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Planet Namek…

Xiaya appeared with Gohan and Trunks next to a green lake.

Then, after roughly sensing Master Roshis location, he again teleported together with them.

At this time, next to Master Roshi.

In addition to a few weak auras belonging to Launch and others, there were other powerful auras, numbering in the thousands.

These auras belonged to the Namekians who had migrated here, and they all appeared to be conversing about something.

As soon as Xiaya and Gohan appeared, Master Roshi spotted them.

“Gohan, I couldnt protect your mother…” Arriving before Gohan, Master Roshi shook his head and said, feeling ashamed.

Gohan shook his head and said, “I already know what happened.

Its all the Androids fault!”

“Sigh!” Master Roshi sighed heavily.

At this time, Xiaya noticed the Namekians standing at the back and discovered that their leader was a short and stout Namekian.

They were holding huge, football-sized, dragon balls.

Obviously, they had already gathered Planet Nameks dragon balls before Xiaya and the others arrived.

Planet Nameks dragon balls were flashing and looked very beautiful, but after seeing the huge size of the “Super dragon balls”, Planet Nameks dragon balls were nothing special in comparison.

At this time, a young Namekian walked over and took Gohans hand.

He looked very excited as he said, “Gohan, it has really been a long time since we last met!”

“You are… Dende” Gohan was puzzled at first and took quite a while to respond.

“Yes, its me!” Dende nodded and immediately returned to the main business and said, “What happened on Earth is really regretful.

Sir Kai has already told us to prepare the dragon balls.”

So, he is Dende; a Namekian friend from the great Dragon Clan that Gohan met on Planet Namek more than a decade ago.

In the main world of the original work, he became the new Kami of Earth.

After Dende grew up, his appearance became quite similar to Nail.

Actually, Xiaya couldnt distinguish the difference between the Namekians as he was a “face blind”.

In his view, it seemed that most of the adult Namekian males looked almost the same.

“In that case, we will summon Porunga now!” said Xiaya.

The new Great Elder, Muley, laughed out loud and said, “The new dragon balls have been reconstructed by us, and it can now resurrect a lot of people at once!”

Since taking over the Great Elders position, Muley reconstructed Planet Nameks dragon balls while referencing the strong points of Earths dragon balls.

Now, the ability of Planet Nameks Divine Dragon, Porunga, was more powerful than before.

“Thats great!” Gohan shouted excitedly.

No longer hesitating, everyone found a relatively empty location and neatly placed the seven dragon balls on the ground.

The football-sized dragon balls bumped against each other and immediately began to flicker with a golden glow.

They buzzed like the roaring of a dragon.

“Come out, Porunga!” Dende yelled in Planet Nameks language.

In fact, Xiaya could also use Planet Nameks language to summon Porunga, but as he was on the new Planet Namek, he should do everything according to Namekians.

As soon as the voice fell, black clouds floated over from the horizon, blotting out the sky and earth, and the day immediately turned into night.

Bright lightning fell from the sky and then increased rapidly, and soon, densely clustered lightning quickly covered heaven and earth.

Boom! Boom!

The lightning sounded like the beating of a drum.

Beautiful rays of light lit the heaven and earth, and as if breaking through all barriers, Porungas sturdy body appeared several hundreds of meters high in the sky.

“People who have gathered the seven dragon balls, please state thy wishes!” Porungas imposing aura was as magnificent as ever as his voice resounded throughout heaven and earth.

Dende turned towards Gohan and asked about his wishes.

In turn, Gohan looked at Xiaya.

Xiaya muttered to himself for a moment and said, “Let Porunga put a mark on Android 13, 14, and 15 so that they cant hide anywhere!”

Dende nodded and told Porunga the content of the wish.

Porunga lowered his head; the two snail-like antennas on his head were fluttering in the air, as a resounding voice rang from the sky, “Thy wish is very easy!” Then, a blood-red light flashed in his eyes, and a strange “energy” acted on the bodies of the Androids.

Porunga didnt have the ability to annihilate the Androids or alter their bodys composition, but based on their location, the mark could allow other people to find them.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled, please state thy second wish!” Shenron said.

Xiaya looked at Porunga and said to Dende, “Tell him to drawback first, we will make the last two wishes next time!”

Xiaya thought, It is not an appropriate time to restore Earth or resurrect the Earthlings killed by Androids, because Android 13, 14, and 15 are still on earth.

In the situation where their strength is unknown, Earth could quickly get destroyed again.

It is better to keep these two wishes and wait until the Androids have been eliminated.

As for resurrecting Vegeta and the others, Xiaya had also considered this, but he decided to put it off.

He did this because even if Vegeta and the others were resurrected at this time, they would not be able to deal with the Androids in a short period of time without entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

So, it would be better to put it off for later depending on the situation.

“Okay!” Dende understood Xiayas intentions.

After staring at Xiaya and Gohan for a while, he received Gohans approval and proceeded to inform Porunga to first disappear.

After Porunga disappeared, the night sky again quickly turned into day.

Xiaya told Bulma and others and said, “You all know how dangerous the Androids are, so I will go back to Earth right now with Gohan and annihilate them, while you all stay on the new Planet Namek.” After saying that, Xiaya beckoned towards Gohan, who stepped forward immediately.

“Be careful, both of you,” Master Roshi said sincerely.

In the present times, Master Roshis glory days had passed.

Now he was just an old man with some knowledge.

When a powerful enemy appears, he must step aside and let the younger generation deal with them.

At this time, Trunks came over; he also wanted to join the battle.

“Wait! I am also a Super Saiyan now, so I can also fight the Androids!”

Xiaya looked at Trunks for a while.

As a Super Saiyan, his strength was not as bad, but Xiaya still shook his head and refused, “No! Although their Battle Power may not be as good as Android 17s and 18s Battle Power, the battle this time has to be finished as quickly as possible, so Gohan and I are enough.”

“But…” Trunks argued strongly, but Xiaya still did not agree.

The Super Saiyan transformation stage is quite a huge leap.

Trunks 400 million Battle Power couldnt be said to be really high and, moreover, he is still too young.

Im afraid that Trunks couldnt even defeat the Gohan before he had entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Bringing him along is quite risky, Xiaya thought.

“Trunks, be obedient!” As his mother, Bulma tried to dissuade him from going, and Trunks could only unwillingly move aside, clearly upset.

“Lets go!” Xiaya lightly shouted and returned to Earth with Gohan the next second.

As soon as Xiaya returned to Earth, he saw three bright-red columns of light that were as bright as a lighthouse.

The bright colors could be seen from very far away.

Xiaya sneered and nodded at Gohan, and then, he said, “This time, even if the Androids flee to the ends of the Earth, they wouldnt be able to hide!” Gohans face was also cold.

They both sped up and flew towards the Androids location.

On a desolate island, the sea breeze was rolling up the waves.

The three Androids were standing on a rock with an incredulous look on their faces.

Among the three Androids, Android 13 was a burly man two meters tall, he was wearing a hat, a jacket, and green trousers; Android 14 was much taller, and his long black hair was tied into a braid.

His upper body was naked, and he donned a green mandarin jacket over his waist; Android 15 looked quite stupid, and his style of dressing was also very weird.

His short height couldnt portray how powerful he was.

“Boss, what is going on Why are our bodies emitting such light” Android 14s eyes widened, and he asked in shock.

“Did that old codger, Dr.

Gero, leave something weird on our bodies” 15s face was cold as he asked.

13s face was also gloomy.

If there were such obvious signs on their body, they would be found by Gohan and the others even if they hid at the ends of the earth, “Not good… if we get discovered by the Golden Flame Warriors, we will certainly suffer.”


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