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At the same time, on an island surrounded by sea…

Korin stood on the shore while leaning on a cane, watching the waves in the sea splashing against a reef.

On the island, which wasn’t large, several hundred boys and girls were seriously training.

“Master Roshi, did you sense it Gohan’s Ki has been restored!”

Korin sounded pleasantly surprised.

Just a few minutes ago, Gohan’s aura, which had been as negligible as the light of a firefly, suddenly became stronger again.

Master Roshi was also pleasantly surprised.

His grey beard curled upward along with the wind as he said excitedly, “Yes, Gohan’s Ki has been restored, and Trunks’ Ki has also been restored.” Of course, they also sensed that besides Gohan and Trunks, there was also another Ki which was very strong.

They had never before felt such a strong Ki, and even Goku and Vegeta’s Ki, at their prime, was inferior to it.

“Such an incomparably deep yet domineering aura; is this the aura of a Golden Flame Warrior But when did such a strong expert appear on Earth Will this expert be a friend or a foe!” Korin muttered, his voice containing inexplicably complicated emotions.

As he thought of those days when the Saiyans invaded earth, he was really doubtful whether this Saiyan would be good or evil.

“It’s definitely a Golden Flame Warrior.

Then, are there other Saiyans on earth”

Master Roshi heaved a long sigh and agreed with Korin’s point of view.

“But no matter what, at least Gohan isn’t in danger anymore; but from that deep and upright aura, at least we can sense that this Saiyan is not evil.

“That’s enough!” Master Roshi was excited.

As he saw it, the emergence of this mysterious Saiyan had more or less brought some variable to this fight which they seemingly had no chance of winning.

Furthermore, Gohan became strong again right after this aura appeared.

Gohan’s, Trunks’, and that mysterious person’s aura had been together for so long without any signs of battle; from this, Master Roshi and Korin guessed that they were probably conversing.

It was like a dream!

“Yeah!” Korin nodded.

Earth could no longer withstand the suffering, so they couldn’t afford more evil people appearing.

But if it was a helper, then it would be all for the best.

“Master Roshi, Aunt Chichi woke up.

Just now… that Ki… Is Gohan okay” Videl walked out of the house and asked anxiously.

“Yeah! Tell Chichi that Gohan is all right now.” Master Roshi nodded.

Getting an affirmative answer from Master Roshi, who was such a powerful person, Videl breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed like numerous burdens had been lifted up from her shoulders.

Soon, Chichi, who also got the good news, came out and inquired repeatedly whether Gohan’s life was really not in danger.

Chichi covered her face and kept crying.

“Right, we haven’t contacted the outside world for so long.

How is the rebel army of the various regions” Videl asked Master Roshi and the others.

The rebel army on Earth was formed by all the soldiers left over from the former cities.

They were said to be the rebel army, but in fact, they could only do small chores, like looking for the wounded people.

They couldn’t play much of a role in facing the Androids.

However, in this period where cities were in total disarray, the rebel army’s greater role was to stabilize the hearts of the people, and not let the people of earth to completely lose hope; while at the same time, the rebel army would also frighten those people that were trying to take advantage of this chaos to run amuck among the ordinary people.

Master Roshi thought for a while and looked at the young boys and girls, who were arduously training not far away, and said, “When this phase of training is over, let the children go out and provide assistance to the Earth Defense Force in searching for the wounded! With them joining, the defense force should be able to do more!”


I understand, Master Roshi.”

Videl nodded.

Now they could only do this.

On the other side, in West City.

Underground of the former Capsule Corporation headquarters, Bulma was focusing on drawing and writing on a blueprint, constantly modifying it.

A CPU was making ”buzz buzz buzz“ sounds nearby; red and green indicator lights were blinking as it ran calculations.

“Whoosh!” A greyish metal door was opening horizontally.

When the metal door fully opened, Trunks and company walked in.

“Mom, we are back.” Trunks shouted.

Bulma looked up, and after seeing that her son and Gohan had returned safely, her weary face relaxed.

At this time, she noticed that there was a stranger beside Trunks and Gohan.

He looked like he was in his early 20s, younger than Gohan.

He was tall and straight but a little bit thin. He should be a martial artist!

Bulma was still good at discerning details.

After all, she had been in contact with Goku, Krillin, and others since she was a child.

With time, she was able to discern if someone had trained or not.

She asked in surprise, “Trunks, who is this person next to you”

“Aunt Bulma, this is Mr.

Xiaya, and he is also a powerful Golden Flame…uh a Super Saiyan.

