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“Gokus friend Oh, so it is Yajirobe.

This guy is extremely lucky to be able to live till now.” 18 was beaming.

She licked her lips and grinned like a demon.

Yajirobe was first startled and quickly awoke from his drunken stupor after seeing the suddenly appearing Androids, but then, he laughed.

Suddenly, he was not afraid of the past anymore.

Coming across the Androids, he knew that he could no longer escape, “Running away for so long, Ive gotten tired.

I really dont want to escape anymore.” There were tears in his eyes, and lumps had almost formed in his disheveled and split hair due to filth.

Yajirobe suddenly found that he had unexpectedly been in such a bad condition for so long.

“You have destroyed Earth to such an extent… are you very happy” Yajirobe said as he threw down the alcohol bottle.


The glass shattered and alcohol splashed on the ground.

A cold light beam flashed by and soared like a lightning ray as Yajirobe pulled out the large sword at his waist and slashed at 18.

A finger collided with the sword…


Yajirobes attack was blocked.

18 casually extended two of her fingers, with an expression which looked like a smile and yet not a smile, and she playfully caught Yajirobes sword which was quickly and violently chopping down between her two fingers; her frosty face emitted a chill.

She coldly smiled, and her fingers suddenly exerted force, causing Yajirobe to uncontrollably fly away.

He landed on the ground, sliding for more than a dozen meters before stopping.

18 flung her arm and coldly walked forward.

Cough! Cough!

Yajirobe got up from the ground in a sorry state, supporting his body with the large sword.

Heavily drinking, hiding, and self-intoxication, for the past few years, had hollowed out his body.

As he had completely lost his root of a martial artist, his wasted body was no longer full of vitality like when he was young.

However, he would not shamelessly think that he was still a martial artist.

A real martial artist would have bravely stepped forward to fight against the enemy when Earth was facing a crisis.

Even if they died in battle, they would feel honored.

He doesnt have the qualifications and had never thought of himself as a martial artist.

At this time, he was not facing the Androids as a martial artist, but as a simple earthling who tortured by reality, chose to escape but still failed in the end.

“Hehe, it really hurts!” Yajirobe grinned, his body trembling.

Android 17 indifferently looked at Yajirobe, like he was looking at an ant, and said to Android 18, “18, quickly take care of this guy.” 17 was not interested in wasting time on Yajirobe, who he deemed as trash.

“OK,” Android 18 answered without turning around.

She licked her lips, revealing a lovely and cruel smile.


She lifted her fair-skinned arm up, and her fingers moved like they were stirring the transparent surface of the water.

Suddenly, a bewitching halo slowly spread out everywhere in front of her, and orange-colored energy balls, which were small like shelled peanuts, gathered like a nest of countless wasps.

The energy balls were small, but their bewitching halo was emitting a terrifying aura.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The tiny and sparkling orange-colored energy balls swiftly shot out like bullets, the long and thin fire serpent ripped through the sky, leaving behind a straight and blurry trail.

Numerous light dots attacked Yajirobe.

At this moment, Yajirobes view was shrouded by scintillating and multi-colored light dots.

Even though a crisis was at hand, Yajirobe was feeling at ease like never before, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

He was unexpectedly smiling.

Finally, he doesnt have to run away anymore.

He shouldnt have been alive for more than a decade.

Now, I can finally leave this world.

Yajirobe laughed at himself.

Puff! Puff!

The tiny light dots penetrated Yajirobes body, splashing blood on the ground.

Yajirobes obese body fell down, causing yellow sand to fly up…

Looking at Yajirobes body which was covered with bullet-sized holes, there was still a smile hanging on Android 18s face; the smile was especially dazzling.

Android 17 looked to be in a bad mood as he walked over and patted Android 18s shoulder as he said, “Lets leave this town.

I want to destroy some more cities.”

“Okay!” 18 smiled, raised her hand and lightly stroked her beautiful golden hair.

But then, two powerful auras descended from the sky, bringing a slight peculiarity to the city that had already been transformed into ruins.

“Android 17 and 18, your time is up!” An orange-red figure appeared in front of the Androids.

It was Gohan who was looking at them in anger.

Along the way, Android 17 and 18 destroyed hundreds of towns, and the death toll was more than a million! To earthlings whose total population had already dwindled too much, such losses could be described as painful.

Suddenly, Gohan got a clear look at the face of the person on the ground who had died tragically.

His pupils slightly shrunk, and his expression became even more ugly.

“Yajirobe…” Gohan softly muttered.

He was not very familiar with Yajirobe and had only seen him a few times when he was a child.

However, Yajirobe was somewhat of a friend with his father, Goku.

To think that he was also killed by the Androids.


Gohan angrily roared, and in a flash, he transformed into a Super Saiyan.

His golden hair fluttered in the billowing air, and his green pupils were dark.

“Its that kid, Gohan, and that Golden Warrior from before.

Humph! So, you really are together! Well, well… You have saved me the trouble of looking for both of you by delivering yourself to me,” 17s suddenly revealed a smile on his cold face.

“Gohan, I will let you deal with 17!” Xiaya also noticed Yajirobe who had died, and he said to Gohan, while his sights turned towards Android 18.

“OK!” Gohan nodded, and then his aura locked onto Android 17, his eyes firmly fixed on him.

“Hahaha, you loser want to defeat me just by relying on yourself Ridiculous! Last time you were lucky enough to save yourself, but you didnt hide, instead, you took the initiative to come to me.

Saiyan, you are still talking big! You are really unaware of your current situation!” 17s voice was gloomy, his heart was like a burning ball of fire, ready to explode at any moment.

“The current me is different from the past.

I will definitely defeat you today.” Gohans cold voice sounded.

“Good, good, good!” 17 was not angry, instead, he chuckled; however, a frigid light flashed in his eyes that made one tremble.

Bang! Like the sound of thunder.

Suddenly, a tremendous force caused the ground to sink, causing sand to splash out.

Android 17s short body launched an attack towards Gohan, and an earth-shatteringly powerful might instantly surge out.

Android 17 sneered and condensed a red circle of light at the top of his fist.

He was no longer in the mood to let Gohan live so as to toy around with him like he used to, and was just bent on killing him with one move!

Facing Android 17s astonishing attack, Gohan was calm, his arms protecting in front of his chest.


Gohan forcibly took on Android 17s fierce attack.

The ground violently trembled, and cracks appeared on it; however, his body did not move even an inch.

“What!” Startled, 17s body jumped a dozen meters out of conditioned reflex.

Gohan lightly laughed.

Through the collision just now, he was confident.

Comparing strength, his 800 million Battle Power was already above Android 17.

The only regret was that the Super Saiyan eruption was brief, and couldnt last long in a fight while the Androids have infinite stamina.

“How is it possible that your strength has grown so much overnight!”

Android 17 exclaimed with an incredulous look on his face, and his heart sank.

This damn Golden Warrior, he has unexpectedly concealed it for so long! Android 17 cried in this heart.

If he had known earlier, he would have eradicated Gohan as soon as possible before.

Now, he had allowed the enemy to grow stronger, inviting a calamity.


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