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“Hey, do you want to deal with the dinosaur alone Its impossible! Youll die in vain without a weapon!” Bulma stared at the little child in front of her and shouted loudly.

She didnt want to see the child lose his life.

“Its all right, I am a martial artist.

Grandpa trained me since I was a child.

One dinosaur is nothing at all,” Goku struck the Power Pole on the ground, turned around his head and solemnly said.

Bulma stared at him blankly, and for a moment, she didnt know what to say.

Even though the child was small, he was quite manly!

At this time, the light-yellow skinned dinosaur had already gotten close.

Bulma closed her eyes in panic.

Although she—one who had been living a life of luxury since her childhood—had a heart that longed for adventure into the outside world, she still didnt dare to watch the cruel scene that was about to occur.

However, even after a while, she didnt hear any screaming; instead, she heard a loud thud.


Bulma hesitantly opened her eyes and saw—without any idea on how such a result transpired—the enormous dinosaur on the ground, passed out, and the child with strange hair was pounding the head of the dinosaur with red stick.

“Was… Was it you who defeated the dinosaur” Bulma stared blankly and suddenly realized that she couldnt recognize this world.

How could an ordinary child defeat a huge dinosaur This was clearly contrary to the common sense she knew of.

Goku nodded and said seriously, “Yeah, this big guy was completely useless.

It fainted with just a single strike of the stick.”

“Wow, you are so powerful.

But… this was a dinosaur, and even fully armed police officers would need a few dozen people to deal with it!” Bulma suddenly got interested and circled a few times around Goku, thinking,If I can bring this young boy along on the journey, wouldnt it guarantee my safety‘

At this time, she thought of a more realistic problem.

If she, a girl ventured onward without a bodyguard by her side to protect her, then it was bound to be very dangerous.

“Hey, where are you going Do you want to travel together with me” Bulmas eyes blinked as she asked seductively.

“I am going to the Kame House beside the sea,” Goku replied.

“Kame House… where is that” Bulma inquired, her purplish-blue eyes laced with curiosity.

“Grandpa said that it was on an island in the east!” Goku pointed his finger in the direction of the sun rising.

“But, there are so many islands in the east.

Do you know which island Kame House is on” Bulma questioned further.

Goku shook his head and said, “This, I dont know, but I can certainly find it when I go east.”

Bulma rolled her eyes and took out a dragon ball from her bag and said, “This older sister came here to look for this type of dark-orange beads! Legend has it that as long as seven such beads—which were scattered around the world—are gathered together, they can summon Shenron, and Shenron will satisfy any wish of the summoner.

It seems that someone once found the seven dragon balls and became a king!”

“So, I took advantage of the holidays and came out to search for the dragon balls which were scattered in various places! You see, Im going towards east later anyways, and it just so happens to be on your way; thus, how about you wait for sister to finish her things here, then, we can go together” Bulma winked and said.

Goku didnt speak, instead, he took the dragon ball and looked at it, finding two stars inside.

He said in surprise, “Oh, I also have one of these dragon balls, and there are four stars in it.”

“What” Bulma exclaimed.

She quickly took out the dragon ball radar and looked at it.

At the center of the radars display screen was a red dot, and sure enough, there were two bright spots, indicating two dragon balls.

One was the two-star dragon ball in her hand, and the other was certainly the four-star dragon ball that the boy mentioned.

“Hey, how about you give the four-star dragon ball in your hands to sister; I wont let you suffer a loss,” Bulma said earnestly.

Goku shook his head and refused Bulmas request, “No, this dragon ball is something left by my deceased grandfather.

I cant give it to you.”

“I dont want your dragon ball; I just need to borrow it to summon Shenron.

Normally, you can keep it with you.

How about that” Bulma pleaded, and then said, pointing to several other bright spots on the screen, “Look Here, the dragon ball radar shows two dragon balls in the east.

Arent you looking for Kame House, we can go together!”

Goku thought for a while and nodded, “Fine, but I will only lend it to you one time.

After you are done using it, you have to return it to me.”

“Alright!” Bulmas expression looked as if she had succeeded in a conspiracy.

Then, they began their journey eastward.

Since Bulmas car was damaged, she took out a half-closed motorcycle from her Hoi-Poi Capsule.

As the young lady of the Capsule Corporation, it was normal for her to have more than one vehicle.

