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After a few minutes, Meilings Fusion time ended, and she once again split into Xiling and Myers.

As soon as they separated, the two women—one on the left and the other on right—hung on to Xiayas body like a tree kangaroo.

Two delicate and smooth bodies cuddled up to him, causing faint fragrance of girl to tickle his nose.

Xilings eyes were filled with crystal clear liquid, as both of her hands tightly clung to Xiayas arm, while Myers had a cheeky grin on her face as she continuously rubbed against his body.

They were silent for a while, but then, Xiaya stared at Xiling and seriously said, “Xiling, it has been many years… we should now get married.”

“Mhm.” Xilings voice was quiet like a mosquito as she murmured assent.

There was nothing that needed to be said about Xilings relationship with Xiaya, as they had been living together from childhood, romantic and familial love having mixed together long ago.

“Ehhh!” Myers eye widened in astonishment as she asked, “Why so soon”

Xiaya glared at her and said, “How is it so soon We are both already 21 years old, and should have married long ago.”

“But, but…” Myers whimpered and lowered her head in distress.

“Why… You dont want to see me getting married to Xiaya” A fierce look floated over on her face, as Xilings sparkling and big eyes stared straight at Myers for a while.

Myers whimpered, angrily waved her hand and flew away alone.

“This Myers… Whats the matter with her” Xiaya asked, feeling puzzled.

“I dont think she wants to see us getting married,” Xiling said as she stared at Myers receding back.


“Humph, think about it yourself!”

Xiling coldly snorted.

As Xiling had spent time with Myers during every Fusion, how would Myers be able to conceal her inner thoughts from Xiling So, even though she knew the reason why, Xiling was too lazy to explain further; after all, it would still happen sooner or later, so she had already prepared for it in her heart.

After Xiaya returned home with Xiling, Adri Rebecca and others gathered around them.

They hadnt seen Xiaya for more than half a year, and they had been very concerned about his safety.

Xiaya told them about his experiences in the past six months, and when they heard that he had gone to another world, they cried out in surprise.

“Its no wonder that when we made a wish with Porunga, he didnt know where you were; so, it turned out that you were in another world,” Xiling said with aSo thats what happened expression.

“Theres Prince Vegeta in that world too.

Sigh, and that Gohan is Kakarrots son!”

Xiayas experience in another space-time continuum was equivalent to letting Bardock and others learn about the events of the future.

Hence, they all sighed.

Of course, they also sighed because there was no Xiaya in the other world, meaning—all Saiyans were exterminated in the hands of Frieza in the other world.

“The other worldsme is actually… dead!” Myers waved her fist and said dumbfoundedly, but she recalled what had happened when Planet Vegeta was destroyed nine years ago.

At that time, if it wasnt for Xiayas timely appearance, she would have really died in the hands of the alien.

Her eyes couldnt help but lit up as she stared at Xiaya, looking charming.

“In a few days time, I plan to hold a wedding ceremony with Xiling, so I need you to arrange it,” Xiaya held Xilings hand and announced the news to everyone.

“Finally! We have been waiting for this day!”

Listening to this, Adri and Rebecca were naturally overjoyed.

Palladi and Brook also revealed a smile; they had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Alice excitedly patted her chest in assurance, and loudly shouted, “Great! We will properly make arrangements, so you can rest assured and leave everything to us!”

“The wedding is just a month later.”

Naturally, the wedding of the leader of Planet Hongshan would be grand, so a months time was enough for the Saiyans—those who were undertaking missions in distant places—to return.

For this reason, the entire Planet Hongshan entered a festive atmosphere in the next few days, and even most of the Saiyans—those undertaking missions far away—finished their missions and prepared to return for the wedding of their leader.

“Oh, by the way, where is Launch Why didnt I see her” As the wedding approached, Xiaya asked about the whereabouts of Launch.

Xiling was sitting on a sofa, fiddling with an ornament in her hand as she said, “She… urgh! She ran to Earth again to be a robber.”

Blonde Launch seemed to be addicted to being a robber.

This years Senzu Beans plantation was just on the right track, so she bugged Xiling and Myers to send her to Earth.

“She is really… ” Xiaya shook his head; he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He turned to Myers—who was idling away on the side—and said, “Myers, I will have trouble you to bring back Launch.”

“Oh!” Myers, who was eating snacks, nodded in reply.

One month later, the wedding was held.

Xiaya and Xilings wedding was very grand.

Xiling was wearing the wedding dress specially designed by the Feidaya people—a light gold wedding dress with red edges, lengthy hemline, and exquisite hair accessories on her head.

Xilings beautiful and graceful body was even more attractive under the decorations of the dress.

Xiaya led Xiling by her hand onto a stage and greeted the guests.

“Captain Xiaya, I didnt think that you would get married first!” A beautiful female Saiyan walked over.

Her tall figure, dressed in Battle Armor, set off her bulging chest.

The person who came over was Anastasia, a member of Xiayas former Squad.

Nowadays, the several companions of Xiaya— whom he had carried out missions with—had all entered the Special Battle Force which was lead by Shaque, and it was now a well-known elite team on Planet Hongshan.

“Anastasia, instead of talking about me, why dont you tell me when you and Bailey will be getting married, and Lydia and Angeline also…” Xiaya smiled and said teasingly.

He didnt think that the arrogant Anastasia would ultimately get together with the tall and stout Bailey, while Lydia got together with Angeline; this he had not expected.

“Anyway, Captain, you will be getting married today.”

Anastasia cutely snorted and greeted him and then went straight to Xiling and started chatting.

Xiaya stared at her with a smile, and then looked in another direction; he was suddenly happy as he spotted Blonde Launch and Zangya together, and when he saw how Zangyas eyes shone as she and Blonde-haired Launch gathered together, talking about the great career of a robber, Xiaya felt warm in his heart.

Xiayas wedding ended in the morning, but the celebrations on Planet Hongshan continued.

At night, Xiaya carried Xiling into the wedding room in his arms.

The whole villa was renovated by the Feidaya people, so the structure of the house had also undergone tremendous changes.

The huge villa was divided into four floors.

Beside the dining room and hall on the first floor, there was also an indoor garden and an indoor aquarium.

Xiaya and Xilings room was on the third floor, while Myers room was on the fourth floor.

After gently lifting up the thin gauze from her wedding dress, Xilings snowy white skin was exposed before Xiaya, and even though he had already seen it many times, Xiaya still felt that she was very alluring.

From now on, Xiling was his wife.

“Xiling, we should go to the bed!” Xiaya embraced Xilings soft body and softly whispered in her ear, while his palms were, however, wandering around her body.

“Mhm!” Xiling moaned and glared at him, her white face flushed red.


Xiaya got really tired during the day, so after a passionate time with Xiling, he embraced her and went to sleep.


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