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Xiaya glanced at Zangya, and the petite woman couldnt help but back up several steps upon receiving his gaze.

Seeing this, Xiaya shook his head and said to Meiling, “Why would I offend her I feel that there must be some misunderstanding”

After saying that, he walked towards Zangya.

However, who would have thought that at this time, smoke would come out of the soles of Zangyas feet after which she immediately fled far away from them.

Seeing this, Xiaya couldnt help but faintly smile, feeling that the orange-haired woman was very amusing.

He extended a sparkling finger towards Zangya, and a blue cage—which was transparent like marbles—immediately formed around Zangya, trapping her in.

No matter how Zangya struggled inside, she was unable to escape from the cage.

“Boo hoo, let me go!” After struggling for a while with still no means to escape, Zangya became anxious.

Meiling glanced at Xiaya with amazement and seeing that the woman was caught, she immediately felt her anger draining away, as she said “This move of yours is really very useful.

Ask that woman if she has something to say; you have no idea how arrogant she was when she first arrived, and also, her attitude was as if she intended to exterminate Saiyans with a wave of her hand…”

Xiaya smiled and glanced at Meiling, and then together with her, he floated over to Zangya and asked, “Who are you Why did you attack Planet Hongshan”

When on Planet Bahert, Xiaya had used Spirit Eye to secretly observe Zanya and knew that she was an old monster that had lived for over 200,000 years.

Moreover, she could recognize that he was a Super Saiyan at a glance, so from these, Xiaya guessed that perhaps she had some conflict with Saiyans before.

If the ancestors of Saiyans had offended her, then she could be pardoned for coming to settle accounts with Saiyans.

Zangya stared at the two Super Saiyans in front of her and knew that she couldnt escape, so she cooperated with them, saying, “When I, with the others—Bujin, Kogu, Bido—and Boss were dominating the universe 200,000 years ago, we encountered you Saiyans.

Then, a red-haired Saiyan seriously injured me, causing me to sleep for a long time to recuperate.”

“Thus, when I heard that Saiyans were here, I came to enact my revenge,” Zangya raised her head and said.

“Red-haired Saiyan” Xiaya muttered for a moment.

While Meiling on the side gave a surprised cry and said, “200,000 years ago! How long have you lived”

200,000 years! What a long time! An average Saiyans lifespan was seventy to eighty years, and even though she drank the Fountain of Youth, Meilings lifespan might only be several hundred years.

Looking at Zangyas youthful and beautiful appearance, Meiling was a little jealous, feeling disturbed in her heart.

“What kind of race are you How can you live for so long and still be so young” Meiling asked in a loud voice.

Zangya honestly informed them of her background, saying, “My name is Zangya; the Super Warrior made by the Feidaya people…”

“Wait, Feidaya people Is that the race that live on Planet Feidaya in North Area” Xiaya suddenly interrupted Zangya and asked with a surprised look.

When he met the Feidaya people in the North Area, it was because the so-called ancient warriors had caught the attention of Frieza.

If this woman was an ancient warrior made by the Feidaya people, then wasnt Frieza courting death

Zangya nodded her head as if it was a matter of course and said, “Yes, its Planet Feidaya in the North Area, but it doesnt exist now; maybe it was destroyed by someone.”

“You just said that you also have a Boss… How many people are you altogether”

“Five! In addition to me, there is also Boss Bojack, Kogu, Bujin, and Bido,” Zangya replied.

After listening to Zangyas reply, Xiayas face twitched and he could not help but exclaim in surprise, “You are the Galaxy Soldiers who stirred chaos in the universe a long time ago”

When he heard the name Bojack, Xiaya suddenly remembered.

In his past life, he had indeed seen these people appear in an anime movie.

‘That Bojacks strength was similar to the Perfect Form Cell, and on top of that, his subordinates were also fierce characters.

In the original work, if one doesnt have the strength of Super Saiyan 2, then it will be impossible to deal with them, Xiaya thought.

At this time, Xiayas eyes flashed, and the way he looked at Zangya slightly changed, as he thought,In the anime movie, Zangya was killed by Bojack because she didnt dare to fight Gohan, who had transformed into Super Saiyan 2.

‘But as North Kai is alive, Bojack should still be sealed.

“Your boss has still not broken through the seal yet” Xiaya asked.

“Mhm, we havent yet found the place where Boss was sealed.

Each one of us is in charge of one galaxy respectively.

I am searching in the East Area…” Zangya was feeling regretful.

If she hadnt come to Planet Hongshan after hearing about the news of Saiyans, then she wouldnt have gotten captured.

Meiling was somewhat baffled and asked, “Xiaya, how do you know her Is she related to the Feidaya people”

“This Zangya is an ancient warrior created by the Feidaya people.

Have you forgotten how Planet Feidaya was destroyed Frieza sent Zarbon to attack the Feidaya people so as to find the whereabouts of these warriors,” Xiaya replied.

“Oh!” Meiling rolled her big, bright eyes and eyed Zangya, trying to find faults with her appearance.

Zangya had curly orange hair, bluish skin, and she was petite, with a height around 1.6m; her various features were quite similar to the Feidaya people.

However, Zangyas ears were pointed like elves, and she also wasnt short like the Feidaya people.

Xiaya had just returned to Planet Hongshan, and his mood was good.

Although he knew that Zangya was not someone easy to deal with, he would not kill her, seeing that she had some relationship with the Feidaya people.

However, if he let her go, then her ending will inevitably be similar to what happened in the anime movie, which would be a pity.

Therefore, he said, “Zangya, today you have offended Planet Hongshan.

If it were not for Meiling, I am afraid that Planet Hongshans Saiyans would have suffered serious losses, so you have to take responsibility for this sin.”

“Hmm, hmm!” Zangya nodded like a chick pecking rice.

Her courage was very small.

As long as Xiaya didnt kill her, then she would do anything!

Xiaya looked at her with interest and said, “From now on, you are my hostage.

In the future, you can live on the floating island of Planet Hongshan, but in normal times, you will guard Planet Hongshan.

Of course, if you dare to run away, you must consider the consequences.

I have locked onto your aura, so even if you flee to the ends of the world, I can still catch you and bring you back with Instant Transmission.”

“Um!” Zangya nodded with an ashen complexion.

‘Im finished! This time, I have really lost my freedom, Zangya cried in her heart.

Speaking till here, Xiayas countenance turned serious, as he said, “Also, dont contact your companions in the future.

Besides, your boss, Bojack, is not a kind person, and you will definitely die sooner or later if you follow him.” After that, his tone became amiable, saying “The former members of your race live on Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan, so protecting Planet Hongshan is no different from protecting the Feidaya people.”

“Are you saying that the Feidaya people also live on Planet Hongshan” Zangya suddenly got excited as she asked.

“On Planet Meishan, but there are also some Feidaya people living on Planet Hongshan,” Xiaya replied.

“Mhm, mhm, I understand.” Zangya looked very willing.

After that, Xiaya waved his hand and undid the shackles on Zangya, letting Zangya fly away in the other direction alone.

As for whether Zangya would abide by his rules to protect Planet Hongshan or not, Xiaya had plenty of methods to make sure she would be obedient and honest.

“You are letting her go just like this” Meiling asked as she puffed up her cheeks, clearly dissatisfied.

Xiaya glanced at her and said, “As long as she is well-behaved… Besides, Planet Hongshan needs a permanent bodyguard, and no doubt, this Zangya is very suitable.”


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