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Chapter 29 Myers

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Xiaya looked at the person opposite him; a young little girl, probably 2 years old, her long hair was messily tied and draped over her back, and her exquisite little face had an arrogant look while contemptuously looking at him.

Saiyan’s have a child of High-level Warrior potential Precocious as usual ah!

He shook his head and said not interested in the stubborn little girl: “Uncle Adri is in the house, you can go look for him yourself!”


The little girl coldly snorted and raised her arrogant face to the sky, and then without looking at him passed through his side, not paying him any attention.

Dumbstruck, Xiaya looked at her leaving figure with his mouth open and clicked his tongue feeling somewhat funny and said: “Which family’s child is this So conceited!”

He once again sat down in the courtyard for some time and got up and went inside the house when the sun caused him to feel hot and dry.

Inside the kitchen, Rebecca had prepared a table of sumptuous breakfast.

And Xiling sitting at the dining table had a bowl and chopsticks in her hand, happily devouring her food.


Xiaya coming inside, she raised her head to look at him, and again preoccupied herself in devouring her food.

Soon the huge food mountain was finished.

“Where is Uncle Adri, why haven’t he come out yet” Finding his seat and sitting down, Xiaya conveniently picked up a piece of roast meat and carelessly asked.

Rebecca walked over with a plate of food in her hand and said, “His student came looking for him as his previously scheduled mission was postponed for a few days, so he is now scheduling the future mission for his student!”


Xiaya remembered the arrogant little girl from just now.

Rebecca should be referring to her!

Since he and Xiling had returned to Planet Vegeta after finishing Planet Selma’s mission, Adri postponed his training program for few days to spend time with his children at home.

“That self-opinionated fellow, she is father’s student She is nothing special, what does she have that she is so arrogant.” Xiling finished eating her breakfast and wiped off the oil stains from her mouth with a napkin, her eyes full of disdain.

Obviously, she saw the little girl and didn’t like her much.

She is also an arrogant person but doesn’t like to show in front of people, that’s all.

However, the arrogance deep in her bones will not let her tolerate someone using this kind of attitude in front of her, especially since that person’s strength was nothing compared to her.

Honestly, depending on her current strength, only she could look at others contemptuously, how can others look at her like this.

The little girl’s expression had obviously provoked her displeasure.

“Ha ha ha, that kid Myers is a genius.

When she was born, her Battle Power already exceeded the same-age people by a lot, and her training evaluation was only inferior to King Vegeta’s child.

She is definitely a first-class genius, and what was rare is that she is also especially serious in training.

Adri is very satisfied with his student, although her personality is a little bit arrogant, she is actually a good person.” Rebecca said smiling happily.

The strong have the privilege and are naturally superior to weaklings, Rebecca firmly believes this point, and to her Myers’s attitude towards people is entirely normal.


Xiaya softly repeated a few times, the name is quite pleasant to ears.

After hearing Rebecca’s description, Xiaya gradually learned about the little girl named “Myers” and understood that she was also a gifted individual.

As long as she does not die midway, her future achievements might not have been small, only she was not born at right time.

As Planet Vegeta was doomed to destruction, and nothing could have been to done to keep her from dying.

Genius, only when they become strong, will be remembered, be praised by people.

After repeating it several times, he continued to eat breakfast and threw this name to the back of his mind which will probably disappear in this era.

After some time, Myers walked out of Adri’s room and when she passed by Xiaya’s side, her pair of dark eyes fiercely stared at him before unwillingly leaving.

What happened…I didn’t provoke her…right Xiaya rolled his eyes somewhat speechless.

“What’s with her She doesn’t have any manners at all!” Xiling huffed somewhat angrily.

“Ha ha ha, you can’t blame her, the child is angry at me for delaying her training program, and is awkwardly venting her feelings.” Adri with a smile on his face came over and sat in front of the dining table, it can be seen that right now his mood was very good.

Have two intelligent extraordinary children, also have a gifted outstanding student, his personal strength was also not bad, Adri has nothing to be depressed about.

“Doesn’t matter, she cannot throw temper-tantrum in front of me!” Xiling hit the table while in a bad mood.

It resulted in the whole family bursting into laughter, this kind of warm scene among Saiyan’s is very rare.

After finishing breakfast, Xiling helped Rebecca to clean the bowls and chopsticks in kitchen, but for Xiaya, it seemed he would have just been a hindrance.

In the living room, Adri sitting on the sofa with his legs raised and a cup of hot drink in his hand said with a smile: “Xiaya, you haven’t been on Planet Vegeta for many years, and it just happens that my training mission was pushed back for two days.

How about I take you to the nearby city area for a stroll.

As you will not have much time after when the new mission arrives.

Nodding to show his consent, Xiaya asked: “Uncle Adri, do you know what our next mission is”

Adri thought for a second and said: “Usually, the first mission will be followed by some scattered extermination mission, and according to circumstances they can also give you few additional Saiyan’s, so as to form a new mission team! ”

“And depending on your achievements you would be able to directly become the captain of the team.”

“Oh, by the way, have you submitted your previous mission.

And if not, then go to the Administration Office after some time to submit it.”

“Not yet!”

Xiaya shook his head, they had come back home as soon as they returned to Planet Vegeta and did not go to Administration Office to submit the mission.

Saiyan’s mission mechanism has been in operation for so many years and has a sound management system.

Even the spacecraft that was left at the Spaceport will be handled by a specialist Alien, and they wouldn’t have to be worried about anything.

Adri nodded and said: “Saiyan’s first mission is the best trial to judge people.

Many Low-level and Mid-level Warrior will never come back from the first mission as it is also called the Survival Mission which is similar to the trial by blood, and only the Saiyan’s who have passed their first Survival Mission could be called warriors.

“And for those Saiyan’s with High-level Warrior latent talent this blood tempering is absolutely necessary, as whoever survives this can withdraw from the front lines to be an instructor and guide Survival Mission’s.”

While talking, Adri’s voice was full an indifferent Aura.

Xiaya listened attentively.

From Adri’s description, Xiaya even more intuitively understood the cruelty among Saiyans.

They follow the law of jungle, and this point of view was implanted deep into their bones.

Before Adri’s Squad was annihilated, Adri and Rebecca had also followed this rule, and their indifference only melted a little after Adri’s Squad was annihilated, especially after Xiling and Xiaya joined the family.


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