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Android 13, 14 and 15 were created by Dr.

Gero and a supercomputer of his.

Because they were previous models, they were considered outdated and unqualified products.

Originally, they were to be destroyed, so after they woke up, they secretly escaped from Dr.

Geros research institute.

Because they were afraid of the Shutdown Remote in Dr.

Geros hand, they hid, and never dared to go back.

However, who would have thought that Dr.

Gero would later create Android 17 and 18 They were too weak compared to Android 17, 18, so they could only quietly hide over the past few years.

“Found them!” A cold voice resounded, and then, Android 13, 14 and 15 saw two men, whose entire body were emitting a golden glow, floating in the air.

Not good, its the Golden Flame Warriors!

Seeing them, Android 13, 14, and 15 shuddered.

They had already seen the strength of both the Golden Flame Warriors.

Even the powerful Android 17 and 18 were not their match.

Especially the one called Xiaya; they had no idea where he came from, but Android 18 was destroyed by just one of his energy ball.

He was an outrageously strong existence!

Escape! This thought quickly flashed in their hearts.

However, Gohan would never give them the chance to escape, as they had killed his mother.

His enemy was right in front of him, so how would he let such an opportunity to revenge slip by

Like a light beam, Gohan rushed toward the Androids.


Golden energy shrouded the sky and, like the numerous petals of cherry blossoms, floated down.

Each petal was actually like a blade that contained frightening energy, and just one petal had heaven destroying and earth exterminating might.

The chaotic cherry blossoms dancing in the sky were like a spring breeze sweeping across the earth, extremely beautiful.

However, Android 13, 14 and 15 were feeling their whole body emitting chills as if every petal intended to take their lives.

Gohans 1.5 billion Battle Power in Rage Mode was not so easy to withstand.

Knowing Gohans current mood, Xiaya let him lead the battle this time.

He would only keep watch from the side and attack at the right moment to neutralize the Androids not so threatening attack.

As the battle commenced, Android 13, 14, and 15 quickly dodged.

They were not Gohans match, so they could only try to find a place to hide; however, the bright-red energy emitting from their bodies was too dazzling, so they were easily found by Xiaya and Gohan no matter where they hid.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

An energy storm swept across the surface of the sea, and the rough sea suddenly became more turbulent, as thousands of meters high waves rose as if it were the end of the world.

The Androids were frightened out of their wits, and they revealed terrified expressions on their faces.

At this time, they were extremely regretful.

If they didnt provoke the two Golden Flame Warriors, would there have been such a disaster

Previously, they were too happy and thought that they could do whatever they wanted after hiding for more than a decade without being found.

Furthermore, after Android 17 and 18s death, they couldnt help but go out to create trouble because they learned that their powerful natural enemies—Android 17 and 18—were gone; but who would have thought that after they went out, they would provoke the more frightening Golden Flame Warriors

In fact, they were not aware that even if they didnt take the initiative to provoke Gohan and Xiaya, they were still bound to become a target as they had revealed their existence.


Sharp blades, which were as thin as a cicadas wing, easily penetrated Android 14s chest, shattering his heart to pieces.

Then, with a “bang”, Android 14s head also exploded, and half of his body was hurled towards Android 13.

Android 13 extended his hand out of conditioned reflex and caught Android 14s upper body.

The shock from the tremendous force caused his arm to feel numb, but his hand just happened to grab Android 14s energy source.

At this moment, it was as if Android 13 was struck by lightning, and he suddenly found that his strength had risen a lot.

“Ah! My strength has increased! Can Androids merge” Android 13 was stunned, and then a manic look flashed on his cold face.

His expression became elated as he looked at Android 15.

“Hehe, its a critical moment.

Android 15, I am sorry, but… only one of us can survive!”

Android 13 muttered in a low voice.

There were not many feelings between the Androids, but they had always been working together as they were afraid of being discovered by Android 17 and 18; however, when it involves a matter of life and death, all feelings would disappear.


