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“Hey, did you two save my turtle” Master Roshi inquired.

He arrived before Goku and Bulma, while wearing a cool shirt, and his eyes under the sunglasses carefully seized them up.

“Yes, that’s us!” Goku affirmed.

“Hm This youngster is not simple; his movements are natural! He must have received good training.” Seeing Goku, Master Roshi could see that he was like an uncut gem with just a glance, so he couldn’t help but size him up a few more times.

Then, he laughed and said, “Since you saved my turtle, I will give you a gift as a reward.”

Goku repeatedly waved his hands and refused, “There is no need grandfather; this is what I should have done.”

At this time, the turtle crawled over to Goku’s side and said, “This is the Martial arts teacher who lives in Kame House.

He is called the God of Martial Arts.

Surely, the gift from Master Roshi will be very precious.”

Hearing its words, Goku was surprised; he pointed at Master Roshi and exclaimed, “Ahh, you are the Grandpa Master Roshi that my Grandpa asked me to look for!” Saying that, he took out a letter from his bosom and handed it over, saying “Grandpa, this is something that my grandfather told me to hand it over to you.”

“A letter for me from your grandfather” Master Roshi glanced at Goku with a puzzled look as he took the letter and looked at it.

“Oh, so you are the child that Gohan adopted! Well, well, it means you are also a disciple of the Turtle School.”

Master Roshi was aware that Gohan had picked up a child several years ago and had been raising him since then.

“Unexpectedly, it’s this kid in front of me,”

Master Roshi carefully inspected Goku and couldn’t stop nodding.

The more he looked at him, the more he liked him.

“You are called Son Goku.

Gohan said in the letter to accept you as my disciple, but I have not received any disciple for many years and I still have no such plan.

So, I will test you.

Use your most powerful move and let me look at it, if I am satisfied, then I can accept you as my disciple.”

“Fine!” Goku agreed in a loud voice.

When Grandpa Gohan died, he was asked to come to Kame House to look for Grandpa Master Roshi, so the innocent Goku very obediently did as instructed by Master Roshi.

Immediately, he assumed a stance, intending to use Kamehameha.

Master Roshi didn’t know the extent of the training which Goku had received training from Son Gohan.

He wanted Goku to use his most powerful move, mainly because he intended to look at Goku’s foundation.

However, when he saw Goku assuming the Kamehameha’s first stance, he was immediately startled.

He held up his sunglasses and inwardly thought, ‘Could Son Gohan have passed on the Kamehameha to him But without decades of training, he shouldn’t be able to execute it!’

‘However, his stance doesn’t look like an empty husk.’ 

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!” Goku yelled and pushed his palms forward, as energy erupted out from his palms like a sleeping dragon soaring into the sky.

A dark-blue energy beam with an extremely tyrannical and destructive power suddenly flew out towards the surface of the sea.


The calm surface of the sea suddenly split open from the impact, creating a path in the water, and the straight energy beam rushed across the water’s surface and disappeared into the horizon.

“He… he was really able to execute it.

Where the hell did this monster come from Even I cannot match this level of skill and destructive power!” Seeing that Goku was really able to successfully execute the Kamehameha, Master Roshi couldn’t help but become listless with sweat dripping from his forehead; he was extremely shocked.

It’s not surprising that Master Roshi was so shocked as there were very few martial artists on earth that could execute the Kamehameha; their numbers could be counted on ten fingers.

As the Turtle School’s special skill and with the difficulty level of the Kamehameha, one must have a very exquisite grasp of their “Ki” in order to execute it.

Without decades of hard work, the person wouldn’t even be able to find the right way of using the Kamehameha, let alone executing it.

Even among his few disciples, only the eldest disciple, Gohan, had reached the standard of mastering it.

The boy in front of him was only eleven or twelve years old, but he could perfectly execute the Turtle School’s unique skill — Kamehameha; it’s not surprising that he was shocked.

Cough! Cough! 

Master Roshi coughed and looked at Goku with his eyes shining brightly.

The more he looked at Goku, the more satisfied he was.

“Son Goku, if you are willing, I can accept you as my disciple right now.”

With Gohan’s letter of introduction and the excellent potential that Goku had shown, even though Master Roshi had stopped accepting disciples for many years, he couldn’t help but like him.

“Yes!” Goku happily agreed.

Then, just like in the original work, Master Roshi intended to give the Immortal Phoenix to Goku as a gift for their first time meeting, but because the Immortal Phoenix was dead, he finally gave him the Flying Nimbus.

Goku rode the Flying Nimbus upward and danced like a bird in the sky.

Bulma stood by the side and sighed.

She didn’t expect Little Goku to be related to the old man “Martial Arts Teacher His name sounds a little familiar…”

As the daughter of the richest man in the world, Bulma was not a fancy-pants like other children of rich families; instead, she was very adventurous.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t go out alone to find the dragon balls during holidays.

