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After making the wish with the new Planet Nameks dragon balls, Xiaya and the others bid farewell to the Namekians and returned to Earth.

In West City, all the reconstruction work was being carried out in an orderly manner.

Faced with the dense crowd, the ruins of West City could not accommodate so many people, so the people could only live in simple tents.

After reuniting with friends who they had not seen for many years, Bulma and Launch looked at each other and smiled as they happily welcomed them.

“Gohan, you did very well.

I have been watching your performance these few years from Underworld,” Piccolo—who was wearing a cloak—said, his stiff face revealing a smile.

Piccolo was a person who doesnt often express his emotions, but he really cares about Gohan.

In many ways, Piccolo was even more of a father to Gohan than Goku.

“Uncle Piccolo!” Gohan excitedly stepped forward and cried out.

On the other side, Trunks stood in front of Vegeta shyly.

He felt unfamiliarity to the father he had never met.

Vegeta coldly snorted and said, “Your performance was not bad, although not as good as Kakarrots son…”

Saying this, Vegeta glanced at Trunks with his hands folded across his chest.

Trunks was only 14 years old and he had become a Super Saiyan.

Concerning this, Vegeta was actually very pleased, but the pride of a Saiyan prince made it difficult for him to express the feelings in his heart.

“Father!” Trunks cried out.

Vegeta was dumbfounded for a moment before he lightly coughed and said, “You will follow me to train later on.

I must properly teach you how to train so that you can surpass that brat, Gohan, as soon as possible! You are a descendant of the Saiyans royal family and cant lose to the son of a low-level warrior.



Trunks was surprised, “My father is really just like how my mother described him to be.

He is very prideful, and due to this, he is not good at expressing his feelings.” However, Trunks could tell that Vegeta really cares about him, his son.

Cough! Cough!

Getting away from the enthusiastic Trunks, Vegeta arrived in front of Xiaya.


Xiaya, thank you very much,” The prideful Vegeta politely said.

Xiaya was a little surprised, then he smiled and nodded.

It seemed that living in the Underworld for more than a decade had changed Vegeta a lot.

“Can you tell me about the situation in the other world” Vegeta asked.

“Of course!” Xiaya smiled and replied, then vividly informed Vegeta about the situation of his world.

When Vegeta heard that Xiaya brought away more than 10,000 Saiyans when Planet Vegeta was destroyed and built a new home on Planet Hongshan, he was so excited that his face turned bright red.

In Vegetas heart, his race occupies a large proportion, even if they were the Saiyans of a different space-time.

He was happy when he learned that they were developing and expanding.

“Those Saiyans are really lucky to have a leader like you,” Vegeta said with a sigh.

He could tell that under the leadership of Xiaya, the Saiyans had gone far beyond their golden age of the past.

“I have also heard about that Myers.

She used to be a genius on par with me.

Unfortunately, she died later on Planet Vegeta.

However, I have never heard of your name before, Mr.


Vegeta was doubtful.

“Xiaya”, had made outstanding achievements in the other space-time, but why had he never heard of “Xiaya” in his space-time.

Xiaya muttered in his heart, It would actually be unbelievable if you had heard about me, and even if this world really had an aboriginal Saiyan called “Xiaya”, he would have just been an ordinary Mid-level Warrior, not a transmigrator like me.

Unexpectedly, “Xiling” and “Myers” of this world are already dead.

“Maybe history panned out a little different!” Xiaya casually found a reason and dodged the question.

Vegeta nodded, not suspicious of him.

This was already a past history to him.

Besides, this world didnt even have the legend of Super Saiyan, so it was obvious that both worlds were different.

There was no point in being confused.

“Right, you talked about the classification of Super Saiyans levels, and I also pondered on it when I was in Underworld.

I reckoned that I should have still been able to do an even more powerful transformation above Super Saiyan Full Power, but unfortunately, I didnt have a physical body at that time and couldnt train.”

“Amazing!” Xiaya was surprised.

Vegeta could even vaguely guess about the Super Saiyan 2 stage, but thinking more about it, Vegeta was originally a talented and intelligent person; however, its a pity that he couldnt train in Underworld, and after pondering for more than ten years, perhaps he had already thoroughly thought about the Super Saiyan realms.

Xiaya said, “Maybe above the first stage of Super Saiyan, there is a higher transformation!”

