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Naturally, in Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers eyes, the battle between Launch and Goku was childs play.

Each time Launch and Goku clashed, they couldnt escape their eyes.

Seeing that Goku was gradually being pushed into the corner, Xiaya smiled and shook his head, saying, “The battle is about to come to an end.”

The outcome of this battle had actually been determined long ago.

Furthermore, after fighting for such a long time, Blonde Launch was losing her patience.

Sure enough, after a while, Blonde Launchs attacks became even swifter and more violent; Blonde Launchs attacks, which were delicate like a willow branch swaying in the wind, had now transformed into a strong gust of wind in the blink of an eye.

In a flash, Blonde-haired Launchs attacks became swift, fierce, and oppressive.

Raising her leg, moving across, waving her fists and attacking— these simple actions integrated together, quickly causing Goku to be unable to hold on.


Suddenly, Goku was sent flying by a powerful kick and crashed into the corner of the courtyard.

The granite wall immediately sank inwards, forming dense web-like cracks.

“Goku, are you all right” Bulma shouted nervously and rushed forward to help him up.

Goku massaged the spot on his back which was struck, bared his teeth at Blonde Launch and shouted, “Ohhh, you are very powerful; I am clearly not your match!” Goku had a simple nature, and he understood himself clearly; so he wasnt pretentious at all.

A loss was a loss, and he would frankly admit it if he lost.

This point moved Myers.

Compared to Kakarrots forthrightness, every time she lost when training with Xiaya, Myers always looked for all kinds of excuses to justify her loss.

Although she threw more tantrums, she was more or less only looking for excuses in her heart.

Bulma supported Goku and checked his body anxiously.

Seeing the black and purple bruises on his body, she quickly took out a healing spray and sprayed it gently on the bruised parts of his body.

The portable healing spray immediately took effect, and the bruises on Gokus body quickly disappeared.

At this time, Blonde Launch grinned and walked over.

She bent down in front of Goku and reached out her hand to touch Gokus head, saying, “Kid, your skills are not bad, but I am much more powerful.”

Blonde Launch raised her chin, in a pretty good mood.

In the past, on Planet Hongshan, she couldnt even beat some young Saiyans, but now, she had knocked down Aunt Gines youngest son, causing her heart to suddenly be filled with a great sense of accomplishment.

“Launch, you are really powerful, and I am not your opponent at all.

No wonder Grandpa said that the world outside is very wonderful.

I would have to continue training,” Goku cheerfully said.

“Ha ha ha, I am strong, right” Blonde Launch was immensely pleased with herself.

Bulma, on the side, grumbled, “You two are monsters, okay Normal earthlings are not as powerful as you both.” Soon, she focused her sight on the dragon ball in Myers hands.

Myers understood what Bulma wanted, so she smiled, handed over the five-star dragon ball and said, “This dragon ball is now yours.”

“Thank you!” Bulma happily took the dragon ball and, as if it was a treasure, carefully put it into her bag.

Then, Xiaya looked at the time, smiled and said, “Its almost lunchtime, so would you like to stay for dinner”

“Okay!” Goku answered happily.

“No thanks!”

Bulmas answer, however, was completely different from Goku.

She politely declined Xiaya and the others repeated invitation to stay, directly pulled Goku away from the villa and quickly rushed towards their next destination.

She wanted to quickly leave this place — the lair of a rich young master.

Looking at Bulma leaving hurriedly as if she had seen a dreadful monster, Xiaya shook his head and mused,Do I look like a monster that she is so scared of me

‘She actually ran away after taking the dragon ball.

“Tights sister is really interesting,” Xiling covered her mouth and giggled.

“She is treating you like an evil young master, afraid that you will rob her.”

“Well, I only wanted them to stay for lunch,” Xiaya sighed and said.

Xiling turned around and seriously said, “Kakarrots strength already falls behind by so much, so can he really become Super Saiyan in future” She expressed doubts because of the strength that Goku was currently showing.

“Of course,” Xiaya affirmed “Dont look down on Gokus current strength because there are also advantages to his slow growth in strength.

