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The huge storm blowing over from West City made Gohan to deeply understand the intensity of the battle over there.

He was now even more worried about Bulma and Trunks safety.

“You must be safe!” He clenched his teeth, and then sped up.

A light-golden light beam swept through the sky, leaving behind a blurry shadow.

Three hundred kilometers from West City, Gohan caught sight of an orange-yellow color aircraft speedily moving away from West City and rushing in his direction.

“Trunks!” Gohan recognized the aircraft and called out in surprise.

Trunks also saw Gohan and landed the aircraft.

“Big brother Gohan, why are you here Mr.

Xiaya told me to leave together with mother immediately.

You should come with us too,” Trunks said, his heart still palpitating with fear.

If Xiaya hadnt blocked the Androids and earned them enough time, he and Bulma would have been destroyed along with West City in the battle just now.

“No, Mr.

Xiaya is fighting the Androids by himself, so how can I only think about my own safety and escape” Gohan shook his head and refused.

Bulma said, “Gohan, you are currently not a match for the Androids, so dont be impulsive and listen to Mr.

Xiayas words.”

“But…” Gohan clenched his fist.

He was unwilling, but Bulmas words were also true.

His was not as strong as Xiaya, and he would only make things worse.

Just as Bulma was trying to dissuade Gohan, who was also hesitating, Xiayas figure appeared in front of them, and a resonant voice was heard, “Bulma is right.

If you want to face 17 and 18 head-on, you need to continue training.”



“Great, you are back safe and sound.”

Seeing Xiaya appear safe and sound, everyone cried out in surprise.

Gohan saw that Xiaya was without any injuries, but the martial arts suit on his body was somewhat scratched.

This caused Gohan to feel somewhat surprised.


Xiaya, have you chased away the Androids” Trunks asked in surprise.

Xiaya shook his head and said indifferently, “No! Androids are very strong.

Even I can only fight them to a draw.

If there was only one, I certainly could have been somewhat certain, but when the two joined hands, they are beyond my strength.

Furthermore, Android 17 and 18s stamina and energy are unlimited, which is quite troublesome.

If there is no absolute strength advantage, I will definitely be dragged to death in a battle of attrition.”

“Unlimited energy!” After listening to him, Gohan and Trunks looked at each other in dismay and couldnt help but suck in a mouthful of cold air.

To think that they never knew such a piece of important information.

Gohan smiled bitterly and said, “So, they still have such a trump card in their hands! No wonder Android 17 and 18 werent in a rush to kill me before.

It turns out they werent afraid due to such a trump card!”

This was very bad news.

If the energy of the Androids was really unlimited, then he would need to destroy them completely with overwhelming power in order to defeat them.

Super Saiyan transformation would be disadvantageous in a battle of attrition.

Anyway, know thy enemy and know thyself, and you can conquer every battle.

Gohan was also very glad to obtain this information; otherwise, if he had waited until his training had succeeded and hastily delivered himself to the enemys doorstep without adequate information, he would have most likely been defeated.

At that time, Androids wouldnt show any mercy.

“Its no wonder that when I studied the Androids blueprints, I always felt that something was wrong.

So, its the problem related to energy!” Bulma immediately reacted and struck the palm of her hand, clearly realizing something.

“Androids blueprints” Xiaya looked at her quizzically.

Bulma nodded.

“It was taken from Dr.

Geros research institute, but unfortunately, they are not complete… many important parts are missing.”

She felt somewhat regretful.

When they found Dr.

Geros nest, he had already been killed by Android 17 and 18, and more than half of the blueprints were destroyed.

Xiaya nodded faintly, but he did not say anything.

The Earth Defence Force and Bulma had not spent all these years in vain.

“But if the energy of the Androids will never get exhausted, wouldnt it be even more difficult to deal with them” Trunks was only a 13-14-year-old boy, so when he suddenly heard such news, he couldnt hide the frustration in his heart and loudly cried out in shock.

Xiaya glanced at him and said to Bulma, “This is not the place to talk.

Androids may catch up soon.

Bulma, take me to your base first.”

They were only three hundred kilometers away from West City.

Although Android 17 and 18 couldnt sense their aura, they were still too close after all, and it wasnt safe.

Who knew if Androids have other means to find them.

Bulma replied, “ Ah, Yes! We will first meet with Chi-Chi and the others, and then we can make plans.”

Bulma had put all the research materials and research equipment into the Hoi-Poi Capsules, and after the destruction of West City, she could only go to the island where Master Roshi and the others lived to carry out research.

“Then, we should leave immediately, Aunt Bulma.

” Gohan said and beckoned the Flying Nimbus from the horizon, and then he hopped on it immediately.

Right now, he should try and reduce his Ki usage as much as possible.

“OK!” Bulma nodded.

The orange-yellow color aircraft slowly soared into the sky, heading for the island located overseas.

Seeing that, Xiaya followed them.

After flying for about ten minutes, Xiaya and the others passed the continental shelf and continued to go deep into the ocean.

After half an hour, the aircraft came to the other side of the earth, and after passing through layer upon layer of huge waves, they landed on a small island.

It was surrounded on all sides by the ocean, and there were only a few flat-roofed and short houses on the flat island.

Xiaya could vaguely sense hundreds of auras on the island.

Their strengths varied from 50 to 100 battle power, and the highest few had already reached 500 Battle Power.

If it were peaceful times, they would have been amazing martial artists.

“To think that Master Roshi and the others are training human martial artists here.

Do they expect to rely on these people to beat Androids 17 and 18” Xiaya smiled.

Not that Master Roshis approach was ridiculous, but to Xiaya, the odds of success were slim.

It was too difficult for experts like Krillin or Tien Shinhan to reappear amongst the earthlings.

Perhaps Master Roshi and the others also understood this, but they were not willing to admit defeat.

“Bulma, you are here!”

A middle-aged woman ran over; she was Gokus wife, Chi-Chi.

Both of them had not seen each other for many years, so they chatted on the side.

“Is this Mr.

Xiaya” An old voice was heard, and an old man wearing sunglasses walked over; there was a white fat cat next to him.

“Even Korin is here!” Xiaya was surprised to see Korin here.

He thought that Korin had been destroyed together with Korin Tower, but who would have thought that he was staying here with Master Roshi and the others.

However, this explains why the strength of the earthlings here are so high; after all, Korin and Master Roshi were here.

“Yes, I am Xiaya.” Xiaya responded with a smile and then said to Korin, “Different worlds Immortal Korin, this is not the first time we have met!”

Korin stroked his beard as he said, “Umm, so you know me.

It seems that you got Senzu Beans from me in the other world.” Korins wise eyes slightly narrowed and he quickly guessed the general situation.

“Hahaha, thats right,” Xiaya admitted it happily.

He didnt feel any unfamiliarity with Korin as they conversed, so they were much more able to easily communicate with each other.

After listening to Xiayas description of the Androids, Master Roshi bent his back with a very grave expression and said, “It seems that the Androids are much more difficult to deal with than I imagined.

Furthermore, Gohan also mentioned before that Android 17 and 18 now detest their stay on Earth.

If they are allowed to find a spaceship to leave Earth, then Earth would be in danger.”

Right now, they are unable to do go overboard because they still havent found a spaceship, but once they find one, they would turn completely unrestrained; it would be a real disaster.


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