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Boom! Boom!

Chaos was stirred in the atmosphere by the powerful energy, and the powerful airflows formed whirlwinds, darkening the sky!

These storm cyclones accelerated to hundreds of times the speed of sound in a very short period of time, and as if they were sharp blades, even seems to tear apart space, producing a vacuum vortex.

A powerful storm that could swallow heaven and earth descended, and one after another, holes appeared on the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound was like a drum being struck.

The fight was still ongoing, and in the battlefield, Xiaya exhibited a series of completely coordinated moves.

Xiayas strength was not one whit weaker than Super Android 13s strength, and after Super Android 13 fell into madness, he dominated the fight; Super Android 13 was forced into a hopeless situation.

“…” Silent, Super Android 13s face was gloomy, blood continuously dripping out of the corners of his mouth.


Super Android 13s body suddenly trembled, and a heartrending pain surged out.

His face was cold, extremely shocked by the strength of his opponent.

The feeling of being suppressed was quite uncomfortable.

A dense murderous aura suddenly coiled around Super Android 13s body, and his cold face became even more distorted.

At this time, his previous smug behavior had disappeared and had turned into intense fear.

“Damn it! Why is this Golden Flame Warrior so strong! I am obviously a Super Android, yet…” Super Android 13 was terrified, and again, fear arose in his heart.

Suddenly, North Kais anxious voice arrived, “Xiaya, Gohan, Earth is unable to withstand such powerful energies, hence, it will soon collapse; so, you dont need to care about the safety of Earth and attack with your full strength.

At the moment, it is more important to eliminate the Android.

If Earth ends up destroyed, you can use the dragon balls to restore it!”

“Okay!” Xiaya complied.

He originally wanted to use Super Android 13 to break through the bottleneck of the Ordinary Super Saiyan, but it seemed that he was still lacking a particular turning point.

He could only look for another opportunity.

“This uncle is a Super Android, so go to hell!” Super Android 13s eyes were bloodshot.

He had been hiding for so many years, and finally, he had obtained the power that he yearned for; thus, he couldnt tolerate becoming the weakling being trampled on once again!

Seeing that the time was ripe, Xiaya secretly gestured towards Gohan—who got the hint and nodded—and then, both of them simultaneously launched the final attack.

“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

“Ka Me… Ha Me… Ha!”

Two light beams—one white and one blue—swooped down from the sky, and then, both hegemonic energies merged together.

Suddenly, a dazzling light erupted out, and the majestic energy flashed past, turning into a round “water polo sized” ball; If time slows down at this time, it could be seen that slight distortions had appeared where its round surface was in contact with the air, and blood-red ripples were distorting space.

It was a blood red space crack!

“No!” Super Android 13 was frightened.

He knew that he absolutely couldnt take on this move.

“Escape!” This thought couldnt be stopped from appearing in Super Android 13s heart; he would undoubtedly put saving his own life first, but when this thought had just appeared in his heart, a powerful thrust suddenly came from behind him.

Super Android 13 suddenly gave a heartrending scream, and his whole body was unexpectedly pushed towards the direction of the “water polo sized” ball.

Super Android 13s body was violently distorted by the immense force, and his whole body bent in the opposite direction; his head turned over, and from the corners of his eyes, he faintly saw a figure flashing away.

It was Xiaya!

“No!” Super Android 13 screamed in unwillingness, his body feeling an unbearably scorching pain.

Under the majestic energy, Super Android 13s body was subjected to an intense bombardment and corrosion, and he was quickly pushed into the earths core.

At the same time, his body was slowly burnt away by the huge amount of energy, until he disappeared.

The smoke pervading the surroundings did not dissipate, rather, it continued to move towards the earths core.

“Lets go, Earth is on the verge of destruction.” Xiayas face changed, and he quickly arrived next to Gohan, grabbed his arm and launched Instant Transmission.

Due to the increase in Xiayas strength, the weak energy field generated by Earth was not enough to affect the use of his Instant Transmission.

Now, even the planetary explosion that occurred when Xiaya fought with King Davidow wouldnt able to interfere with the use of Instant Transmission.

