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The next day, sky was hazy…

Early in the morning, Myers began to bang on the door to Xiaya and Xilings room; her actions were rude and unbearable.

“What are you doing” Xiaya put on his pajamas and unhappily asked.

“I am looking for Xiling to go training!”

Myers was straightforward as she directly entered the room and went to the bedside, but after seeing Xilings half-naked body huddled into the bed sheet with her black hair a little messy, Myers pretty face turned red.

She suddenly thought of something before beating a hasty exit; as she passed by Xiaya, she glared daggers at him with her pair of big eyes.

The next few days passed as usual, with Xiaya and Xiling living an indulgent life, as they passed the days licentiously.

However, one fateful night, something which had long been premeditated broke their tranquillity.

At night…

A figure carefully walked over and flashed into Xiayas room, with him being completely unaware of this.

The girl stared at Xiaya—who was fast asleep on the bed—for a while, before slowly undressing; the thin gauze-like pajamas fell gently, revealing the exquisite and delicate figure inside.

Her tall height and soft skin were unlike what a fourteen-year-old girl should have.

Myers licked her lips, cheered herself up, and then she lifted the quilt and plunged straight into it.

Her soft and boneless body stuck to Xiayas back.

Xiaya turned over and immediately embraced the girls delicate body.

Next day, early morning…

Xiaya, who was embracing the Myers delicate and soft body, suddenly felt that something was amiss.

Suddenly, he found that the girl in his embrace was unexpectedly not Xiling, but Myers.

“Myers, why are you in my bed” Xiaya was shocked.

‘If it wasnt Xiling, then was it actually Myers who I had been intimate with last night

‘Oh, god, what the hell is going on

“I swapped places on the bed with Xiling last night,” Myers pulled the bed sheet over her face and whispered.

If Xiaya hadnt listened carefully, he wouldnt have been able to hear her.

“Swapping places on the bed” Xiaya didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

‘Even this can be swapped Following which, his sight lingered on Myers na*ed body, as he said while looking at her calmly, “Then, tell me, how should I explain this to Aunt Rebecca”

“Explain what I did it of my own accord!”

Xiaya was speechless for a while and then he rubbed Myerss small head and said, “Yes, you did it of your own accord, but the problem is that you are too young.

If Aunt Rebecca learned about it, we will both be in serious trouble.”

Saiyans did not have a clear system for marriages.

So polygamy was also possible, however, it was very rare.

“Ahhhh… then what should I do” At this time, Myers realized that she had been too hasty.

If Myers was a little older, then it would have been fine, but she was really too young at just fourteen years old; thus, Xiaya didnt know what to do.

At this time, Xiling opened the door and came in with a blank expression, and then she pulled Myers body and said, “Well, your goal has already been achieved, so why arent you quickly getting up”

“Xiling, what should I say to godmother” Myers asked in fear.

Xiling glanced at her and said with schadenfreude, “Only now do you know fear You didnt think it through when you looked for me, right Now, go and explain it yourself!”

Sharing her husband together with Myers, it was already very good that Xiling didnt smack her.

Myers sobbed and wrapped herself in the bed sheet, before hastily running to the bathroom.

After staring at Myers back as she departed, Xiaya pulled Xiling along and sat down, and then, he looked straight at her and asked, “Why are you doing this You are making it difficult for me to deal with!”

Xiling said, “Wouldnt it happen sooner or later Myers has been living in our house from such a young age, so it must have been planned by Mom and Dad.

Moreover, Myers definitely loves you, otherwise, she wouldnt run over to pester me.”

Xiaya was silent for a while, then he shook his head and said, “But its really too early.

At least wait for Myers to become an adult in a few years!”

“We Saiyans dont have that many rules.” Xiling moved her head close and said in a low voice, “And I believe that if my mother learns of this, she will definitely ground Myers…”

“So, this was your plan all along!” Xiaya exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course; at least for the next few years, Myers cant bother me.

What I did can be considered as compensation for her,” Xiling said as if it was a matter of course.

