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Tokunoshin Omori” Bulma thought for a while, but from her confused expression, Xiaya could discern that she doesn’t know about Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori.

Xiaya nodded and said with a smile, “That’s all right; you were still young at that time, and you may have probably forgotten about it.” After all, Bulma had just begun to remember things at that time.

As so many years had passed, it was normal for her to not clearly remember things pertaining to her childhood.

However, a young man in his early twenties calling a fifty-year-old “young” was really an awkward scene.

Bulma was actually not worried about this situation.

Xiaya’s world Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori was different from their Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori, but Bulma could discern that their world’s Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori was not alive from his obscure and unknown reputation; otherwise, she could have discussed science and technology with such a figure.

But for now, it would be enough as long as the data was made available to her.

She looked at Gohan and Trunks and suddenly patted her head as she said, “Look at me, you have been back for so long, but I still haven’t prepared food yet!”

“Gohan, when you have time, go back and visit Chichi.

Your mother must be very worried,” Bulma said to Gohan.

Regarding the young woman, Chichi, who she had known since her childhood and who ended up marrying Goku; Bulma admired her very much……and also feel sorry for her.

Reason being that ever since Chichi married Goku, she hadn’t been living a good life.

Goku was an idiot who could only train martial arts.

Everything regarding their livelihood was left to Chichi alone.

Taking care of the various household chores had made her look slightly older.

In the end, her child began to grow up and Goku then died due to an illness.

After the Androids appeared, the peace was completely broken.

At that time, Chichi had to endure tremendous pressure.

“Okay, Aunt Bulma.

I’ll go back and visit Grandpa Roshi, Videl, and everyone…” Gohan nodded warmly and responded to Bulma’s words.

Soon dinner was ready.

In the narrow underground room, the place was not spacious, and the food was not sumptuous; the dim fluorescent lights were flashing, and there were only some steamed buns and vegetables on the table.

“These are the rations that have just been sent by the Defence Force.

Saiyans have a big appetite, so Gohan, you should eat a little more,” Bulma sat beside them and said.

Because Gohan and Trunks were the last hope of earth, the Defense Force gave more rations to the Bulma family.

“Umm!” Gohan didn’t complain about the lack of good food.

Maybe he had already gotten used to it.

He picked up a steamed bun and gobbled it.


Xiaya, are you not eating” Seeing that Xiaya hadn’t started eating, Trunks asked.

While looking at the spoiled dishes on the dining table, Xiaya sighed and fully realized the hardship of the Bulma family in this space-time continuum.

Then he pointed his finger and drew a line in the void, and then, piping hot food immediately flew out of the dimensional space.

Time was stagnant in the dimensional space.

“Here, eat this… I brought it from another world.”

“Wow, fresh food… these are authentic dishes of Earth! It has already been many years since I’ve had some.” Gohan and Bulma looked at the suddenly appearing meals.

They stared blankly at them, and then their eyes immediately lit up.

As for Trunks, he basically had never seen such an exquisite meal, so he was in a daze for a while.

“Bulma, come with me tomorrow to find the island where Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion.

Maybe you can find some useful data.”

Looking at Gohan and the others as they ate with relish like they hadn’t done for such a long time, Xiaya suggested.

After all, time is forever changing.

As years have passed away, many things would have changed.

Fortunately, the island where Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion was an uninhabited island; perhaps it was still intact.

“Okay,” Bulma said earnestly.

Early the next morning, the sky was dark, and the light of dawn had appeared on the horizon.

Xiaya and Bulma were sitting on an orange-colored aircraft.

However, because they didn’t know the exact location of the island where Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion, they could only search slowly by aircraft.

“Gohan, I’m going out with Mr.


In the meantime, you should also go and visit Chichi,” Bulma told Gohan while leaving behind Trunks to look after the house.

“OK.” Gohan nodded.


Xiaya, let’s go!”

After that, the aircraft took off; the engine of the aircraft rumbled as it shot through the sky.

The aircraft pierced through the clouds and turned into a small flash, disappearing from sight.

Seeing that Xiaya and Bulma were gone, Gohan came back to himself, and his expectant eyes were full of hope.

It seemed that with Xiaya’s appearance, he felt that the world was no longer as dark as before; a world which they assumed was beyond saving! Yes, he was slightly exhilarated, as there was finally a little hope that the damned world could change.

Gohan clenched his fists hard and turned towards Trunks, saying, “Trunks, you wait here.

After I come back, we will follow Mr.

Xiaya to train.

Do not whimsically go out during this time.”

“Yes!” Trunks responded loudly.

He was also exhilarated at Xiaya’s appearance.

Gohan nodded and called out lightly, beckoning over the golden Flying Nimbus.

It was the last thing that Goku had left for him.

He jumped on top of the Flying Nimbus and stuck out his thumb towards Trunks; then, he disappeared into the horizon.

On the other side of the ocean.

Xiaya and Bulma searched around before finally arriving at the sea area, where Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion.

This was a sea area

densely populated with a lot of islands and reefs.

Brown reefs stuck out of the surface of the sea like bamboo shoots and collided with the incoming waves, splashing white foamy waves.

“The island where Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori had lived in seclusion should be nearby.”

Xiaya looked down.

The islands were separated from each other by tens of kilometers.

Many places had been developed into tourist areas, but of course, they were now abandoned.

Xiaya regretted not going to Dr.

Tokunoshin Omari’s island with Dr.

Brief after he came to Earth; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so unfamiliar with the surroundings, and not be able to find the island.

“Well, it seems I have been to this place before…” Bulma looked at the terrain below and felt it somewhat familiar.


Xiaya, can you tell me about the situation on your side…” Bulma curiously asked while driving the aircraft.

She was quite curious about the other space-time continuum.

Xiaya nodded and then told her the story of the other world.

“…At that time, I had come to Earth for the second time, and I bumped into your elder sister, Tights, on the street…” As he slowly told her about his world, the scenes from his world appeared in her mind.

When he talked about Tights using Vegeta as a model to write a novel, Xiaya suddenly asked, “You and Goku used to be childhood friends; then, why didn’t you both get together in the end”

From the point of view of others, Bulma was beautiful, and she had a cheerful and warm disposition; furthermore, there wasn’t much of an age difference between her and Goku.

Moreover, Bulma was very adventurous.

As the second girl to appear in the dragon ball, she had long and light-purple hair with beautiful eyes at that time.

So, when Xiaya saw the dragon ball in his past life, he once thought that Goku would get together with Bulma in the end, but he didn’t expect a plot twist in the story later.

Without knowing what he was doing, Goku married Chichi, and Bulma got together with Vegeta.

Sometimes, Xiaya wondered if it would have been more appropriate for Goku to get together with Bulma.


Bulma froze because she had never considered this before.

She smiled and said, “At that time, Son Goku was still very young.

I always regarded him as a younger brother and nothing more.”

“Didn’t Goku grow up later You didn’t love him then” Xiaya asked.

Seeing that Bulma was silent, probably thinking of the past, Xiaya realized that she might really not have considered this before.

Goku was really small when he was a child, but after being trained by King Piccolo, Goku had actually grown taller.

Furthermore, by the time of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku had already turned into a handsome young man.

In her heart, Bulma might have felt that Goku was changing.

The feeling that the little guy from before had already grown into a reliable man.

Unfortunately, at that time, Chichi suddenly appeared, and Goku had agreed to marry Chichi without even realizing what marriage was.

So, her feelings fizzled out.

“Maybe!” Bulma sighed.

It was all a thing of the past, and It was useless to think about it any more.

Both Goku and Vegeta were now dead.


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