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It was a city continuously being battered by sea waves.

On one side was a white sandy beach, and on the other side were towering lush green mountain peaks.

The whole terrain—from south to north—had continuous rolling hills, flying birds and howling beasts.

A modern city was situated here.

It was early spring right now, and mountains were littered with cherry blossoms, making the whole city look extremely beautiful.

The picturesque scenery of petals fluttering in the air was everywhere.

On a beautiful path, cherry blossoms were fluttering on both sides, and as a clear breeze blew in, it brought along a faint fragrant aura.

Bulma and Goku were walking along the cherry blossom trail and soon came to the outskirts of the small island city.

“There’s no doubt that the place indicated on the radar is nearby.”

Bulma and Goku stopped at a place near the coast.

The nearby vegetation was carefully trimmed, and the footpath was surrounded by potted flowers.

There was only one luxury villa in front of them built according to the terrain.

“Oh no, the fourth dragon ball is definitely in this house.

I don’t know if I will be able to buy the dragon ball with money!” Bulma suddenly cried out.

Anything that could be solved with money wasn’t a problem for Bulma, but looking at villa’s appearance, the owner didn’t seem like someone that lacked money, causing her to be at a loss of what to do.

As Bulma was feeling dejected and carefully planning her next course of action, Goku felt that the house was beautiful and couldn’t understand Bulma’s worries.

He strutted towards the luxury villa, pushed open the door and went in.

Seeing that Bulma did not follow him, he turned around and asked, “Hey, Bulma, are you coming or not”

“Stupid, this is someone else’s house.

It’s not good to just barge in!” Bulma called out a few times, but seeing that Goku didn’t stop, she had no choice but to follow him.

After entering the luxurious villa, Bulma and Goku walked around the courtyard for a while.

Bulma saw a towering rock garden, unusual plants, and various kinds of colorful flowers in the courtyard, which weren’t inferior to the one in Bulma’s home in West City.

“This family seems to be very rich; I don’t know if they will give the dragon ball to us,” Bulma muttered as she walked.

She hated this kind of situation the most.

If the dragon ball was found deep in a forest, then it would definitely be hers, but now, it was very obvious that this dragon ball was in someone else’s home.

Bypassing the rock garden, Bulma and Goku saw a girl in a green dress humming a song while happily pouring water on the flowers.

Noticing that two strangers had come in, the girl was slightly surprised.

She stopped what she was doing and walked over.

“Who are you” Blue-haired Launch cocked her head and asked curiously.

At this moment, she noticed the brown tail behind Goku, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

She remembered Xiaya’s instructions and said, “Wait a moment, I will go call someone.” After saying that, she put down the watering can, and then, her figure blurred, suddenly disappearing from their sight.

“It’s over… it’s all over! She will definitely go and report to the police,” Bulma anxiously babbled.

Goku, however, looked towards the direction that Launch had disappeared to and said with a grave expression, “I feel that this person is very impressive!”

Bulma was dumbfounded; she hit Goku’s head and roared in anger, “Why are you paying attention to these useless things at such a time…”

“It hurts! Why are you hitting me” Goku rubbed his head and looked at Bulma in dissatisfaction.

Soon, Launch came out of a room, followed by three people.

Walking in the middle was a blonde-haired and green-eyed young man.

The young man looked handsome and had a charming temperament, making it difficult for people to forget after seeing him once; he was flanked on both sides by two very beautiful ladies.

Their exquisite face seemed to be have been a carefully crafted work of art, pretty and fascinating, and their beautiful hair naturally hung down to their chest, emitting a valiant and heroic bearing.

They were Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers.

“These two are so beautiful!” Bulma saw the two girls beside Xiaya and was slightly depressed.

She had seen a lot of beautiful girls, and she isn’t ashamed to say that she is also beautiful; however, these two girls in front of her—who looked delicate yet had a valiant and heroic bearing—were extremely rare, such that she didn’t recover until Goku gently pulled her back.

Female Saiyans were not as barbaric as Male Saiyans, and although they were also the valiant and fighting types, female Saiyans were also beautiful women, with Xiling and Myers as one of the best.

