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Earth, Mount Paozu…

This was a secluded area surrounded by towering mountains.

Because of the inconvenience of transportation and frequent appearance of ferocious beasts, the sparsely populated Mount Paozu looked like a paradise.

In a canyon not far from Mount Paozu, there was a clear pool which reflected gentle light rays like the surface of a mirror; a slight wind suddenly blew past, causing light ripples to appear on the surface of the water.

“Todays breakfast is here…” On a tall cliff beside the pool, a small figure observed the pool for a while, and then, he took off his training clothes, carefully folded it and placed it by the side.

After that, he immediately jumped from the cliff, diving head first into the water.


The figure was like a small nimble fish, heartily swimming in the water.

The temperature of the pool during early spring was very low, and it was easy to get frostbites from the ice-cold water after staying submerged for a long time.

The figure—who was a young boy—came out of the water, took a deep breath, and then plunged into the bottom of the lake again, with eyes wide open in search for food.

At this time, in the deep pool, a black shadow with a savage look on its face spotted the youngster and quickly attacked him.

The boy also discovered the black shadow and grinned happily.

He closed his eyes and floated towards the surface of the pool.

His present state was one that martial art experts enters to adjust their breath before utilizing their Ki.

When the black shadow got close, the boy suddenly opened his eyes, and that moment, his whole state of mind changed drastically.

He extended his palm and fiercely punched out.


A seven or eight-meter high water column suddenly rose up, as if a bomb had exploded in the water, and rising along with it was a black figure; it was a strange and fierce looking fish.

Its head was very large and purple in color, with a disgusting appearance.

It wasnt clear if such a fish would be a delicacy.

At this time, the boy abruptly shot up and forcefully kicked the strange fish.


With a muffled sound, the strange fish was sent flying by the boys powerful kick and flopped on the open ground at the edge of the pool.

There were spiral symbols of dizziness in its eyes.

The young boy laughed and jumped over the cliff, put on his clothes, and then headed towards Mount Paozu while dragging the strange fish.

The young boy was Bardocks son, Kakarrot, who was sent to Earth.

His current name was Son Goku.

Gokus residence was a square-shaped cabin made of bricks and tiles.

The four corners on the roof of the house were pointed up high.

It is a house filled with a Chinese aura.

There was a large open space in front of the house, which was where he usually trained, and there were chopped firewoods piled up on the side.

Bamboo and pine trees were growing everywhere in the surrounding, and as the wind blew past, they made “sou, sou” sounds.

Casually dropping down the huge ugly fish, Goku ran into a room and bowed towards an incense burner on the wall.

In front of the incense burner, a dark-orange colored four-star dragon ball was placed.

“Grandpa, I will be going to Grandpa Master Roshis place after finishing breakfast.

however, I will first go and prepare breakfast!” Goku bowed towards the incense burner, and then he took out a few sticks of firewood from the courtyard, removed the internal organs of the strange fish and placed it above the fire using a wooden stick and slowly roast it.

After a while, a fresh and delicious aroma floated out of the strange fish.

As a result of this, Goku drooled, and not caring about the hot temperature of the grilled fish, he immediately started munching on it.

Soon, only a skeleton was left of the whole grilled fish.

After eating breakfast, Goku belched from satiation and ran into a room nearby.

He packed the beddings and clothes, put the four-star dragon ball in his pocket, and then he prepared to head out while carrying a large bag on his back.

“Grandpa, I am going.” He waved his hand towards the house.

After that, he walked down the mountain with a large bag on his back.

Gokus bag was very big, so he felt some burden on his back; however, he had been trained by Grandpa Gohan since he was a child, so this small amount of weight did not pose a problem for him.

“Grandpa said that Grandpa Master Roshi was his teacher.

He was referred to as the God of martial arts by everyone, and I can learn even more powerful martial arts at Grandpa Master Roshis place.” Grandpa Gohan had already imparted the basic martial arts over to him, and for the next more advanced martial arts, he had to go to Kame House to learn.

Goku was very much looking forward to it.

Leaving Mount Paozu, he entered a relatively deserted group of rocks.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!”

The ground slightly shook.

Hearing something coming from behind him, Goku turned around and saw a four-wheeled thing rushing toward him.

There was a person yelling inside.

Gokus Grandpa once taught him that this thing was called a car, and it was a means of transportation.

At this time, the person sitting in the car seemed to be very anxious.

While driving the jeep, the girl kept looking back; there seemed to be something pursuing behind her.

Goku took a closer look and saw that behind the car, followed by a cloud of dust, a light-yellow colored dinosaur was in pursuit; it was about seven or eight meters tall.

“A big dinosaur!” Goku muttered to himself, but his body didnt move an inch.

“Ahhh! Quick, get out of the way!” The girl in the jeep hurriedly yelled.

But the strange thing was that the man seemed to have been frightened, standing there motionless.

“Waaa, why is that person not getting out of the way Boo hoo, a dinosaur is chasing from behind; I am finished!”

Bulma was very anxious, as she hurriedly turned the steering wheel.

She felt that her journey had really not been too smooth.

‘This is my first time venturing out from home on an adventure, and Im being chased by a dinosaur in this desolate stone forest.

Now, I also have encountered a fool… who wants my life!

When the jeep brushed past Gokus side, the rear part of the jeep swung and was about to hit him, but Goku forcefully threw out the bag behind him and then jumped high in the sky to avoid the impact with the jeep.

After landing on the ground, Goku calmly caught the huge bag, as he heard a loud noise behind him.

Looking back, he saw that the jeep had hit a big stone on the side of the road, and was emitting black smoke, as a girl with light purple hair climbed out of the jeep.

“Are you all right ” Goku walked forward and asked.

Because the Grandpa Gohan of this world had already been cautioned by Xiaya, he avoided the fate of dying in the hands of Goku who had transformed into Great Ape.

Besides teaching Goku martial arts, Grandpa Gohan frequently took him to the nearby market to buy things until he passed on one year ago from sickness.

Goku had also received Grandpa Gohans teachings.

So, compared to the ignorant and innocent Goku of the original work, this Goku understood more about the outside world.

“Boo hoo, its all because you that my car broke down; now, I cant escape!” Bulma looked lifelessly at the scrapped car and then turned to the dinosaur that had been pursuing from behind; she started crying like a pear blossom bathed in rain.

“Oh! So, you are afraid of that big dinosaur.

Leave it to me!” Goku suddenly came to a realization.

He remembered that Grandpa Gohan had said that the women outside were weaker, so being afraid of a dinosaur was normal.

Therefore, he thumped his chest and said.

Goku put his bag by the side and pulled out the Power Pole from behind him, and then he stood in front of Bulma.


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