At least, his comprehension of each stage will be much deeper.

Havent you noticed his open-minded personality Thats the key to his success.”

The reason for Xilings doubt was because she didnt know how Gokus Battle Power was in the original work when he first appeared; furthermore, the current Goku was much stronger than the original works Goku.

“Umm, someone pure like Kakarrot can be said to be really unique amongst Saiyans,” Xiling thought for a bit and also agreed.

Generally, Saiyans had a violent nature, whether they were strong or weak.

Xiling and Myers were comparatively quite rational.

A persons environment could influence their personality, and Planet Hongshans atmosphere of learning martial arts was much better than Planet Vegetas; however, its impossible to thoroughly eradicate it.

“We can wait and see,” Xiaya smiled and said.

He wouldnt interfere in Gokus matters too much, and let him develop freely.

He was not afraid to disturb Gokus growth trajectory, but he simply felt that it was not necessary.

Currently, Xiaya had reached the Full Power Super Saiyan realm, but according to his Battle Power, his level was at Super Saiyan 2.

With such a formidable strength, why would he care about this small Earth To put it bluntly, Earth was like a small pond, and he simply didnt give a damn about it.

For him, the real stage was the whole Universe 7 and even the entire multiverse.

The so-called original works storyline had already become inconsequential.

It only gave him a bystanders delight but wasnt able to touch his heart.

Maybe its because his level was too high that the small pond could not accommodate him, a dragon.

Furthermore, before he became a Super Saiyan, Frieza and the Androids were unsurmountable peaks in his eyes, but as he became stronger, his sights gradually rose.

Now, Frieza and the Androids were already not his opponents, so his next target stretches beyond Majin Buu to opponents such as the even more powerful God of Destruction, Beerus!


On the other side, after leaving Xiayas villa, Bulma and Goku immediately rushed to the next destination indicated on the dragon ball radar without stopping, because Bulmas holidays were only one month long.

Now half of her holiday was already over, but she had still only collected 4 dragon balls.

Their time was a little rushed.

However, the previous successful harvest had made Bulmas mood very pleasant.

‘There are only three more before I can summon Shenron, Bulma mused happily.

Goku who was sitting on the Flying Nimbus, suddenly said to Bulma, “Bulma, what kind of wish would you like to make after you have found the dragon balls”

“Hee-hee, I want to find a handsome boyfriend!” Bulma giggled, lost in her fantasies.

Bulma was lost in the fantasies of little girls her age; saying it in coarse words, she was being a love-struck fool.

If the current Goku didnt know a little more about the worldly concepts compared to the Goku of the original work, with Bulmas character, she would have perhaps already been taken advantage of by someone.

It must be known that in the early days of the dragon ball, Bulma was taken advantage of many times.

“Oh,” Goku replied.

“Goku, what about you Will you follow that old man to learn martial arts in the future”

“Umm, Grandpa Master Roshis martial arts are very amazing.

I still want to grow stronger.” Thinking of his battle with the Blonde Launch, Goku especially discovered that there were still many areas that he was lacking in.

“Its not bad that you want to learn martial arts, but you must not learn the lecherous habits of that old man or I will not be friends with you,” Bulma said as she recalled Master Roshis lecherous look when they first met.

Her belly was still full of fire, so she exhorted Goku to not be led astray.

“Um, I know.” Goku repeatedly nodded.

The two of them chatted, as their adventurous days passed.

The storyline also continued to progress.

Goku and Bulma got the fifth dragon ball from a small mountain village which was harassed by a demon, and at the same time, they caught a pig called Oolong.

In order to prevent Oolong from continuing to do evil, they tied up Oolong and gave him a pill that Bulma had invented, and then, they brought it together with them on their journey.

However, at this time, Bulma was careless and lost the whole box of Hoi-Poi Capsules, and in the end, she had no choice but to drive Oolongs House wagon to continue on the journey.

According to the direction indicated by the dragon ball radar, their next destination was the blistering-hot Fire Mountain, and because it had an active underground volcano, there was a blistering-hot area of a hundred li surrounding it.


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