“Why are you two here” Xiaya sized Bulma and Goku up with interest.

‘Beautiful looks, more than 1.6m in height, and light purple hair— these are indeed the traits of Dr Brief’s family,’ Xiaya mused.

At the age of sixteen, Bulma was at her peak and most energetic times, and she was more beautiful and youthful than the Bulma of the other world who was nearly middle-aged.

Xiaya looked towards Goku, and could not help but smile.

With just a glance, he had clearly seen everything about Goku.

At this time, Goku unexpectedly had a Battle Power of 140, which was much stronger than when he participated in the twenty-first World Martial Arts Tournament in the original work.

“Umm…” When she saw the owner of the villa coming out, Bulma didn’t know what to say even after reaching this crucial moment.

Whereas, Goku didn’t have such worries; the innocent and honest him got right to the point and stated his purpose, “We have come to look for the dragon ball.

Have you seen a bead like this” After saying this, he took out his four-star dragon ball from his bosom and showed it to Xiaya.

“It’s a very beautiful glass ball.” Xiaya took the four-star dragon ball and fiddled with it as he feigned ignorance.

Like an old scholar, he held the dragon ball towards the sunlight and inspected it seriously.

“Hahaha!” Seeing him like this, Xiling couldn’t help but laugh.

“All right, Xiaya, don’t tease them.

If they want the dragon ball, just give it to them.”

Xiaya laughed, he still wanted to tease them, but since Xiling had spoken, then forget it.

“Goku, Bulma, long time no see!” Xiaya smiled and greeted them.

“Hm How do you know our names” Bulma was startled seeing that Xiaya was aware of their names. ‘Could he be an acquaintance’ Bulma racked her brain.

It must be known that the Capsule Corporation was the world’s number one corporation, and there were not many high-ranking people that they didn’t know of. ‘From this Xiaya’s luxury villa, I can tell that he must be very rich.

Also, since he knows me, then it won’t be strange if he has some relationship with my family.

But… how did he know Goku’s name’

Bulma was puzzled as she knew that Goku was nothing more than an ordinary child from the mountains.

Xiaya said, “Haha, it’s normal that you have forgotten.

You were only five or six years old when we met last time.

But you must know about the Planet Hongshan Corporation, right”

Bulma rolled her violet-blue eyes as she recalled the name—Planet Hongshan Corporation.

It was a corporation that had a deep collaboration with the Capsule Corporation.

Bulma had heard that the high-level members of the Planet Hongshan Corporation had a very good relationship with her sister, Tights, but she didn’t know where the headquarters of the Planet Hongshan Corporation was located.

“Oh, so it’s you!” Bulma smiled in delight and pretended to be aware of Xiaya’s identity.

Anyway, whether they really knew him or not, if they had some relationship with him, it would be easier to get the dragon ball.

However, Xiaya easily saw through Bulma’s facade, but he didn’t plan to fuss about it with her.

He turned around and asked Goku, “Goku, no, maybe I should call you Kakarrot; how is your grandfather, Gohan”

“Do you know my Grandpa He has passed away more than a year ago…” Goku was a little surprised, however, he felt that this person was somewhat familiar.

As for the name, Kakarrot, mentioned by Xiaya, he did not have any impression of it, so he was puzzled; however, his bewilderment was quickly replaced by sadness as he recalled Gohan’s death.

“Dead” Xiaya was not surprised.

“Umm, he died from sickness,” Goku affirmed.

Xiaya nodded, no longer saying anything.

He couldn’t help but sigh.

Even though Xiaya had already reminded Grandpa Gohan to pay attention to the full moon, who would have thought that he would still die; Although he did not die in the hands of Goku who had transformed into Great Ape just like in the original work, he still died in the end.

‘People get sick and die, and even martial artists are no exception.

Also, Gohan didn’t eat any medicine to stop aging like Master Roshi.

Indeed, no one can resist old age… ‘ Xiaya mused.

He glanced at Goku again and nodded, ‘Gohan died many years later than in the original work, so he has already taught a lot of essential martial arts to Goku.

It’s no wonder that Goku is much stronger here than in original work; furthermore, it seems that his knowledge of the world has also increased a lot.’


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