Android 13 took advantage of when Android 15 was dodging and hid behind him, and then, he extended his sharp claws towards Android 15s chest…


A burning and raging energy tens of thousands of degree high, with a scorching temperature like that of a fire dragon, directly penetrated through Android 15s body.

With a powerful yank, a large energy source and a computer chip appeared in Android 13s hands.

“13, you…” Android 15 didnt dare to believe that Android 13, whom he had experienced so much with for many years, would assassinate him while they were facing a powerful enemy.

The most fearful enemy was unexpectedly from his own side.

Android 13s face was cold, as he said indifferently, “I am really sorry.

After I absorb your energy, I will avenge you.”

“Hm Android 13 got the energy source and computer chips of both Android 14 and 15… what is he up to” Xiaya knitted his eyebrows doubtfully.

Because Android 13s movie had nothing to do with the main story, Xiaya had casually watched it.

He didnt clearly remember some of the key scenes.

However, he had a slight hunch that if Android 13 fused with those energy sources and computer chips, it would definitely be a big problem.

“Gohan, lets attack together and stop him!”

“OK!” Gohan shouted in a loud voice.

Both Xiaya and Gohan attacked, and suddenly, two glittering energy waves shot out.

The swift and fierce energy raised up a storm, brushing past the surface of the water.

Immediately, like a cracked tectonic plate, the chaotic surface of the sea opened a crack, as a straight and wide ravine appeared.

“Ha ha ha, you are already too late!”

Android 13 crazily cackled and directly swallowed Android 14 and 15s energy source and computer chips.

As both energy sources and computer chips entered his stomach, it seemed like a violent nuclear reactor had suddenly started operating.

Various complex reactions were occurring in his body, just like a black potion being stewed by witches, miraculously transforming his body.

Android 13 cried out in pain, as every inch of muscles and bones in his body seemed to have been shattered by a heavy object, and then reformed again.

With the recurring cycle of destruction and creation, the energy within his body gradually broke through the upper limit, and his skin began to swell.

Finally, after repeating a few times, Android 13s appearance became completely unrecognizable.

The newly born Super Android 13 was more than two meters tall.

The skin of his upper body and face was blue, and the muscles coiled up all over his body were full of strength.

“This is Super Android 13” Xiaya revealed a surprised expression, and it seemed like a layer of frost could be scraped from his ice-cold face.

He knew that after Android Cell absorbs 17 and 18, it could evolve into its Final Form, which was equivalent to Super Saiyans Full Power state, but he did not expect that the earlier model, Android 13, could also absorb Android 14 and 15 to evolve.

Is Super Android 13s strength now comparable to Cells Perfect Form Xiaya didnt dare to believe it, but soon after that, he shook his head and discarded that thought.

In a single individual state, whether it was Android 13, 14, or 15, their strength was worse than that of Android 17, 18 and the first form of Cell.

Therefore, even if they fused, their strength would not be as powerful as Cells Perfect Form.

“Although Super Android 13 is not stronger than Cells Perfect Form, he should be about the same as Cells Imperfect Form.

He may be a little stronger than Cells Imperfect Form after absorbing Android 17.” Xiaya guessed.

Indeed, after absorbing Android 14 and 15, Super Android 13 was not as powerful as Cells Perfect Form, but he was also not weaker than Cells Imperfect Form.

Xiayas current Battle Power was also comparable to Cells Imperfect Form, therefore, this battle would not be easy!

“Gohan, be careful.

Android 13 has absorbed the energy source and computer chips of the other Androids and transformed into Super Android 13, so dont underestimate him!” Xiaya reminded.

“I know!” Gohan looked serious.

By contrast, on Super Android 13s side, he was not feeling any fear at this moment.

In fact, he was cackling crazily, fully expressing the joy in his heart.

Who would have thought that we, Androids, could still become so strong If I had known earlier, there would have been no need to stay hidden in order to avoid Android 17 and 18 for more ten years.

However, it is not too late, as no one on Earth is a match for me right now.

Even these two Golden Flame Warriors cant be compared to me, Super Android 13 thought smugly.


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