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In the vast starry sky, Xiaya glanced at the negligible starlight at the end of his line of sight, and then, he slightly nodded and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a colorful ray of light soared upwards; the brilliant colors were dazzling like fireworks.

Xiaya stepped forward and instantly entered into a tunnel formed from colorful rays.

There was no front and back, and no time and space here.

Various kinds of sparkling lights were flashing, like a silk ribbon and a roll of film; this was an indescribable space located outside space-time.

Xiaya looked around the surroundings.

Opening the space-time tunnel was rapidly consuming his physical strength.

Xiaya passed through the colorful tunnel.

Suddenly, three huge deep-blue space appeared in front of him, and in each space, there were twelve huge transparent “water-polo” balls floating.

The “water-polo” balls sparkled with a vast array of colors, and paired in groups of two, they formed 6 groups amidst the deep blue space, exquisitely balanced.

It was just like the scene that Xiaya saw from a very high position when he had his potential unlocked by the Great Elder on Planet Namek.

“The three blue spaces are three different multiverses,” Xiaya muttered to himself as the corners of his mouth curled into an arc, and then, he flew towards the world which resonated with him.


As if piercing through a bubble, Xiaya re-entered his multiverse.

Since he had time-traveled from Universe 7, he directly appeared in Universe 7s starry sky.

Gazing at the dazzling and flickering stars around him, Xiaya smiled.

He knew that he had returned to his space-time continuum.

After that, he used Instant Transmission, moving towards Planet Hongshan.

However, Xiaya didnt know that there was a fierce battle currently ongoing on Planet Hongshan.

A petite woman with an orange hair and bluish skin was wreaking havoc on Planet Hongshan.

The woman was wearing a white jacket, similarly white-colored trousers, a pair of golden boots reaching half of her lower leg, blackguards on both of her arms and a purple scarf around the waist.

It was Zangya who had woken up on Planet Bahert.

After Zangya separated from her companions, Kogu, Bujin, Bido, and she began to search for the place where Boss Bojack was sealed according to the places assigned to each of them.

The area assigned to Zangya was the entire East Area.

Over the years, Boss Bojack was not found, but she accidentally learned about the Saiyans.

This reminded Zangya of her experience when she was seriously injured by a Saiyan many years ago.

If it wasnt for the red-haired Saiyan 200,000 years ago, she wouldnt have been seriously injured, and wouldnt have needed to go into slumber on Planet Bahert for 200,000 years; Also, Boss Bojack wouldnt have been defeated by the hands of a Super Saiyan, and then get sealed by the four Grand Kais in an unknown place.

“Damn Super Saiyan!” Zangyas pretty face revealed a fierce expression, her eyes glaring at the girl who was fighting her.

It was a Super Saiyan whose strength was almost on par with her.

“Unexpectedly, this Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan is so strong,” Zangya took a deep breath as she mumbled.

Apart from the female Super Saiyan in front of her, the male Super Saiyan she had encountered before was actually not worth mentioning.

She had seriously injured him with just one finger.

Opposite Zangya, Meiling was surrounded by a golden aura, and her body was emitting an awe-inspiring imposing momentum.

She was powerful and was also not outdone by Zangya.

Since the battle with King Davidow in Delan galaxy six months ago, Meiling knew well that her strength was lacking, so after destroying King Davidows Forces in West Area, Xiling and Myers began to train diligently on Planet Hongshan; however, Zangyas arrival broke their tranquil days.

“Before Xiaya comes back, I would definitely not allow anyone to harm Planet Hongshan!” Meiling lowered her head as her beautiful golden hair danced in the air due to the energy waves.

Xiu! Xiu!

Beautiful figures soared into the sky, as Zangya and Meilings silhouettes flashed swiftly like lightning in the sky.

They occasionally collided from time to time, erupting with intense fight, and then, they would occasionally quickly separate, pulling apart the distance between them; then, they would start fighting again.

Meiling was so strong that she seemed to surpass the Ordinary Super Saiyan realm, but Zangya was even more powerful, actually suppressing Meiling.

When Xiaya appeared on Planet Hongshan, he stumbled upon Meiling and Zangyas fierce battle.

After discovering that the person battling Meiling was Zangya, Xiaya was slightly shocked as he said, “Why did this woman come to Planet Hongshan”

“And even more unexpected is that Meilings Battle Power has increased to 2.2 billion.

She must have been working very hard in this period of time,” Sighing, Xiaya narrowed his eyes.

It would have been very arduous to increase ones strength to 2.2 billion Battle Power in half a year.

At this time, the situation of the fight in the sky had undergone a tremendous change.

After all, Zangya had the upper hand in strength.

Gradually, Meiling couldnt maintain the Super Saiyan transformation, and the battle changed from stalemate to one-sided attacks.


Xiaya took action at this time.

An imposing strength descended from the sky, and an immense aura—which could cause people to tremble—rushed down.

“Ah! Its Xiayas aura!” Meiling yelled excitedly, causing the movements of her hands to briefly stagnant.

“Ararara… you dared to get distracted during the fight”

Zangya sneered, a cold light flashing in her blue eyes; she had no intention of stopping her attacks, and directly charged towards Meiling.

Hua! Hua!

A crystal clear brilliance sparkled at the top of her fist, and the violent energy emanating from it, caused the surrounding space to freeze.


Suddenly, Zangas hand came to an abrupt stop.

A strong palm blocked her fist, and her delicate wrist was suddenly grasped by the huge hand.

Zangya felt pain and her body writhed, but she found to her horror that her wrist seemed to have been caught by iron pincers, unable to move even an inch.

“How is this possible” Zangya was horrified as she dumbfoundedly looked at the person that had suddenly appeared in front of her.

It was a handsome young man who stood straight like a mountain, and his body was emitting an awe-inspiring and frightening aura, highly oppressive.

At this time, while one hand of the young man was firmly holding Zangyas wrist, the other hand was embracing the Meilings slender waist.

The female Super Saiyan was very cooperative, as her whole body seemed to melt in the arms of that person.

After clearly seeing Xiayas appearance, Zangyas beautiful little face revealed her astonishment and her eyes widened, as she said, “How could it be him! How could he become so strong” At this time, Zangya discovered that the person holding her wrist was surprisingly the male Super Saiyan who was struck flying by her on Planet Bahert a few years ago.

‘In just a few short years, how did he become so powerful

Zangya was standing timidly, as uneasiness began to rise in her heart.

“Xiaya, you are really back” Meiling lay in Xiayas arms, greedily breathing his smell, as a peculiar feeling of peacefulness arose in her heart.

“Mhm, I am back.

Whats up with this woman and why are you both fighting on Planet Hongshan” Xiaya let go of Meilings and asked.

Meiling was a fusion of Xiling and Myers.

Xiaya could hug Xiling as he wished, but hugging Meiling seemed to be going too far.

Meiling glanced at Xiaya angrily; she seemed to be feeling dissatisfied with him for relinquishing his embrace, as she said, “Who knows whats up with this woman.

When she came to Planet Hongshan, she said that she wanted to get revenge on a Super Saiyan… Did you offend her”


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