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“As I said, today you will meet your doom, Androids!” Gohan walked over, the golden aura burning even more vigorously.

Facing this terrifying aura, Android 17 could not help but take a few steps back.

“Nonsense!” Roaring in an icy voice, Android 17 and Gohan started fighting again.

In an instant, the sky and land turned into their battlefield.

Two streaks of light, that couldnt even be seen clearly, kept dancing everywhere in the sky and on the ground, colliding nonstop.

Numerous shining electric flowers flashed in midair, blossoming into a beautiful scene of purple and red, and just like a budding flower, they suddenly bloomed at the right time.

Android 17 and Gohan were fighting fiercely, but Gohans Battle Power was already more than Android 17s Battle Power.

Gohan had a comparative advantage from the very beginning, but this little bit of advantage couldnt be maintained for a long time.

“I have to defeat him quickly!” Gohans heart was like a mirror as he made up his mind to seize the initiative no matter the cost.

Hence, he roared; this roar seemed to vent the anger which had been pent-up for the past dozens of years.

Super Saiyan is a transformation that was greatly affected by emotions.

The more anger he has in his heart, the more strength he could erupt with.

Quickly, Gohans aura once again increased drastically, and instantly, he began to suppress Android 17.

Soon, Android 17 was beaten black and blue.

Even though he has unlimited stamina and energy, the injuries on his body werent able to recover like Majin Buu.

“If I can inflict a serious injury on him, it will become more beneficial for me later on in the fight!” Gohans green eyes shone and he began to implement this tactic in destroying Android 17s body.

“Damn it, bastard!” Android 17 yelled in anger.

Gohan was fiercely attacking from the start which has put him on the defensive.

When he finally reacted, he had already lost the initiative.

The battles in Dragon Ball World were fast and fierce like lightning.

So, after his rhythm got disturbed, he could only take the beatings.

Looking on from below, Android 18 was stupefied.

Android 17, her brother, was actually being suppressed by Gohan.

She had never expected this result.

“Gohan… when did he become so powerful” 18 muttered to herself as a hint of fear flashed in her eyes.

Yes, she was a little scared.

This was an emotion that they, Androids, had never felt since they woke up.

“Oh, no! If even 17 is not Gohans match, then I would be even worse off.” Anxious, she wanted to go and help him out, but Xiaya was firmly barring her path, so she didnt dare to move.

“Gohan has taken control of the rhythm of the battlefield.

There is no suspense in this battle.”

Super Saiyans are strongest when they erupt out.

Once they took the initiative to harm the enemy, as long as they do not make a fatal mistake, the outcome of the battle would already be decided.

Killing Android 17 was only a matter of time.

However, a new variable could crop up.

So, the first decision Xiaya made was to attack Android 18 who was in front of him.

“Beautiful woman, why are you evil” Xiaya looked at Android 18 and sighed.

Such a beautiful girl, but she was completely a demon.

He quite liked Android 18 of the original work, but it was a pity that the Androids in this world couldnt arouse even a little bit of good feelings in him.


An aura, which was much stronger than Gohans, swept out like huge tidal waves.

Gohans aura was like the light of a firefly while Xiayas aura was like a rising sun and it was like a lake compared to his which was like a vast ocean.

Before his extremely frightening strength, even if Android 18 was not able to sense Ki, she could still feel her soul shudder.

The pressure emitted by the energy of 2.4 billion Battle Power was like Mount Tai pressing down, making breathing impossible.

“So powerful!” Android 18s countenance turned pale, her pretty face revealing a panic-stricken look.

She could not help but step back.

“Dont come over!” At this time, where does she still have that extremely arrogant attitude of her from before! She was completely like a frightened little girl with a terrified look on her face.

“Unfortunately, its too late…” Xiaya shook his head and quickly arrived in front of Android 18.

He then extended his hand and grabbed her shoulder.

Android 18 cried out in fear as she was greeted with floating hair, shining with golden light, and a pair of green, ruthless eyes.


Android 18 kept squirming, but the strength in Xiayas hand was not something she could repel.

She was feeling frightened.

