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Bang! Bang!

Bright-white energy layers soared into the sky, and after reaching a height of 10,000 meters, they suddenly erupted, turning into dark-orange chaotic light balls.

Time seemed to turn still, and then, the huge and dazzling light rays broke through layers of clouds.

It was like a rising sun, illuminating the whole planet.

The dazzling light rays spread throughout the whole planet like shockwaves.

For a moment, the strong vibrations unexpectedly caused the planet to stop revolving.

Far away on an island, Gohan sensed the battle occurring in West City.

He was startled, looking astonished, “Its Mr.

Xiayas Ki.

Is he fighting Androids”

“Gohan, you mean… the Mr.

Xiaya that you just spoke about” Korin looked towards West Citys direction with astonishment on his face and said, “His Ki is so powerful! Even Vegeta was not so powerful.”

Gohan said, “Yes, I just didnt think he could fight with the Androids for such a long time.

However, it wont do.

I have to go and help him!”

Xiaya, who had come from a different world, was fighting against the evil Androids, and as a person of this world, Gohan couldnt stand by and do nothing.

“Gohan, if you want to go, you have to be careful because there is too much of a gap between you and them.” Korin did not stop Gohan, rather, he seriously warned him to be careful.

Since his foundation was lacking from the early stages, Gohans path after Super Saiyan had already been set.

If there was no big opportunity, it would be almost impossible for Gohan to make a breakthrough again.

Even if Korin want to help, he couldnt because he was totally at a loss regarding the training of the Super Saiyans levels.

“Dont worry, Sir Korin, I understand.” Gohan nodded hard.

Then he soared into the sky and turned into a light spot, moving in the direction of West City.

“Immortal Korin, is it really okay for Gohan to go there” After Gohan left, Videl was worried as she asked.

“Yeah, Sir Korin… after all, Gohans foundation is not as solid as his fathers and Vegetas…” Chichi also had a worried look on her face.

She was now really regretting not allowing Gohan to train with Goku.

“Dont worry, we should believe in him! Maybe with the help of Mr.

Xiaya, he can really save the world.”

Master Roshi, Korin, and the others were all expectant.

Now that the world was in need of a savior, Xiayas arrival had undoubtedly brought them peace.

The battle in West City was still going on.

The stamina of the Androids was really unbelievable.

Xiaya was relying on his outstanding combat skills to contend with them, but because there were two enemies, coupled with their near endless source of energy, he soon got into a disadvantageous position.

As the fighting continued, the burden of the Super Saiyan transformation had begun to show.

“More than half of my Ki has already been consumed, yet the Androids are not the slightest bit injured.

If this fight continues on like this, sooner or later I will be killed by them.” Frowning slightly, Xiaya wiped the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth as he gasped for bteath.

His fighting rhythm had already gotten chaotic.

Androids unlimited stamina was making him feel helpless.

To him, this fight appeared to be much more difficult than the fight with King Davidow.

Because the battle was happening on Earth, Xiaya was worried that Earth, which was so fragile that it could collapse just from his breath, would instantly get destroyed if he uses his full strength.

So, whether it was Xiaya or the Androids, they both avoided causing any damage to Earths tectonic plates.

As a result, Xiaya was fighting very cautiously, like a puppet moving around due to silk threads.

He was not used to it.

“Ultimately, I still dont have enough control over my strength!”

Xiaya sighed.

He had once again found out one of his shortcomings.

After years of training, he had always believed that his control over his strength had reached the level of easily using it and deeply imprinted into his mind.

But, it turned out he is still lacking a lot from control that was truly satisfactory.

“He surely has some skills!” 17 stopped and grinned.

18 nodded and rolled her eyes as she removed her jacket which had almost turned into a rag.

Her face wasnt red, and heart wasnt beating fast.

The power consumed just now by the series of attacks was like a drop in the ocean for her.

“Hey, 17, since Vegeta and the others died, we havent had such a good exercise for a long time! This Golden Flame Warrior is much stronger than Gohan.” 18 gave a devilish laugh, her slanted eyes slightly narrowing.

“Then, have fun!” The corners of 17s mouth hooked.


17s figure rapidly stepped back, and then, his palm ripped through the air, issuing muffled sounds as the sky seemed to have been instantly broken into countless pieces.

