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Bulma looked at the seven shiny dragon balls on the ground with an excited expression.

She gratefully glanced at Goku and then loudly chanted the incantation to summon Shenron.

“Come out, Shenron!”

As soon as her voice fell, the seven dragon balls suddenly erupted out with a golden glow, as dark clouds gathered in the sky, and then it turned pitch-black, causing the surroundings to fall into frightening darkness.

“Ahh, why did the sky become dark all of a sudden”

It was Bulmas first time summoning Shenron, so these frightening changes startled her.

She stared at the sky which had already turned pitch-black and felt frightened in her heart, and her body couldnt help but retreat to Gokus side.

Gokus countenance also turned grave, and he stood in front of Bulma while holding the Power Pole as if he was facing a powerful enemy.

In a small town thousands of miles away, Xiaya was holding a teacup and sipping tea.

He stared at the pitch-black sky and mused,Goku and Bulma are quite fast.

They summoned Shenron so quickly.

Would they also waste a wish as they did in the original work

In the original work, Shenron was summoned during nighttime, but now he was being summoned during the daytime.

Xiaya guessed that the storyline may have changed a bit.

However, Xiaya didnt know that the change in the storyline was beyond his imagination.

At the same time, people around the world were also discussing the sudden reversal of day and night, and they couldnt help but speculate if it was a solar eclipse.

Rumble! Rumble!

Golden lightning, like an angry lightning serpent, continuously struck down from the dark sky, and then after some build up, with a loud dragon roar resounding throughout the world, Shenrons green figure charged through the dark clouds.

“People who have gathered the dragon balls, say thy wish!”

The rough and loud voice spread throughout the wilderness like the sound of a bell.

The imposing aura frightened the small animals in the surroundings into hiding.

“So, Shenron looks like this… he looks so frightening!” Bulma exclaimed.

She was scared by Shenrons shocking aura and took a while to react.

“Shenron, I want to find a handsome boyfriend, ah no… forget it! I hope that I and my family will be healthy forever!” Bulma was about to make a wish, but quickly stopped and changed her wish instead; she wished for her family to be healthy.

Perhaps in her subconsciousness, she also felt that it was absurd to have Shenron give her a boyfriend.

“Thy wish is very easy!”

Shenron was silent for a while, and then, his eyes glowed red and Bulmas wish was fulfilled.

At the same time, Bulma felt her brain reinvigorate and her body become a lot stronger.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled, goodbye.” After that, Shenron soared into the sky and again turned into seven dragon balls in midair; the dragon balls rotated a few times in the sky and flew towards different parts of the world.

Even Gokus four-star ball disappeared.

“Ahhh! Sorry, Goku.

I didnt know that the dragon balls will fly away after Shenron fulfills the wish,” After the sky again turned bright again, Bulma put her palms together in front of her and apologized to Goku.

Goku shook his head and said, “Its fine.

Ill find Grandpas four-star dragon ball later.”

“But it is written in the documents that after fulfilling a wish, a dragon ball will only again appear after one year,” Bulma looked at Goku and said apologetically.

“Its okay.

But Bulma, didnt you want to find a boyfriend Why did you change your mind in the end” Goku asked in surprise.

Bulmas pretty face was red as she said embarrassedly, “I had originally intended to, but I suddenly felt that it would be meaningless to do so; or are you saying that this miss is afraid that she wont find a boyfriend with her natural beauty”

“Um um, Bulma is very beautiful,” Goku reassured her.

“Obviously!” Bulmas eyes were like clear water, as her face burst into a peach blossom-like smile.

“Oh and Goku, you are going to Master Roshis place to learn martial arts later, right I am warning you, you must not get infected with bad habits like Master Roshi!”

“I know.” Goku nodded and asked, “Bulma, are you also going back”

“Yeah, I came out as I had holidays.

I have to go to school after I go back.

If you have time in the future, you can come to West City to look for me.

When you arrive in West City, you can ask any random person, and youll find my home.”

“Ok!” Goku agreed.

After that, Goku and Bulma went to a nearby city, and she paid for Goku to have a hearty meal in a family restaurant.

Only the sounds of bowls and chopsticks colliding could be heard.

Soon, the small table was stacked with half-a-person high plates.

Bulma cupped her chin in her hands and looked at Goku gorging himself in amazement.

She thought to herself,If I didnt have enough money on me, he really wouldnt have been able to afford the meal.

“Goku, your appetite is really good,” Bulma praised.

“Because I practice martial arts, I can eat a whole dinosaur during a meal!” Goku said as he peeked his head out from the small mountain of bowls and plates.

Bulma rolled her eyes and said, “Thats just your appetite.

I havent seen any martial artist that can eat like you.”

Goku listened with a chuckle and urged the boss of the restaurant continue to serve more meals.

The boss of the restaurant hotel was constantly wiping the cold sweat, urging the kitchen to hurriedly prepare food.

Bulma leaned against the corner of the table, propped her chin, and suddenly felt very interested.

This strange little boy had left a deep impression in her heart.

After eating to his hearts content, Bulma officially separated from Goku.

Bulma was going to go back to her home in West City, and Goku was going to Master Roshis place to learn more profound martial arts.

“Goku, come visit me later in West City.

This is my communication device, so contact me regularly in the future.” Bulma handed a small communication device to Goku, and then also stuffed the dragon ball radar into his hand.

“Umm, I will keep in touch!” Goku nodded and curiously fiddled with the communication device.

After that, the young boy and girl went to their own respective lives after the not-so-long journey, but the memories of spending this one month together had been engraved in their minds like a wonderful movie.


On the other side of Earth.

A small town was surrounded by tall mountains as far as the eyes could see.

In a place dozens of kilometers away from the town and amidst a green forest, mountains and rivers, a tall and sturdy young man was sitting erect under a waterfall like an old monk sitting in meditation, allowing the rapidly flowing water to hit his body.


The turbulent currents poured down on his body, putting great pressure on the young man under the waterfall.

Suddenly, the young man opened his eyes, and a glistening electric light exploded from his eyes.

He suddenly spread out his arms which were covered in muscles; instantly, energy seethed, and the rapid waterfall froze for a short moment.

After a few seconds, the water flow charged down again from a height of 100 meters.

On the side, a short person was floating in the air, as he continuously controlled several hundreds of piece of rocks around him to make regular movements.

After noticing the reaction of the young man under the waterfall, the short person suddenly directed a watermelon-sized rock to smash towards the waterfall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A splash appeared, as the young man under the waterfall rapidly threw out punches and kicks, crushing the entire rock.

“Tien Shin, my training is over.” The short person floating in the air said and landed on the ground; the green martial arts robe on his body had gotten wet from the water.

“Umm.” Tien Shinhan grunted and jumped out from under the waterfall.

He jumped to the shore and put on his clothes.

These two people, who were training near the waterfall, were the disciples of Crane School—Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.


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