How can this Golden Flame Warrior become so strong He obviously wasnt so powerful before! The Super Saiyans ruthless green eyes were like the ice water beneath the polar glaciers, making her whole body cold and stiff.

Just then, Xiaya flipped over his other hand and sparkling rays of light shone in Android 18s pleading eyes.

“Dont kill me!”

She pleaded, but the light ball containing powerful energy had already formed.


The energy ball suddenly expanded.

It was like a big ball filled with water, as it quickly swallowed Android 18 whole.

Just like that, without any resistance and no earth-shaking sound, Android 18 silently disappeared amidst the sea of


“Considering that you look beautiful on the outside, I will grant you a quick death!” Xiaya sighed; he waved his hand and dissipated the huge energy ball, leaving behind no traces of a corpse.

With his current meticulous control, even the frightening energy that was sufficient enough to easily destroy the planet could be effortlessly controlled.

Android 18, who had been feared for more than a decade by this world, had disappeared!

“Damn, you killed 18!” Looking helplessly as his sister was killed by the Golden Flame Warrior, Android 17 was at a loss, before he suddenly descended into madness.

He screamed and intended to rush toward Xiaya.

“Your opponent is me!” Gohans tall and straight body suddenly appeared in front of 17, barring his path.

“Damn it, Damn it, Damn it! Go to hell!!” Android 17 roared angrily.

At this time, he was like an angry wild beast.

Android 18s death had made him crazy, so he doesnt care anymore about the survival of Earth.

“Gohan, let him come!”

Xiayas eyes narrowed; his body flashed and appeared beside Gohan.

At this time, Android 17 was the most dangerous.

With Gohans strength, he wouldnt be able to thoroughly suppress him.

If anything went wrong, even Earth could be destroyed.

So, after briefly thinking for a moment, he planned to personally intervene.

“Okay!” Gohan nodded and made way, letting Android 17 rush towards Xiaya.

“I was afraid that you wont come.” Xiayas green eyes flashed with a cold light, and he casually waved towards Android 17.

In an instant, an incomparably vast number of energy balls scattered out, and the blue energies intertwined, like sparkling and shiny lines weaving an energy cage resembling a net around Android 17.

Android 17 was immediately locked in it.

“What is this” Crazily shouting, Android 17 looked gloomy, his black hair swaying with the wind.

After losing his only sister, Android 17 went completely crazy.

“This world has been seriously damaged, all of which are your sins.

Well, why couldnt you preserve your human conscience”

“I had said that day that when we meet once again, it will be the time of your death.

Now, you can report to Underworld!” Xiaya said in a low voice, and a bright white light flashed between his fingers and swiftly shot towards Android 17s heart.


An extremely dazzling ray of light ripped through the void.

At this moment, no radiance was beautiful and touching like this ray of light.


Android 17 gave a blood-curdling scream; the light ray, having a strong penetrating power like a laser, forcibly pierced through his chest and shot from behind him.

Blood splashed out and scattered in the air as Android 17s heart was instantly crushed.

“Ha ha ha, Golden Flame Warrior… you really turned out to be a disaster in the end.

If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have toyed around with you for so many years…”

Android 17 muttered and gradually lost consciousness.

Although Androids had undergone transformations by Dr.

Gero, they were not fully mechanical life.

Although the nano-components in their cells could give them infinite stamina and energy, once they lose their heart, they would also die just like humans.

Xiaya calmly looked on, and then he waved his hand and similarly completely destroyed Android 17s dead body.

From today on, this world of Golden Flame Warriors would no longer have to face the threat of Androids.


Xiaya, thank you!”

Gohan flew over and gave Xiaya a deep bow, his eyes red.

How many years has it been Earth has finally regained peace, and this is all credit to Mr.


He was full of gratitude towards Xiaya who gave him pointers and helped them kill the Androids.

“Its nothing! Your next mission is even more important.

It would not be simple to rebuild Earth,” Xiaya looked at the desolate land and said softly.

“Mhm!” Gohan nodded vigorously.

He turned around and looked in the distance where ruins spread far and wide.

There are still many things to do, such lofty feelings welled up in his heart.


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