Ha ha ha!” Bursts of fire ejected out from the gun barrel.

For a moment, sparks flew about in all directions, and the Blonde girl laughed arrogantly.

The breeze caused her blonde hair to rise in the air, as the smell of smoke pervaded the air.

If Xiaya was here, he would have really asked Launch, “Is this person who looks like you really not your sister”


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