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Super Android 13 was in a good mood.

When one door shuts, another opens.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Just when he was facing the fate of being slaughtered at any time, who would have thought that, in an instant, he would become the overlord that controlled the changes in a battle, while the Golden Flame Warriors were nothing much in comparison.

Bursting with pride, he moved, his blurry afterimages connecting into a straight line; he unexpectedly took the initiative to launch an attack.

So fast, Xiaya braced up and immediately adjusted his bodys movements.


A strong and penetrating leg attack suddenly appeared before Xiaya.

The swift and fierce move swept out, immediately stirring up waves.

Xiaya narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at Super Android 13.

Soon after that, his body flashed and appeared behind Super Android 13 and slammed down without any hesitation.


The excessively smug Super Android 13 was ruthlessly smashed by Xiaya to a mountain, which was on an island, on the side.

Although Super Android 13s strength had increased by a great margin, he was just like a nouveau riche who had gotten rich overnight, and his behavior and training had not been able to promptly keep up with it.

In Xiayas view, his foundation was weak.

Giving Gohan a glance, the two looked at each other and nodded, before they suddenly moved.

Xiaya and Gohan were no longer courteous, as they used their full strength at the same time.

In an instant, the situation changed.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled, and with the sound of fighting, their battle with Super Android 13 officially started.

For a moment, innumerable afterimages appeared in the sky, and rumbling sounds, like that of thunder, echoed throughout the aky.

Every time they clashed, the sky trembled as if a drum was being struck, causing the sky to become chaotic.

At this time, the entire earth was shrouded with high-power energy, and the weather became extraordinarily cloudy.

“Ha!” Gohan shouted loudly and suddenly accelerated.

Shortly afterward, he launched an attack, and instantly, a series of alternating and orderly attacks shot out numerous times towards Super Android 13; every punch and every slap was filled with might.

Although Gohan hadnt received a complete and systematic training since childhood, wasting his good talent, and picked up training only when an irreversible crisis appeared on Earth, he was after all born in a “famous family”, so the whole set of attacks were very disciplined.

He didnt give his opponent any chance to breathe between his barrage of attacks.

As for the Xiaya, his strength and training level was much higher than Gohans, so he would naturally not take it easy.

Seeing that Gohans attack had stopped for a little while, Xiayas attacks immediately followed, not giving any breathing space to Super Android 13.

Xiaya looked grave.

He had grasped the limit of Super Android 13s strength.

Although Super Android 13 was weaker than him, his energy could last much longer than him.

After this relentless barrage of attacks, Super Android 13s energy didnt seem to be exhausted at all.

“We have to finish him off quickly.

Attack with full strength, and dont hold anything back!”

Xiaya told Gohan as he could see that Gohan was being cautious, maybe he was worried about Earth! But now that they had the new Planet Nameks dragon balls, they didnt have to worry about it.

“OK!” Gohan answered.

He also understood that the most important thing right now was to eliminate Super Android 13, and even if Earth got destroyed in the process, it could still be rebuilt.

As for whether the living beings on Earth would die or not, he didnt care; he couldnt control so many things, and if they lost this battle, the people on Earth would still perish!

Suddenly, Gohan loudly shouted and punched out.

Immediately, the energy in his body surged out even more wildly, and each of his attacks became even more piercingly cold and powerful!

Super Android 13 suddenly felt the pressure doubled; he felt overwhelmed and was gradually being suppressed.

“Whats going on Do they not care about the safety of Earth at all” Super Android 13 was feeling a little nervous; especially when he looked at the “Golden Flame Warrior” named Xiaya, the indifference in his eyes made him uneasy.

Super Android 13s expression became grave.

His completely white eyes—which almost didnt have any pupils—rotated up and down, quickly capturing his opponents movements; as a result, he caught the flaws in their attacks and counterattacked.

At that moment, Xiaya sneered; he had roughly figured out Super Android 13s strength.

Despite Super Android 13 being strong, there was still some disparity when compared with Xiaya.

In addition, with Gohans cooperation, it was only a matter of time before they won against Super Android 13.

At the same time that Gohan launched his storm like attacks, Xiaya was also preparing for a big move.

The golden light around his whole body drastically rose, and his strength began to surge as a monstrous aura immediately sprung out.

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!” Gohan shouted loudly.

A light-blue energy wave burst out and swooped down towards Super Android 13.

It was emitting a heaven destroying, earth exterminating, mighty energy like that of a divine dragon.

Huala! Huala!

The energy ruptured the space and raised icy whirlwinds.

Every whirlwind had an immeasurable destructive power.

Facing this energy wave, Super Android 13s face drastically changed.

The speed of the energy wave was very fast as it arrived in the blink of an eye.

He wasnt able to dodge, so he quickly rotated his fist, raised his hand and attacked; the fist, which was surrounded by sparkling light, quickly struck towards the energy wave.