“Come on, you can also come up so that we can move faster! Put your luggage into the Hoi-Poi Capsule… Do you have a Hoi-Poi Capsule”

“Umm, I dont have that thing.

Grandpa didnt buy it for me,” Goku shrugged and replied.

“Forget it, I will give you one box!” Bulma generously handed a box containing empty Hoi-Poi Capsules to Goku.

After Goku put away his luggage, they headed towards the location in the east which the dragon ball radar was pointing at.

“Oh, thats right, do you have money on you” Bulma asked.

“No,” Goku replied.

“Its all right; just follow and leave your expenses to me!” Bulma laughed, not minding it.

“Your martial arts are so good… did your grandfather teach you everything”


“Then, what about me… can I also become powerful like you Can you teach me” Bulma asked expectantly.

Goku shook his head and said, “No, the flesh on your body is not strong; It is soft, and there will certainly be no strength when you punch.” After saying that, he used force and held the place that was below both of Bulmas hands.

It was really soft, and It seemed that she was not gifted in this area.

Bulma froze and yelled as her face turned red in anger, “You brat, lower your hand!”

“Oh.” Goku didnt know why Bulma was suddenly angry, but he still did as she said.

After which, Bulma fiercely twisted the accelerator and the motorcycle quickly sped off like the wind.

It was Gokus first time sitting on a vehicle, so it was a novel experience for him.

He was very excited along the way.

However, not long after Bulma and Goku began their journey, they were attacked by a pterosaur.

The pterosaur wanted to snatch Bulma as food, but it was easily disposed off by Goku with a single strike of the Power Pole; as a result, Bulma—just like in the original work—ended up suspended from a precipice, and she was so scared that she peed in her pants.

Then, they met bandits and robbers who were easily defeated by Goku.

The days passed, and the relationship between Goku and Bulma became better and better; as a result, Goku finally agreed to help Bulma look for the dragon balls.

After a few days of traveling, they were getting closer and closer to the east coast.

At this time, on a peninsula which was mostly surrounded by the sea, stood a modern city built against a mountain and the sea.

The radiance of the early morning sun slowly rose from the surface of the sea, and the clear blue sea water was connected to the sky, exhibiting a picturesque scenery.

The bright-red blazing sun dispersed the humidity of nighttime.

From the shore of the sea, the sun looked extraordinarily huge.

The sky was clear and white clouds were floating around.

On one side of the island city, several luxurious villas were standing tall in a quiet and beautiful suburban village.

On this day, the owner of a villa was lying leisurely in the courtyard, basking in the sun.

The warm sunlight sprinkled on his body, making him warm and very comfortable.

Xiaya had his legs crossed as his green eyes stared at the beautiful figure who was busying around.

It was a woman with beautiful deep-blue hair, whose long hair was fluttering in front of her eyes.

“Launch, let Xiling and Myers do all this work.

You are so hardworking, and besides, this will make them even lazier.” Blue-haired Launch was virtuous and hardworking, however, she was a little too weak.

Even Xiaya, who sat idly and enjoyed the fruits of her work, was embarrassed by Xiling and Myers slacking.

“Its okay, I like to do this!” Blue-haired Launch was holding a broom as she responded with a bright smile, without any sign of complaint.

Xiaya looked at her in a daze and sighed,With Blue-haired Launch looking after the home, it has become tidier.

If Xiling and Myers were left to do the housework, I wonder if they will only play around.‘ Thinking of his two wives, Xiaya sighed again.

“Xiaya, are you talking ill of us again”

At this time, two beautiful girls walked over; one of them looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old.

She was slender and tall with a height of 1.7 meters, and her body looked robust yet graceful.

Her pretty face seemed to have been carefully carved, looking very beautiful.

The other girl looked a little younger and was not as tall as the former, but her exquisite and attractive figure also showed that she was a mature woman.

Xiling and Myers both drank the Fountain of Youth, and moreover, because of a Saiyans long puberty, both of them looked just like girls.

It couldnt be seen at all that they were already twenty-four and seventeen years old respectively.

After she was grounded for three years, the 17-year-old Myers also had her wedding with Xiaya.

Now she was also Xiayas wife, just like Xiling.

Soon after the wedding was held, Myers dragged along Xiaya and Xiling to Earth, as if escaping.

Since then, the three of them had been living shamelessly.

Xiaya gave them a white eye, pointed at their noses and scolded jokingly, “You two still have the nerve to talk about it.

Look at how hardworking Launch is!”


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