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“How about this, after we return to the island, we should have a good rest; then, Gohan and I will go look for the Androids.

After defeating them, I will go to North Kais Planet and ask him about the coordinates of the new Planet Namek.” Xiaya was, after all, a good person.

So, he calmly told them his plans.

In fact, Xiayas mind had a star chart of the entire Universe 7, but he wasnt sure which planet was named the new Planet Namek by the Namekians.


“Great, the end of the Androids is finally here!”

“Lets go back and tell everyone this good news!”

Hearing Xiaya say this, everyone couldnt help but cheer up.

The expression in their eyes as they looked at Xiaya was full of eagerness.

Originally, Trunks should have also entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train, but the plan was immediately dispelled.

Xiaya and Gohan had already achieved very good results, so there was no need for Trunks to fight against the Androids.

They all returned to the island deep in the ocean on the same day and quickly told the good news to Bulma and the others.

When they found out that Xiaya and Gohan already have certainty in wiping out the Androids, everyone cheered excitedly; some people even had tears in their eyes.

Blonde Launch was so excited that she took out a machine gun and continuously fired it into the sky.

Du du du…

Half-inch fire serpents fluttered in the sky, expressing their joyous emotions.

That night, the entire camp was drowned in a sea of cheers.

Next morning, the first glimmer of the morning sun rose from the calm sea, and the light illuminating the blue sea was bright-red, reflecting a gleaming and clear scenery.

After washing up, Xiaya finished his breakfast.

At this time, Gohan and the others were already dressed up and eagerly waiting.

Gohan was wearing the orange martial arts suit of the Turtle School, and his short hair was finely trimmed, he was seemingly in high spirits.

Master Roshi, Bulma, and the others stayed awake all through the night as they were full of excitement.

“Lets go,” Xiaya said faintly.

He was certain of winning todays fight, so he wasnt nervous even a little bit.

“Right, right… Lets go!” Gohan was in a very good mood.

“Gohan, Mr.

Xiaya… take care,” Bulma and Chichi said with concern.

They were looking forward to the final battle.

“Umm!” Lightly nodding, Gohan revealed a hearty smile.

Xiu! Xiu!

Two straight beams of light penetrated the sky and continued to head towards a direction.

Because the Androids dont exude aura, they needed to start searching from West City.


In a small town…

18, who was dressed in brand new clothes, was standing in front of a mirror, making various poses with a lovely smile hung on her face; although beautiful, it was like a poppy flower, really terrifying.

Not far from her, there were several dead bodies lying on the ground.

They were the customers who had visited the clothing store and were killed by 18 when she came in.

Furrowing her eyebrows, 18 shouted at the owner, who was scared stiff, with dissatisfaction, “You, go and get me some more clothes!”

“Yes, yes!” The clothing store owner looked pale as he answered while trembling, and then he hurriedly searched for new clothes in an opened cardboard box and handed them over.

18 tried them on, but she was still not satisfied.

“Humph… really, the world is getting more and more worse.

17, I dont want to stay on earth anymore!” She said to her younger brother who was sitting cross-legged not far away.

“But we havent found a spaceship yet.

According to the information left by Dr.

Gero, there should be two spaceships on earth that can be used for travel.”

“You wouldnt have destroyed them before, right” 18 cocked her neck as she asked, somewhat dissatisfied.

17 waved his hand and said, “I will tell you this in advance… you cant accuse me incorrectly, because, I absolutely havent destroyed any spaceship.”

“Oh, and by the way… since this store cant meet your needs, then there is no need to leave it behind.

Let me destroy it together with this town.”

“Hee hee, do whatever you want!” Leaving the beautiful long blonde hair fluttering behind her, 18 walked out of the stores entrance.

“Please spare my life… I still have a lot of beautiful clothes here which I am sure that this young lady will like…” As the clothing stores owner heard that the two demons intended to destroy the entire town, he was so scared that the color drained from his face, and he hurriedly tumbled out of the store.

Seeing this, a smile formed on 17s cold face.

He raised the corners of his mouth, and then pointed his finger towards the store and launched a destructive attack.

In an instant, a fiery aura exploded out like a flame dragon wreaking havoc, and heartlessly engulfed the store.

Under the violent high temperature, steel rapidly deformed.

Because the energy from the explosion was too large, the concrete structure of the store instantly collapsed.

A beam of light soared through the skies, bringing along a scorching heat.

Like a small nuclear explosion, a beautiful mushroom cloud rose.

The smoke dispersed, and the buildings within a few hundred meters of the store were all turned to ashes.

“Next will be town, but what a pity that it is early morning now as the dazzling fireworks would look even better at night.”


The northern part of Earth, more than a thousand kilometers away from West City.

Xiaya and Gohan had been flying along the trails left behind by the Androids.

First, they went to West City, which had already been razed to the ground, and then pursued all the way along the trail left behind by the Androids.

From the freshly overturned sand and stones, and also the scorching hot surface still emitting black smoke, the Androids should have just left not long ago.

They must have been angry at suffering a setback in the West City.

Therefore, hundreds of human bases, large or small, have been destroyed along the course of more than 1,000 kilometers.Looking down at the city that had transformed into ruins, and presented a desolate scene, Xiayas handsome face was cold.

These Androids are really crazy; human lives are worthless in their eyes.

“Android 17 and 18 of this world are just like the Androids of Future Trunks world in the original work.

They are all a source of evil and must be destroyed,” Xiaya thought.

In the numerous parallel worlds of Dragon Ball World, perhaps only the Androids of the main world in the original work still had some human conscience.

The Androids of other worlds were all ruthless monsters and slaughter machines.

Even a beautiful woman like Android 18 was no more than a demon with a beautiful outward appearance, both cold and cruel.

Xiaya had no favorable impression of them.

Gohan said, “Mr.

Xiaya, we must find Android 17 and 18 as soon as possible and eliminate them.

For every step we take late, I dont know how many innocent people will die!”

“Yeah!” Xiaya nodded, his eyes filled with cold killing intent.

Not far from the ruins of a city, the short and big-bellied middle-aged man, Yajirobe, was walking on the street with a large sword hanging on his waist.

He was carrying a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

After walking for a while, he opened the bottle and took a sip, his face showing some signs of intoxication.

“A lot of cities have been destroyed again.

If I didnt escape quickly, I would have been buried together with those people who were in the refugee cave,” Swaying, Yajirobe muttered as he sometimes laughed and sometimes cried.

It wasnt clear whether he was crying or venting the depressed feelings in his heart.

“Those pitiful peoples “God” has already abandoned this world.


died… hiccup, is there a problem with my eyes Why are the Androids, those two demons, in front of me” Yajirobe patted his drunken red-face and sobered a little.

A man and a woman had suddenly appeared in front of him.

“They… really are the Androids” He shook his head with disbelief written on his face.

“17, do you see that drunkard… Where have we seen him before” 18s blue eyes narrowed, her voice filled with curiosity.

17 sneered and said, “That fatty is Yajirobe.

He seems to be a friend of Goku.

Heh, we are really lucky!”


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