Xiaya never thought that Xiling would have such a scheming side!


Adris home.

Myers had her head lowered as she squatted on a cushion, with a wronged expression on her face.

On the side, Rebecca was looking at her with a blank expression.

After a while, Rebecca sighed and said, “Myers, you will move back and live here for the next few years.

It seems that I will have to properly educate you!”

“Godmother, dont!” Myers turned pale with shock and hastily shouted.

“You must come back and live here!” Rebecca resolutely ordered, and then turned to Xiaya and said, “You were also too anxious.

Myers body is still not developed; what would you do if you had hurt her”

“Yes!” Xiaya repeatedly nodded and threw a helpless look towards Myers pleading eyes.

This time, Myers had really ran into a gunpoint.

Rebecca had tacitly approved in her heart that Xiling and Myers will follow Xiaya in future, but Myers was too anxious.

Xiling just got married, but then this matter happened; How could Rebecca not be angry

But immediately, Xiaya reacted,With Xilings slow-witted nature, she couldnt have planned so skillfully This shouldnt be

Aunt Rebeccas plan, right

At this time, Xiaya just happened to see Aunt Rebeccas expression which was smiling yet not smiling, and he was startled.

‘Its really possible that this is the case.

For the happiness of her daughter, Myers can only be wronged for a few years.

“Then, when Myers is 17 years old, she will move back to live with you.

In these few years, it may not be a bad idea to let her learn something from me here,” Rebecca finally relented and set the time to three years.

“Umm!” Myers nodded hurriedly.

Her nature was the same as Xiling.

Even if she was being sold, she would help people count the money.

Rebecca looked at them with satisfaction and said to Xiaya, “I cant let Myers waste three years for no reason.

At that time, she will also be a big girl.

You have to make it up to her with a wedding.” Myers was also her daughter, so she couldnt be unfair to her.

“Okay!” What else could he say So, Xiaya patted his chest and promised her.


Over the next few years, Xiaya and Xiling lived together as if they had returned to their childhood, while Myers lived in Adris home.

In the past few years, Xiaya had continuously improved his strength.

He knew that he was currently still in the third grade of the first stage of Super Saiyan, and also, that there was still a long way to go from third grade to the peak of Super Saiyan—–Full Power.

In the second year when Xiaya started training with Xiling and Myers, both broke through to the Super Saiyan state.

They could reach 320 million Battle Power after transforming.

However, because Meiling broke through before by relying on strong emotions, Xiling and Myers will also be affected more or less, so the Super Saiyan level of the two women was stronger than Ordinary Super Saiyan; however, they could not reach Xiayas heights.

Another point was Meilings strength, perhaps, because Xiling and Myers strength in Normal State hadnt significantly improved.

Although they broke through the Super Saiyan realm, Meilings strength was still at the level of Ascended Super Saiyan, and she was not like Gotenks in the original work who immediately broke through to Super Saiyan 3 level.

Super Saiyan 3 was 8 times stronger than Super Saiyan 1 transformation.

Meiling did not reach this level, but after they continued to train, Meilings strength finally equaled Xiayas when he had just returned, reaching the level of Cell Perfect Form.

Naturally, besides Meilings great progress, Xiayas strength also kept increasing.

Shortly after Meilings power broke through, Xiaya finally broke through the barrier and reached Full Power Super Saiyan.

After reaching Full Power Super Saiyan, as Xiaya expected, his strength amplification reached 100x, which was similar to the amplification of Super Saiyan 2.

In other words, Xiayas strength was actually similar to that of the Super Saiyan 2 level.


Time flowed on…

Three years later, another grand wedding was held on Planet Hongshan.

The mighty leader, Xiaya, married another powerful woman, Saiyan Myers.

This was something a lot of Saiyan high-level members had long known about.

After the wedding, Xiling and Myers both became Xiayas wife.

Now, even Meiling—who was the fusion of Xiling and Myers—had directly become Xiayas wife.


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