When Trunks and I were returning after buying machine parts, we came across those two Androids.

If Mr.

Xiaya hadn’t appeared in time, I am afraid that we wouldn’t have been able to return!” Gohan briefly recounted on what happened.

After listening to Gohan’s explanation, Bulma felt lingering fears for a while.

She didn’t think that Gohan and Trunks would so coincidentally run into the Androids.

However, the expression in her eyes became friendly as she gratefully looked at Xiaya.

Then she remembered Xiaya’s origin as Gohan had just now mentioned, and her eyes immediately widened.


Xiaya really came from the past”

She naturally understood the concept of parallel universes, and because of this, hope could be faintly seen in her eyes.

Xiaya smiled and discerned that Bulma definitely harbored thoughts of

changing the timeline.

However, this idea had to be squashed as soon as possible.

Vados once said that changing the timeline was strictly forbidden.

If one was slightly careless, then it would be good if it only ends with the creation of a parallel universe, but in the worst case, it could cause the entire multiverse to collapse.

“Accurately, it should be a space-time continuum parallel to this one.

In both parallel universes, the people, the things and even matters occurring them, are very similar.

However, once a parallel universe has been created, it signifies a complete separation.

What happens in both worlds would not interfere with each other again, so it is not possible to use the time machine to change the history of this world.”

Xiaya’s words were tantamount to declaring that Bulma’s idea of

changing the space-time would fail.

Bulma was disappointed.

“Is there really no way”

“Changing the past, at most, would create a new parallel universe, but there would be no change to the existing world,” Xiaya said with certainty, and then informed them about the ban on the creation of time machines by the universe gods.

“Oh, it seems that this method really wouldn’t work.” Bulma nodded disappointingly.

For a moment, she went into a daze.

Looking at Bulma’s weary face that had experienced the vicissitudes of life, and her light purple hair which had a little split ends, Xiaya sighed.

In the end, time had left behind traces on her face.

Remembering the young Bulma in the original space-time continuum, she had only been six or seven years old when Xiaya last saw her, but in the blink of an eye, he saw a 50-year-old version of her in this unfamiliar world.

“Oh, by the way, what about your sister, Tights” Xiaya asked.

Bulma took a sip from a glass of water and said, “My sister died of illness a few years ago.” Then she said with melancholy, “It may be good that she died; at least she didn’t have to struggle on this planet on which as if an apocalypse had arrived.”

Xiaya fell silent.

He didn’t know what to say.

After a while, Xiaya said, “Bulma, I hope that you can create an Interdimensional Travel Device, so that I would be able to go back to the other parallel universe; and as a reward, I will stay and help you people defeat the Androids, and I will also train Gohan and Trunks.”

Saying this, he looked at Gohan and Trunks.

These two people of mixed bloodlines, with half of the Saiyan bloodline, have very strong potential.

What they are lacking is the guidance of a good teacher.

If they train well, it would be very simple to defeat the Androids. Also, Xiaya needed Bulma to help him research on a method to go back.

Like this, no one would lose out.

“Really Mr.

Xiaya is willing to train us” Gohan and Trunks immediately became excited.

Xiaya’s strength was obvious to them.

It was definitely comparable to Goku’s and Vegeta’s strength.

If they could receive pointers from him, they would surely become even more strong.

By then, the threat of Androids would be not a problem at all.

Bulma was also surprised and asked, “Didn’t you just say now that the gods had banned humans from creating time machines”

“That’s why I asked you to create an Interdimensional Travel Device and not a time machine.

Traveling between already existing parallel universe can naturally be done,” explained Xiaya.

Bulma said, “If you want to me create an Interdimensional Travel Device, then I will need to start from scratch.

After all, this is a new topic, so it may take a very long time.”

“Can you speed up the research if you get reference materials” Xiaya asked.

Because he understood that once the connection between two space-time’s has been established, both parallel universes’ time flow would synchronize, and he wouldn’t be able to stay in this world for a long time.

Bulma thought for a moment, her blue-violet eyes full of unprecedented confidence.

“If there is data, the research will definitely speed up.

Does Mr.

Xiaya have relevant data”

Xiaya was relieved that the Interdimensional Travel Device could be created as soon as possible.

He couldn’t let Xiling and Myers wait for too long.

He nodded and said, “Bulma, do you remember Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori”

In the original work, because Bulma had met Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori when she was a child, she later came up with the idea of

studying time machines.

The greatest achievement of Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori was when he once stopped time for a second.

That data of his could definitely provide some reference.


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