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After that, Xiaya and Bulma continued to fly over the ocean for a little while before they finally found Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori’s small island where he lived in seclusion.

It was in the midst of a rocky sea area.

Because it had been neglected for years due to the absence of people, the small island had become deserted.

Landing the aircraft at the edge of the island reef, what came into their view was the sight of overgrown bushes.

The path paved with slabs was fully covered with moss, and the road could almost not be distinguished.

After entering deep into the island, they discovered several flat-roofed and short cabins.

The surrounding area had been covered with vines; the green slender vines were growing along the walls.

The layers upon layers of leaves were intertwined as if they were wrapped in a layer of green clothes.

It was just like a paradise.

“It seems no one has come here for decades.

I wonder if the doctor’s data is still preserved.” Bulma swept her eyes to the surroundings, sounding relieved.

“Let’s have a look!” Xiaya frowned.

Opening the door of a flat-roofed house, they could see that dust had accumulated inside of the house.

The furnishings inside seemed to have been baptized by a tornado.

All kinds of furniture and decorations were swaying; they were in a mess.

On a working table, there was a variety of old equipment.

It should be the tools used by Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori to research time machines.

Creak! Creak!

They heard “creak creak” sounds as they walked in; after all, it was an old house from decades ago.

Xiaya and Bulma rummaged through the chests and cupboards, looking for data that was conducive to create an Interdimensional Travel Device.

“Bulma, look… are these things useful”

Xiaya found a large cardboard box covered in dust in the corner.

When he opened it, he saw that it was full blueprints and notes.

As they were decades old, the paper had turned yellow and deformed, and the writing was not very clear either.

Bulma picked up a blueprint and looked at it for a while.

Her eyes shone as she said, “Yes, this is definitely the data on the time machine.

Dr Tokunoshin Omori’s research on time machine is very deep.

The elementary framework is all set up… space-time parameters, dimension coordinates… So, it’s like this!” As if it were the instincts of a scientist, Bulma suddenly got absorbed in it after seeing something of research value.

“Ehem… if you want to study, we can move everything back and then you can study.” Xiaya lightly coughed.


Bulma came back to herself and carefully closed the notes.

She looked like a devout believer holding on to a sacred object engraved with God’s directives.

She seriously listened to his order and carefully placed the documents into the Hoi-Poi Capsule.

After doing all this, Bulma looked around and found some old equipment.

She also moved all them into the Hoi-Poi Capsule; these equipments are something Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had used while researching the time machine.

Although they were old, they might help her in research to some extent.

Regarding scientific research, Bulma had always been serious and careful.

“Well then, let’s return.

I can’t wait to study this data carefully.” True outstanding scientists would erupt with great enthusiasm in the face of these unknown research materials, and Bulma was also the same.

At this time she was like a sapling waiting to grow and urgently needed to absorb enough nutrients.

“Umm, let’s go!”

Xiaya nodded.

However, when they intended to go back, they didn’t make use of the aircraft.

Instead, under Bulma’s astonished eyes, Xiaya touched her shoulder and launched Instant Transmission.

A beam of light flashed and they returned to Bulma’s underground research lab in West City.

Bulma came back to herself.

She was astonished at this ability to instantly return from a thousand miles away.

“Is this the Instant Transmission ability you spoke about” Bulma asked curiously.

In this world, Goku had not been to Planet Yardrat, nor had he learned the Instant Transmission ability; so, Bulma was very curious about this ability.

“More or less!” Xiaya shrugged.

In fact, his space ability was different from Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission, but it was useless to tell this to Bulma.

He might as well let her misunderstand it as Instant Transmission.

“Hm” Xiaya suddenly felt something strange above the ground.

“What happened”

“It’s Trunks’ Ki.

He seems to be fighting someone.” Xiaya carefully sensed, and then his countenance drastically changed.

“Not good! Trunks’ Ki is continuously weakening.

The Androids must have caught up.”

“Ahhh! Then, what do we do” Hearing that Trunks was battling with the Androids, Bulma anxiously paced around the room.

“I’ll go now!” After that, Xiaya launched Instant Transmission and disappeared from the underground room.

On the other side of West City, Trunks was powerlessly lying on the ground.

He spurted blood from his throat as he coughed.

Not far from Trunks were a man and a woman — the two Androids, and they were coldly looking at him; their icy-blue eyes were as cold and ruthless as a demon’s, without any waves.

“Trunks, as long as you tell me where your mother, Bulma is, I will spare your life.” 17 pulled Trunks’ hair, lifting him up.

“Don’t even think about it!” Trunks answered resolutely.

What he got in response was a violent punch.

17 punched hard on Trunks’ stomach, and it seemed like his internal organs shattered as result.

Trunks screamed with extreme pain as he spat out gastric juices.

“I’ll give you another chance, so will you tell me or not” 17 had a frosty expression on his face.

His eyes flashed with killing intent as he said in an icy voice.

“You will one day get a punishment for your sins.”


17 raised his eyebrows, completely enraged.

The arm that was carrying Trunks suddenly exerted force and forcibly tossed Trunks into the air.

“Since you want to die so much, I will help you out.” 17 revealed a ferocious expression and suddenly gathered an energy ball in his hand.

He then threw it toward Trunks.


The raging energy whistled through the air, heading towards Trunks.

17 had made up his mind to kill Trunks.

Seeing that Trunks was going be smashed into pieces by the energy ball, a tall and straight figure suddenly appeared out of thin air, standing in front of Trunks.

The person then threw a punch with force towards the energy ball rushing over.


The energy ball was suddenly deflected by ninety degrees.


The ground trembled as a giant mushroom cloud rose up, covering the far away corners of the city.

After a while, a shock wave swept over, followed by a sound of explosion…

“Who the hell are you”

17’s face sank as his happy occasion was once again spoiled by someone.

His face looked cold as if it was going to form frost.

He could feel that this person, who had suddenly appeared in front of him, was definitely the one who had saved Gohan from his hands yesterday! Although he had only used a portion of the energy within his body, there was almost no one earth who could block that attack.

17 rolled his eyes.

Of course, he understood that this person had spoiled his happy occasions again.

Xiaya looked at the two Androids but did not speak; instead, he took out a Senzu Bean from his pocket to feed Trunks.

Trunks’ injuries were extremely serious.

If he wasn’t treated as soon as possible, his life would be in danger.

Eating the Senzu Bean, the rich vitality spread throughout Trunks’ body, and his injuries quickly recovered completely.

“Thank you, Mr.

Xiaya,” Trunks said gratefully.

Xiaya frowned and said, “Weren’t you told to keep watch over the research room How did you run into the Androids ”

Trunks smiled bitterly.

“These Androids were wantonly destroying West City, so I couldn’t stop myself…”

“Umm, got it.

You should immediately leave and take Bulma away; West City is not safe,” Xiaya said to Trunks, and then let Trunks leave.

“Okay, I will leave at once!”

Trunks was now thirteen to fourteen years old, enough to make rational judgments.

He discerned that West City would soon become a battlefield.

It was not suitable to stay here for long.

He immediately complied with Xiaya’s instructions and prepared to leave with his mother, Bulma.

“Oh, by the way… if you meet Gohan, tell him to go with you, and when things here have been settled, I will come to find you all.”

Trunks nodded hard at his words.

Chapter 268 Facing Androids


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