Lots of brightly-colored energy spheres appeared out of thin air and then scattered all over the sky.

It formed a tightly closed sphere like an array in the sky.

Not good! Xiaya inwardly shouted in his heart.

Facing 17s powerful attacks, Xiayas face abruptly changed.

His body rapidly moved in order to break away from the dangerous encirclement, but the next second after Xiaya broke away, his face drastically changed.

He saw that 18 had also instantly formed an energy sphere array of a larger diameter around 17s array; she reacted instantly and coordinated her attack with 17.

They really are siblings.

Xiaya thought inwardly.

Their attacking techniques and cooperation was so skillful that Xiaya felt a little shocked.

17 was obviously spearheading this round of attack.

If there was nothing unexpected, his attack would be enough to kill the enemy! While 18s attack outside was undoubtedly a double insurance.

Although the energy density had somewhat decreased as the array was spread out widely, as an insurance, this was enough.

At this time, Xiaya was complaining incessantly.

When he changed his direction, this energy dynamite had already been launched.

He knew that he could not escape, so he opened both of his arms and arched his body, forming a void energy zone around his body as he prepared to withstand it.



It seemed like innumerable lightning was striking the earth, and the deafening sounds of the explosion were transmitted in all directions.

Next came a shock wave, visible to the naked eyes, which spread out in all directions, forming a concentric ring of cyclones; which were emitting a glistening luster like a knife blade.

Although the explosion occurred in midair, the cyclone streaked across the ground, forcibly leveling the ground as if it were a blade.

The whole West City experienced a huge earthquake of magnitude 10 which leveled all the buildings.

When the thick clouds formed by the energy explosion gradually dispersed, the visibility was recovered.

However, what came to view was an empty leveled-ground within an area of tens of kilometers.

The area that ones eyes could reach was ablaze.

As soon as the smoke rose from the ground, it turned into tiny particles, and then gradually turned into fine powder.

“Cough, cough!” Xiaya was collapsed on a stone, paralyzed, and drops of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth as a heart-rending pain came from every part of his body.

“Not good, few of my bones are broken.

I cant continue fighting!”

After discerning the extent of his injuries with a slight probe, Xiaya bitterly smiled and got up.

His blonde hair flashed a few times.

It was almost impossible to maintain the Super Saiyan state.

Suddenly, he sensed a fluctuation and discovered that a powerful aura was coming towards West City.

“Gohan… this guy actually came over.” Surprised, Xiaya felt warm in his heart.

“But now is not the time to make it worse.”

He knew that with Gohans current strength, he was not a match for the Androids, so he reached into his pocket and took out a Senzu Bean.

He put the Senzu Bean into his mouth and crushed it.

The abundant energy in it immediately restored his injuries.

Then, he sprang to his feet, the bones in his whole body creaking.

After seeing Xiaya eating a bean and instantly spring up to his feet with full of energy, 17 frowned and said, “This Saiyan ate something like a Senzu Bean But isnt that thing already extinct”

“Maybe, it was secretly hidden,” 18 said coldly.

17 laughed.

He was still confident in winning.

“Its really unpleasant.” After saying this, his pupils, which were like those of a viper, slightly narrowed.

Xiaya looked at 17 and 18 with a grave expression.

Then, he sensed Bulma and Trunks Ki, and heaved a sigh of relief.

He still could not defeat the Androids with his current strength.

It is time to leave.

Hence, Xiaya laughed, and then he waved his hand and said, “17 and 18, we shall meet again.

However, next time we meet will be your last day.”

After that, his body blurred, and after a light beam flashed, he directly disappeared before their eyes.

18s eyes opened wide, and she said with disbelief, “Disappeared How can he escape in front of my eyes ”

17 angrily said, “He must have used some skill.”

On the other side, Gohan was heading towards West City at full speed.

When he saw the huge flash from West City, Gohans heart sank, and a huge storm raged within it.


A powerful storm cyclone blew over from the West City.

Caught off guard, Gohan was hit by it, and he stumbled.

Soon, he put his hands in front of his forehead to withstand the formidable power of the storm.

“Such a powerful storm.

West City has been completely destroyed.” Gohans heart felt heavy.


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