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Xiaya knew that this Goku was very different from the one in the original work.

Although he was still very honest and sincere and his appearance did not seem to have changed much, he was much more familiar with how to conduct himself in society.

At least he was not completely a blank sheet of paper, not even knowing the most basic differences between men and women.

Of course, he was still not all that well knowledgeable.

Xiaya stepped forward, patted Goku’s shoulder and introduced himself and the others to Bulma and Goku, “My name is Xiaya, and this beautiful girl with blue hair is called Launch, while the other two beside me are called Xiling and Myers; both of them are my wives.



Launch, Xiling, and Myers greeted Bulma and Goku; especially Myers, she curiously sized up Goku—just like one would upon encountering a rare treasure—and mused, “So, this guy is Bardock’s son! He can also become Super Saiyan in future”

“He actually has two wives!” Unlike Myers who was curious, Bulma was shocked at the moment.

She silently cursed in her heart, ‘These two sisters with fairy-like looks are actually married to the same person Rich people are really lecherous!’

‘He is definitely a womanizer! I had better stay far away from him.’

Bulma’s gaze swung back and forth between Xiling and Myers for a while, and then, she furtively took a few steps away from Xiaya.

She had seen a lot of wealthy people like them.

According to her understanding, these kind of people’s private lives were extremely dissolute, so she had to be careful.

Xiaya naturally didn’t know that his introduction had left such a bad impression on Bulma, but even if he found out, he wouldn’t care.

Besides, to enjoy a happy life with several partners, one had to naturally pay something in some aspects.

“Hey, did you just say… that you would give the dragon ball to me” Remembering the purpose of her trip, Bulma narrowed her eyes and asked, pretending to be harmless.

Upon hearing this, Xiaya smiled and said, “Of course, I can give you the dragon ball.” After saying that, he cast a meaningful glance towards Myers; who grinned and took out a dragon ball with five stars on it.

Before Bulma could get it, this five-star dragon ball was discovered by Myers in a deep mountain when she came to Earth.

“Ah! it’s the five-star dragon ball!” Bulma saw the dragon ball, her eyes shining.

She reached out her hand, intending to take it, but Myers, however, pulled back her hand.

“Hey, didn’t you say that you would give the dragon ball to us Don’t play tricks on us!” Bulma shouted in a cute manner.

Myers stepped forward and mischievously put her arms around Bulma’s shoulder and said, with the look of a female hooligan, “We can give you the dragon ball, but not for free.”

She then glanced at Goku on the side, and continued, “That little boy’s kung fu seems to be quite good.

How about he has a spar with Launch It will help us broaden our horizons.

And, whatever the outcome may be, we will still give you the dragon ball; how about it”

“Really” Bulma was surprised that there was such a condition.

She suddenly smiled in delight.

She understood Little Goku’s strength; plus, fighting was definitely his speciality, so she hurriedly agreed.

“Goku, I’ll leave it to you, so do well!” Bulma cheered Goku.

Goku grimaced and stared fixedly at the blue-haired Launch with a dignified look and said, “I can feel that this sister is very powerful, just like Master Roshi.”

Bulma was shocked and asked in surprise, “No way! Then, can you win”

“I don’t know!” Goku replied honestly.

Goku was not sure if he could win against Launch, but the more pressure he came under, the more his fighting spirit seemed to be stimulated.

His hands eagerly struck each other, as the corners of his mouth quickly curved into an arc.

With Goku’s current strength, if Xiaya and the others did not voluntarily release their aura, he would not be able to feel it.

Blue-haired Launch originally thought that all these had nothing to do with her, but when she saw that the conversation had steered towards her, she flailed her hands and protested, “I just like to do housework.

Things like fighting, I don’t know.”

“Launch, you can do it.

Quickly go and fight with Kakarrot!” Myers egged her.

“Wuuu, let the blonde me do it!” Blue-haired Launch grasped her hair, placed it beside her nostril and shook them.


She sneezed and suddenly turned into Blonde Launch.

In fact, as Blonde Launch’s strength increased, Blue-haired Launch’s constitution was also getting stronger; such that it wouldn’t be a problem for her to deal with the martial artists on Earth.

However, Blue-haired Launch had no awareness regarding this at all.

Whenever it came to fighting, she would immediately call on her other self, causing her to lose to Goku, Tien Shinhan and others in mentality.

“Hey, you finally let me out, so can I go rob again” Immediately after Blonde Launch appeared, she exposed her nature.

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh as he pointed at Goku and described the situation, “As long as you can have a light spar with this boy and give him some pressure, I will allow you to do whatever you want in the remaining time.”

“He is Gine’s son, so don’t go too far,” Xiaya moved close to Blonde Launch and whispered in her ears.