“Well, I have plenty of time to properly train.

Unfortunately, that bastard, Kakarrot, is now in Heaven; maybe he had already taken that step,” Vegeta suddenly cursed.

Goku was different from Vegeta.

Goku was a person who had done many great deeds, so he could retain his physical body after death.

Now, Goku may have already trained to the Super Saiyan 2 stage in Heaven; no, based on time frame, maybe he had already developed Super Saiyan 3.

“Hey, Mr.

Xiaya, dont you want to go back to your own world I have thought about it, and maybe you can use the power of Earths dragon balls to return,” Bulma walked over with a pile of delicious food and said.

Xiaya shook his head.

Earths Shenron definitely couldnt help him regarding this method of traveling through space-time, but after having second thoughts, a bright light suddenly flashed through his mind.

What Bulma said was also not wrong! Although Shenron couldnt help him to travel through space-time, he could help him find a method on how to go back.

Just like later in the original storyline when the God of Destruction, Beerus, was searching for a Super Saiyan God, he achieved his objective by making a wish using Shenron.

“Right, right, Shenron might have a solution!” Xiaya suddenly became elated.

Bulma smiled and shouted at Trunks, “Quick, go and bring Earths dragon balls!”

Earlier on when Android 17, 18 had first appeared—in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances—Bulma and others started collecting the seven dragon balls, but they couldnt make a wish, as Piccolo was already killed by the Androids.

“Umm!” Trunks answered.

He then ran into the house and quickly picked up a large plate with seven dark-orange colored dragon balls placed on it.

Following the summon, the sky turned dark, and soon, Shenrons slender figure was floating in the sky.

His green scales moved back and forth through the dark clouds, as a sinister head peeked down from the dense clouds.

Xiaya looked solemn as he said, “Shenron, do you know about parallel universe”

Shenron was silent for a moment before he said, “I didnt know before, but now I know!”

“Please tell me how to travel through time and space,” Xiaya shouted loudly, and then nervously waited for Shenrons answer.

Shenron lowered his head and said, “Time travel is strictly forbidden by the gods, because traveling back and forth through a timeline can have irreversible consequences, but if a parallel universe already exists, then there is a method to travel between two parallel universe!”

“What method” Xiaya asked impatiently.

“If you use Supreme Kais Time Ring, you can indeed jump between parallel universes; however, only Supreme Kais can use Time Ring.

Moreover, they cant bring along mortals when jumping between parallel universes!”

In a sense, Supreme Kais were a special kind of living beings.

They maintained order in the universe, and their duty was to protect the universe.

Therefore, even if they traveled through time and space, they would not behave in a way that would harm the universe.

“Time Ring!” Xiaya muttered in a low voice, etching this name in his heart.

As for whether only Supreme Kais could use it or not, Xiaya intended to give it a try first.


Kais Planet in the higher-dimension…

North Kai looked at the scene of Xiaya summoning Shenron with a shock and said, “Supreme Kai There is really a Supreme Kai in this world! I thought they were just a legend!”

As the gods ruling over all Kais and Grand Kai, Supreme Kais were extremely noble and mysterious existences.

Even North Kai—who was in charge of one-quarter of the universe—had never seen a Supreme Kais august appearance before.

“Aiya, if Supreme Kais really exist, why didnt they appear when the God of Destruction was born! My pitiful planet… ahh!”

North Kai was saddened as he bawled, feeling as if he had been abandoned.

If Supreme Kai could have taken action when God of Destruction was destroying his planet, then it wouldnt be so small now.

However, North Kai was really wrongly accusing Supreme Kai.

It must be known that a disaster—which swept throughout the whole universe—broke out on the Sacred World of the Kai in ancient times, and later on, Supreme Kai was swallowed by Majin Buu.

There was already no one who knew about the legend of God of Destruction, Beerus, and the only surviving East Supreme Kai was still very young, and he had only paid attention to Majin Buu, and didnt know that there was an existence like the God of Destruction in the universe; because besides sleeping, the God of Destruction, Beerus, only played around in the mortal world, and rarely meddled in the Sacred World of the Kais matters.

In the end, Kai did not know about the existence of Supreme Kai, and Supreme Kai did not know about the existence of God of Destruction; yet, the mortal worlds Kai had seen the God of Destruction.

Its really confusing.


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