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Xiaya watched Android 17 and 18 closely while waiting for Trunks to fly far away.

However, he noticed that both 17 and 18 did not seem to care about Trunks.

Until Trunks flew away, they didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking.

“Hahaha! Look 17, he is totally ignoring you.

It seems you have come across someone troublesome.” 18, who was standing on the side, mocked.

She didn’t seem to have any intention to help 17; perhaps in her mind, there was no one earth that could be a match for her and her younger brother.

17’s lips curled in disdain.

“Hmph, just a lowly ant!”

“Android 17 and 18,” Xiaya said indifferently.

His eyes were also sizing up the brother and sister pair of Androids, who were different from the ones in the original work.

They had been immersed in the dark for too long, and both their appearance and heart were corrupted with a dark and bloody smell.

“I thought that there was no decent person on earth except Goku, but to think that there was still someone like you.” 17 suddenly laughed.

It was as if he had found a very interesting toy.

Xiaya shook his head.

If they had awakened just recently, he might have been able to communicate with them, but it was now already too late.

Perhaps just like the saying — “time makes the man”.

The environment can amply affect a person.

In fact, Androids who had just awakened in the original work were not completely evil.

Because they were curious about the outside world, there were still some humane thoughts in their hearts, and the circumstances around them caused their future to go in different directions.

But in future Trunks’ world, the Androids were unscrupulous and had no control over themselves; their mentality became more and more unbridled, and later, they even derived fun from killing.

In the original work’s world, due to the threat of the Android Cell and the constant pursuit of Super Saiyans in the late stage, 17 and 18 were no longer invincible, so they slightly curbed their temperament.

A lot of factors mixed up together, and eventually, they did not completely fall into darkness.

But here in the “Golden-Flame Warrior’s World”, the Androids were already beyond redemption.

However, Xiaya didn’t dare to underestimate 17 and 18’s strength because both of them could thoroughly suppress Gohan.

Although it’s because Gohan is not good at martial arts, it’s even more because the Androids were really strong.

Although this world’s Androids were not as strong as the original work’s world, Xiaya still couldn’t help but be very cautious.

From their previous fight with Gohan, their strength may not be less than 700 million Battle Power.

Even I cannot take them lightly. Xiaya inwardly thought.

Xiaya understood himself the best.

Although his Battle Power had grown slightly after battling with King Davidow, the increase was not very large.

Right now, it was fine to deal with one Android, but it was really somewhat conceited to face both of them simultaneously; after all, his current Battle Power was only comparable to theirs.

The reason why he was confronting both Androids on his own was that — on one hand, he was trying to earn time for Bulma to retreat.

After all, who knows if the Androids would go berserk and destroy West City after he leaves, and it wouldn’t be good if Bulma gets involved in this.

On the other hand, he also want to probe the strength of this world’s Androids.

If Gohan can fully grasp his strength, it would be not a problem to barely entangle with one Android. Xiaya thought in his heart.

Gohan’s current training situation was similar to the time when he went to Earth from Planet Selma.

It looked as if his strength had reached the peak, but in fact, he just looked powerful on the outside but weak on the inside.

Just like a sponge, it looked big, but it was fluffy on the inside.

If you squeezed it a little, it would be crushed.

But 17 and 18’s energy is infinite, which will be a bit of a hassle. Xiaya knitted his eyebrows as various battle strategies flashed through his mind.

Super Saiyan form was an eruption type transformation, and everything was based on the Normal State.

Therefore, dramatically increasing one’s power by 50 times would put a great burden on the body.

This was why after Goku transforms into Super Saiyan, he does not use Kaio-ken; his body won’t able to withstand it!

I must defeat them quickly!

Thinking it over carefully, Xiaya reached this decision.

He chose to fight head-on against the Androids, and also win some time for Trunks and Bulma to retreat.

After thinking this, Xiaya concentrated and lightly shouted, instantly transforming into the shining and dignified Super Saiyan form.

A boundless and vigorous energy wave suddenly rose up as a burst of violent pressure swept outwards causing the ground to slightly tremble.

“Golden Flame Warrior” 17’s expression suddenly turned peculiar.

“Unexpectedly, there are other Saiyans on earth! Moreover, it is another Golden Flame Warrior besides Gohan!”

Although he had no idea why, but 17 felt a slight uneasiness in his heart.

His instincts seemed to be warning him that this young man could threaten him, and this made 17, who always boasted of being invincible, feel shocked.

“18, don’t just stare… let’s annihilate this guy together!” 17 shouted coldly.

18 was somewhat surprised.

To think that her arrogant brother would ask for her help even though 17’s strength was above her’s.

Anyways, she doesn’t have anything to do, and it seemed like the Golden Flame warrior’s strength was not ordinary.

“All right!” 18 agreed and stepped forward, standing together with 17.

Both Androids stood side by side, their beautiful faces full of cold intent.

At this time, a breeze gently caressed past their ears, causing their thin and soft hair to flutter in the air.

Suddenly, 17 and 18 attacked at the same time.

Androids have great strength, and they unrestrainedly used their energy when attacking.

Almost in an instant, countless electric lights and flames shrouded the sky and covered the earth.

They were so densely packed that it looked as if a fishing net had trapped Xiaya.

Xiaya calmly floated in the sky, but the corners of his eyes paid attention to his surroundings.

When 17 and 18’s attack arrived, his body suddenly moved and dodged the attack from a very small gap, before transitioning from defense to attack immediately after.

It was fast and impossible to defend.


Both of Xiaya’s hands simultaneously attacked, his whole body immersed in a golden glow.

His fist was suffused with frighteningly high amount of energy; the halo gathered was strong and sharp as he fiercely hit the void in front of him.

However, what he was faced with were formidable Androids.

They not only have unlimited stamina, but they also have unlimited energy.

The longer the battle dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for Xiaya.

Xiaya was also clear on this point.

So, all of his attacks were made from extremely tricky angles to win by surprise.

“Although they are powerful, they don’t seem to be accustomed to their fighting skills!”

Xiaya quickly made this judgment.

However, this was because they were born with great strength, and they, who rarely came across worthy opponents, neglected the development of their skills.

Naturally, the Androids were not martial artists, so they didn’t care about all this; they relied on their unlimited energy to gain victories.

Their unlimited energy was their advantage.


17 suddenly turned sideways and launched a surprise attack.

His steel-like punch struck Xiaya who in turn used “Deflection Skill” to deflect a lot of the power; however, the remaining power was still extremely powerful.

At the moment of being hit, the energy actually passed through his body and gathered behind him, giving rise to huge shock waves.

The shock waves rushed down and formed a cyclone visible to the naked eye.


Xiaya felt pain coursing through his body.

He felt numb at the place that he was attacked, and his body rapidly fell down.

When he was about to hit the ground, he stabilized his body and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Where are you running to” Speaking in a melodious voice, 18’s soft and slender body appeared next to Xiaya, following which a fist smashed towards him.

A cold light flashed in Xiaya’s eyes, and he coldly snorted and extended both of his palms.


The fist collided with Xiaya’s palm, and a dazzling and violent energy wave erupted out in an instant.

The ruins of the city collapsed with a loud bang, and due to the tremendous amount of force, the ground suddenly sunk by tens of meters, turning over layers of soil.

As they fought, numerous afterimages appeared everywhere in the sky and on the ground.


18 and Xiaya collided, and then, they both shot out.


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