Blonde Launch was shocked on hearing that Goku was Gine’s son, her eyes becoming brighter and brighter.

Blonde Launch began training at Korin’s place at the age of eight, and did so for a full ten years.

Also, as she lived on Planet Hongshan with Saiyans for few years, her Battle Power had now reached 480.

She was already a one-of-a-kind expert amongst the people of Earth, and even the Kami of Earth was no match for her.

But after learning that her opponent was Gine’s son, the son of a woman who looks weak, Blonde Launch was both excited and somewhat scared, as even the weakest adult female Saiyan could slap her to death with one hand.

She had suffered too much from the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, so she had grievances in her heart.

Now, she finally had the chance to defeat a Saiyan with her own hands!

“Hey, let’s get started!”

Blonde Launch stepped forward and cried out, happily sizing up Goku.

“Okay!” Goku removed the Power Pole from behind him and handed it to Bulma, and then, he excitedly jumped in front of Blonde Launch.

“Heh heh!” Blonde-haired Launch suddenly laughed cheerfully like a silvery bell.

But the next second, the aura around her whole body drastically changed.

Her aura became turbulent and stirred up whirlwinds.

A heavy pressure like that of Mt.

Tai immediately pushed down on Goku.

Goku trembled, and his entire body tensed as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

“Launch’s aura is somewhat intimidating for the current Kakarrot,” Xiling commented in a soft voice.

Goku’s current Battle Power was only 140, which could be said to be neither strong nor weak, only a little average.

This was the time when he would be most sensitive to the outside aura.

If he doesn’t reach this stage, his energy wouldn’t be complete, and he won’t be able to make use of it to break through.

But if he passes through this stage, then his energy would be able to gather in his body, so he wouldn’t need to be afraid that his imposing aura will disperse during a breakthrough.

The aura of Blonde Launch’s 480 Battle Power was particularly oppressive to Goku.

Xiaya slightly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Kakarrot is also a Saiyan, so he should be able to easily withstand such a small amount of pressure.” Xiaya knew that Goku always grew under pressure, which may be one of the reasons why he could exceed his limits time after time.

“But as a Saiyan, Kakarrot’s current Battle Power is pitifully low,” Myers frowned and said.

As a born genius with outstanding talent, if it wasn’t that she knew Kakarrot would eventually become a Super Saiyan, Myers wouldn’t have the least interest in such a weak Saiyan child.

But that’s exactly what made Myers take him more seriously.

She actually wanted to see if this child, who was at bottom of the low-level warriors, would eventually be able to do something that will give him the hope to counterattack.

During the time that Xiaya, Xiling and Myers were talking, the battle between Goku and Blonde Launch had begun.

However, it was more appropriate to call it a one-sided beating than a battle.

Whether it was strength or speed, Goku was far inferior to Launch.

It was different from when Tien Shinhan and Launch had fought, at least at that time, the Battle Power of both sides had still been at a similar stage, so it ended up being more of a contest of fighting skills.

However, as Goku and Blonde Launch fought—due to their different levels of power—Goku’s successive attacks were as if they had entered a swamp, producing not even the slightest bit of effect; they were easily received by Blonde Launch.

Of course, Blonde Launch also remembered that Xiaya had told her beforehand to not use her full strength in the battle, otherwise, Goku would have been defeated instantly.

“Hehe, this little guy is Aunt Gine’s son, so I have to properly temper him,” Blonde Launch smiled and muttered, but her eyes shone with an icy light.

During her time on Planet Hongshan, she was taken care of by Gine, and now it was time for her to reciprocate it little by little.

The sounds of fierce fighting resounded from time to time in the courtyard.

Both sides fought at a speed that was almost indistinguishable to the naked eyes of ordinary people.

One purple and one green light ray continuously flashed in the courtyard.

The sounds could be heard but the fighters could not be seen, which would cause people to be dazzled.

“Come on, Goku!”

On the side, Bulma cheered for Goku as she looked at him in bewilderment.

Her large violet-blue eyes were glimmering with a strange light as if she had discovered a new world.

She never thought that the fight between martial artists could be so wonderful.

Although she couldn’t understand anything, the repeated exchange between them was a feast for her eyes.

“Goku is actually so powerful!” Bulma was shocked at first but became numb to it after awhile.

Her heart was rippling like the surface of a lake when a pebble had been thrown into it.

She was becoming more and more excited.

‘Goku, this little guy is short, and he is also like a little brother; however, he is frighteningly powerful,’ Bulma praised in her heart.

‘Well, he is quite simple, and is just a little young!’ Bulma mused.

The more she watched, the happier she felt.

A smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, as she waved her hands to cheer for Goku.


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