She didn’t take the rumors about the God of Martial Arts very seriously, or else how would she have no impression of the “Martial Arts Teacher” who is famous in the upper class of the society

‘However, he could make Goku take him as his master, so he should be a very famous person!’Bulma pondered further.

At this time, Bulma spotted an orange crystal ball hanging on the neck of Master Roshi.

She froze and immediately took a look at the dragon ball radar, and sure enough, she saw that there were three bright dots assembled together on it.

“Ahh! Are you wearing the dragon ball on your neck” Bulma was startled.

“Oh, are you referring to this bead I picked it up from the sea more than 100 years ago.

So, it is called dragon ball… ” Master Roshi said, suddenly realizing the truth.

Bulma coyly requested, “Can you give me that dragon ball”

Master Roshi looked at Bulma—a light purple-haired and tender-skinned girl in a red dress—and his eyes immediately became vulgar, as he said, “Hehe, I can give it to you, but there is a condition…”

“What condition” Bulma asked.

“That is…” Just like in the original work, Master Roshi proposed the vulgar condition to see Bulma’s panties, but Goku, who had some common sense now, knew that a girl’s panties shouldn’t be seen, as he said, “Grandpa Master Roshi, a girl’s body can’t be casually looked at.

I saw it yesterday and was scolded by Bulma.

Moreover, it doesn’t even look good!”

“Have you seen it” Master Roshi asked admiringly.

“Enough! What are you talking about, you hooligans!” Bulma’s face blushed, as she lashed out angrily.

Master Roshi coughed twice and looked at Goku with some admiration, thinking to himself, ‘This kid’s luck is quite good.’ But in order to maintain the honest character of a teacher, Master Roshi’s plot did not succeeded.

“Forget it, I will give this bead to you!” After saying that, he took off the three-star Dragon ball from around his neck and gave it to Bulma.

After getting the three-star Dragon ball, Bulma immediately forgot her unhappiness from just now and excitedly put away the dragon ball inside a bag.

“Son Goku, are you going back to Kame House with me or with your friend Of course, if your friend is willing to come to Kame House, she is also welcome!”

“Like hell I will go!” Bulma scowled at Master Roshi and snapped at him.

“Grandpa, I promised Bulma that I would accompany her to find the dragon balls.

Bulma is too useless, and it is very likely that she would be taken away and eaten up by a monster if left to fend for herself.

After I help her find all the dragon balls, I will then go to Grandpa’s place.” Goku glanced at Bulma and answered, feeling worried.

Listening to him, Bulma was immediately moved to tears.

She hugged Goku’s head and rubbed it vigorously, sinking his whole head into her chest.

“Goku, you are really a good person.

When I have all the dragon balls, I will definitely thank you properly.”

As they interacted with each other during their journey here, Bulma learned that although Goku was not old, he was really powerful.

With a bodyguard like him, her safety would be even more ensured.

What’s more, after having a companion on a journey, anyone would be somewhat unwilling to return to journeying alone.

Master Roshi admiringly looked at Goku who was in intimate contact with a pretty girl, wishing he could change position with him.

Wriggling his throat, he thought to himself, ‘This kid, Goku, is really enviable.’

At this time, feeling uncomfortable, Goku pushed away Bulma’s body and frowned, saying, “You almost suffocated me to death! Bulma, you should lose weight.”

“What are you talking about!” Bulma’s eyes immediately widened as she flew into a rage.

“Cough, cough, Son Goku, since you are going with your friend to look for the dragon balls, then come to Kame House and look for me after you are done.

Flying Nimbus knows the destination.” Master Roshi could no longer look at this immoral youthful aura.

Sure enough, only his Kame House had a fragrant atmosphere.

Therefore, he waved his hand, sat down on his turtle and said goodbye to Goku and Bulma.

“Okay, I will come over when I am done!” Goku waved at Master Roshi’s back and shouted.

“Hehe, my luck is not bad, I got the third dragon ball so easily.” Bulma pressed the button of the dragon ball radar to expand the search area a little bit on the screen, and soon after, she found the fourth bright dot dozens of kilometers away.

“Goku, look, the fourth dragon ball is not far from here.

Let’s go in that direction along the seaside!” Bulma pointed at the coastline, and in the midst of blue water and blue sky, she could faintly see the outline of a city in the distance.


However, your heart is not pure, so you can’t sit on the Flying Nimbus.” Goku leaned over on the Flying Nimbus, smiling as his chin rested on both of his hands.

“I will drive over with the motorcycle!!”

Bulma didn’t care in the slightest and answered with a smile.

Therefore, Goku and Bulma once again set out on their journey.

According to the display on the radar, the next destination was only a few tens of kilometers away from them.

With the Flying Nimbus and the motorcycle’s speed, it could be reached in ten plus minutes.


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