The fist collided with the energy wave.


The energy wave shattered; suddenly, the light-blue rays of light turned orange-red, and then fiery-red, as a violent explosion rose above the sea—like a shining star which suddenly illuminated half the planet.

Suddenly, Super Android 13 rushed out of the Energy wave in good condition, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Gohan; he waved his fist and smashed it into Gohans abdomen.

“Ahhhh!” With a blood-curdling scream, Gohan spat out blood from his mouth, as his body flew out and fell into the sea below.

There was still a huge gap between Gohan and Super Android 13, zo Super Android 13s attack caused Gohan to instantly lose his fighting ability.

It all happened in an instant, so quick that it could not be captured by the naked eyes.

Almost as soon as Gohan fell into the sea, Xiayas preparation was completed.

He stepped forward, and suddenly drifted over to Super Android 13 and smashed down with full strength.

The strong fist brought along a sparkling brilliance, as a long flaming tail—like that of a comet—struck; It contained an earth-shattering might.

When it touched Super Android 13s arm, the formidable power was released explosively.

It immediately flowed down from this arm and passed through his torso and legs before spreading downwards.


The sound of bones breaking could be heard, and Super Android 13s arms felt numb as he groaned in pain.


An air wave, visible to the naked eyes, radiated out along the surface of the ocean which was struck.

Super Android 13 was struck to the bottom of the ocean.

At the same time, the earths tectonic plate finally could not endure the heavy burden and collapsed with a loud sound.

The bottomless ocean boiled, and instantly huge waves ranging from 1000 to 10,000 meters were formed.

Because the tectonic plates at the bottom of the ocean had collapsed into several sections, a large amount of seawater was violently swept up by the tectonic plates, and at the same time, the bottom of the ocean was exposed, causing lava to emerge from the earths core.

At the center, Super Android 13 had plunged into the seabeds crust.

The earth was unable to withstand it.

“Ahhh ahhh!” Super 13 suddenly turned manic as he screamed.

Huo! Huo!

The surrounding atmosphere changed.

A vicious and bloody cyclone shrouded the sky and earth.

Even the air distorted because of the unpredictable atmosphere.


Kais Planet.

North Kai looked on in disbelief, one hand continuously rubbing the sweat on his forehead while the other hand was clenched and placed on his chest.

“Oh my, this Android is so powerful! Xiaya, you have to put in extra effort to kill him, even if you have to blow up the planet.” After seeing how formidable Super Android 13 was, North Kai turned anxious like an ant on a hot pan.

North Kai was deeply aware that if Super Android 13 couldnt be killed at this time, then he would eventually become several times stronger than Frieza, and will undoubtedly become the scourge of the whole universe!

The Earth had gotten heavily damaged and was on the brink of destruction.

On the side, “Woo, woo” Bubbles screamed, rushing around here and there as if he didnt understand why his owner was worried.


“Gohan, how are you” Xiaya flew to Gohans side and asked.

Right now, Gohan was wounded all over, and the martial arts clothes on his body had been torn into pieces.

Gohan smiled bitterly and said, “Super Android 13s attacks are too powerful.

I am not his match.”

Xiaya nodded.

Gohan only had 1.5 billion Battle Power, and facing Super Android 13 whose Battle Power was least 2 billion, it was already good that he could preserve his life.

“Eat this Senzu Bean, then stay on the side.

Earth may not be able to survive the aftermath of the fight in a while,” Xiaya said as he handed a Senzu Bean to Gohan.

Gohan took the Senzu Bean, ate it and nodded.


Xiaya, you have worked hard!”

Gohan retreated to the side.

The battle was getting more and more fierce.

He was not able to intervene now.

Instead of joining the battle and disturbing Xiayas fighting rhythm by distracting him, it was better to retreat to the side and calmly observe.

Maybe he could be of some help.

Fortunately, they didnt bring Trunks along, otherwise, it would have been more troublesome.

Xiaya nodded.

He understood his strength well, and it was close to Cells Imperfect Form, which was his advantage.

Moreover, at a crucial moment, he could also use space-time ability to fight.

In his opinion, Super Android 13 was like a machine that was scraped together.

Although his energy was powerful, he was a clumsy machine.

Therefore, with a loud roar, his Ordinary Super Saiyans full strength surged out.

He felt his blood boiling.

Perhaps he could use this battle to break through the barrier of Ordinary Super Saiyan.

Super Android 13 had gone crazy, and his cold face was full of resentment.


Within ten-thousandth of a second, Xiayas body rapidly dodged back and forth; his body was light, sometimes dodging and sometimes fighting.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless energy rays randomly shot into the air and instantly spread outwards.

“Ah!!” Both eyes bulging out as he angrily roared, Super Android 13s muscles rapidly trembled, and more powerful energy was transmitted to every part of his body.

“Hehe” Xiaya sneered, then disappeared quickly; and suddenly launched another attack.


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