Soon after they disappeared—with a brilliant and scintillating flash—Earth finally disappeared from the boundless universe.


On New-Planet Namek, Xiaya and Gohan appeared in sorry state, and as soon as they landed on the ground, they gasped for breath.

“Gohan, what about the Androids” Seeing Xiaya and Gohan suddenly appear in a sorry state as if they had experienced war, Master Roshi stepped forward and asked.

After a little rest, Gohan informed them about what transpired on Earth.

“Although we finally annihilated the Androids, Earth was also destroyed.”


“It was inevitable.

Fortunately, we have dragon balls here which can restore Earth,” Master Roshi sighed and said.

Xiaya looked at the Namekians on the side and asked, “By the way, one wish has already been used up just now, so how long would it take to again make a wish”

Dende replied, “Planet Nameks dragon balls adjustment period is equivalent to three months of Earth, but if only one wish was used, the dragon balls can recover after just one month.”

“Umm!” Xiaya nodded.

Planet Nameks dragon balls could fulfill three wishes in three months.

One wish would result in a one-month adjustment period; after all, they were created from the fragments of the Super dragon balls, which were much better than Earths dragon balls.

“Then, we will live on new Planet Namek for a month,” Xiaya made up his mind and said.


Everyone nodded.

The Namekians also welcomed their friends to live on the new Planet Namek, but Bulma frowned and said, “In that case, the research of the Interdimensional Travel Device will be delayed again.”

“There is no other way.

If it really doesnt work, then I will think of another way!” Xiaya shook his head and said.

Bulmas research undoubtedly had to be postponed; she was forced by circumstances.

Xiaya naturally didnt blame her, but he couldnt afford to waste time here.

It seemed that he needed to look for a backup plan.

“I am really sorry!” Bulma was a little embarrassed.

After all, Xiaya gave them such a big help, but they couldnt help him.

“Thats all right,” Xiaya shook his head and said.

Time moved on, and in the blink of an eye, a month passed…

Dende once again summoned Planet Nameks Shenron.

“Porunga, please restore Planet Earth!” Dende made the wish according to Gohan and others request.

Porungas blood-red dragon eyes widened and he said, “This wish is very easy.

There, Earth has been restored.”

In the faraway solar system, a blue planet reappeared in the orbit, and in the distant higher-dimensional space, Korin Tower and The Lookout reappeared.

The wish was only to restore a planet called “Earth,” however, the living beings didnt get restored.

“For the second wish, please restore the physical bodies of the living beings and earthlings who directly or indirectly died due to the Androids, on the premise that the souls of these people have not yet reincarnated!” Dende continued to make a wish.

If the souls had already reincarnated, it would be useless even if their bodies were restored.

A red light flashed, and Porungas power began to act on Earth; then, the streets and lanes on Earth were littered with countless bodies which were void of souls.

“For the third wish, please resurrect the beings and earthlings that died because of the Androids!”

Once the third wish was made, the innumerable souls in Underworld—whether in hell or in heaven—were all resurrected as long as they had died because of the Androids.

In the ruins of a city…

The big-bellied Yajirobe touched his forehead and got up.

“Hm Wasnt I killed How come I am alive!” Just now, he felt that he was still in Underworld, but suddenly, he had returned to Earth.

“Could it be… dragon balls Yes! It must be Gohan and others who used the dragon balls! So does this mean that the Androids have been eliminated”

Yajirobe burst into tears as he looked at the earthlings on the streets who were still wondering what was going on as they got up, an intense emotion brewing in his heart.

“Ohh, what happened to us!”

“God… it must be a miracle from God!”

Everywhere on Earth, the people were happy and excited, and then, they devoutly prostrated, feeling deeply grateful to the god who resurrected them.

In The Lookout, the old Kami and Mr.

Popo woke up, stared at the mortal world with a smile on their faces and said, “Gohan is much more qualified than me to be Kami!”

“Kami!” Mr.

Popo exclaimed.

“Previously, Goku had refused Kamis position, but Gohan wouldnt refuse too, right”

On a wide and empty canyon, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, Yamcha… Dragon ball warriors were being revived one after another.


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