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“Since I can’t defeat him, I should just go all out!” A ruthless expression flashed on King Davidow’s face.

He raised his head and suddenly gave a bizarre smile, and then his five fingers formed into a claw, quickly condensing a large mass of dark purple energy.

“Super Saiyan, can you survive amidst the destructive power generated when a planet is destroyed Let’s perish together with the planet!”

King Davidow crazily roared with laughter.

His face looked sinister and frightening, and both of his eyes were shrouded in a blood-red color.

“Not good!”

Xiaya reacted.

King Davidow intended to destroy the planet.

In fact, Xiaya could also easily destroy a planet, and the vacuum environment will not affect his, Xiling and Myers’ survival, but the energy that would erupt during the destruction of a planet was extremely powerful; it is a hundred times, or even a thousand times more powerful than the energy used to destroy the planet.

Just as a star enters its period of destruction, the energy that erupts out in that instant would be more than the sum of the energy that the star emitted when it existed, because all kinds of frightening and weird energy reactions would happen inside.

“Xiling, Myers, hurry up and leave!” Xiaya shouted.

But it was too late, the energy from the planet’s destruction erupted out in an instant.

This was different from the time when Frieza slowly destroyed Planet Namek.

At that time, although Frieza had the ability to destroy the planet in an instant, it seemed to be an emperor’s arrogance.

Frieza only destroyed the planet’s core, and didn’t let Planet Namek explode in an instant; instead, he left a short period of time to fight with the Super Saiyan.

But not King Davidow, he was bent on killing Xiaya.

At this time, King Davidow was not betting on who was stronger, but who would be able to withstand the tremendous damage from the planet’s destruction better.

Obviously, he was extremely confident in the powerful vitality of the Frost Demons.

If it was normal time, he definitely wouldn’t believe that the destruction of a slightly bigger planet would cause any harm to Xiaya, but now, it was different because he could clearly feel that the Super Saiyan opposite him had been weakened.

If he just put in some more effort, then Xiaya would definitely die!

“Ha ha ha, let’s make a bet on who can survive in the end!” King Davidow burst into a sinister laugh.

A rumbling sound thundered throughout the planet.

Within just the fraction of a second, a tyrannical energy spread across the whole planet, and the enormous planet began to collapse.

Xiaya wanted to launch Instant Transmission, but it was interrupted by the tyrannical energy filling every part of the space.

No, instead of wasting time to determine the direction to teleport amidst the chaos, he could only explode with the remainder of his strength.

In a very short period of time, he swept over to Xiling and Myers’ side, grabbed them by their waist and rushed to the outer space with them in his arms.

It was an explosive speed.

A scorching energy rushed at his back, and the surging hot currents burned his back.

Xiaya clenched his teeth, and a golden blazing Ki spurted out from the soles of his feet, causing his speed to increase by a lot.

Finally, Xiaya rushed out of the atmosphere and entered the starry space.

However, feeling that it was still not safe, he continued to rush further ahead.


Enormous fireworks lit up in the starry sky, and huge beautiful fireballs, which were like meteors, streaked across the sky.

Followed by the sparkling and bright flash of light, the planet revealed its last beauty, and then like crystals shattering, it gradually dimmed, losing its light.

The gravitational force spreading out reached light speed, and the destruction of the huge planet disturbed the starry sky, destroying the steady state of the Delan galaxy

Dozens of the similarly huge planets began to deviate from their orbit, and other stars in the faraway place, which were captured by the Deland star, suddenly also became chaotic.

“Delan galaxy is going to collapse!”

Once such an enormous galaxy lost its steady state, it signified destruction.

Even if it was lucky to escape the fate of destruction, it would at least take millions of years to return to its steady state.

It could be expected that for quite a long time to come, the Delan Galaxy would change, becoming extremely chaotic.

“King Davidow should be dead, right”

A slight sound was transmitted to his ears.

Xiling exquisitely controlled her aura to communicate with Xiaya.

Xiaya faintly smiled, his eyebrows smoothing out a little bit.

“Normally, he wouldn’t have been able to survive such a powerful explosion, but the vitality of Frost Demons is very powerful.

So, it is hard to say.”

“No way, even a Super Saiyan would have gotten seriously injured from that energy, Frost Demons can withstand it” Myers said, her eyes opening wide.

Xiaya wryly smiled.

The vitality of  Frost Demons was really tenacious.

In the original work, Frieza exhausted his physical strength and was left with only half of his body, but he could still survive the explosion of Planet Namek.

King Davidow, who was much stronger than him, would most likely not die easily.

“Won’t we know if King Davidow is dead or not by sensing his aura”

Xiling laughed, her appearance devastatingly beautiful and young.

“You’re right!” Xiaya was startled.

How did he forget about such a good method

So, he concentrated.

Since they were some distance away from the Delan galaxy, sensing over long-distance would take quite a long time.

After some time, Xiaya frowned.

Sure enough, King Davidow’s Ki still existed; he wouldn’t die so easily.

However, what surprised Xiaya was that King Davidow was moving in a small range, and he was not rushing outside.

Could it be he isn’t able to find us That’s right! Frost Demons haven’t learned to sense aura.

They were now some distance away from Delan star, so it was normal for King Davidow to not be able to find them.

“That guy’s life is good and tough.

To think that he is still alive!” Myers exclaimed, and her little hand covered her mouth, looking very cute.

“Strange, King Davidow’s Ki is moving away from us.

Is he trying to escape”

“His direction turns out to be where the big star at the center of the galaxy is.”

Xiling was feeling doubtful.

If King Davidow couldn’t sense them and had become lost, then it was still fine, but that direction was the center of Delan Galaxy; even if he was looking for the fleet that he brought with him, he shouldn’t have to go to that way!

Xiaya knitted his eyebrows.

Suddenly, his face drastically changed.

“That King Davidow shouldn’t be so crazy that he would want to destroy the Delan star, right ” Xiaya muttered.

In fact, the Frost Demon race was such a crazy race that in order to drag the enemy down, they could do anything.

Perishing together with the enemy was also quite a normal thing.

Seeing Xiaya’s face abruptly change, Xiling also thought of this possibility.

“Not good, we have to immediately leave.

King Davidow’s aim is not simply to destroy a planet.

His real aim is Delan star.

The collapse of a big star is not a joke.”

When a small planet is on the verge of destruction, the power it erupts is enormous and endless, but when it involves a large planet, it is even more shocking; then, what if it involves an even larger star Once a massive star like Delan star collapses, it would most likely, no, it would definitely transform into a huge and powerful black hole — or a super black hole.

This kind of super black hole usually only appears at the center of the galaxy!

Delan star had the potential to turn into a black hole at the center of this “new Galaxy”.

Both Xiaya and Xiling understood the terrifying power of a star’s destruction.

Even Myers, whose nerves were very thick, was nervous at this time.

“Xiaya, quickly, let’s go!” Myers said in a trembling voice.


Xiaya nodded at once and prepared to launch Instant Transmission, but he quickly found that something was wrong.

Startled, he once again launched it, but he still did not succeed.

The whole space had become very viscous as if there were countless invisible ribbons twining around him.

He was unable to use Instant Transmission for a short while.

“Space is unstable, so I can’t launch Instant Transmission.”

“Its same for me too.

I can’t sense the aura of any planets!” Xiling said with an ugly expression.

Xiaya required the surrounding space to be stable in order to launch Instant Transmission, while Xiling and Myers’ Planet Yardrat Instant Transmission required them to sense the aura of the planets.

At this time, their abilities had failed.

“What the hell is going on” Myers asked sullenly.

“I am afraid that King Davidow has already succeeded.

The interior of the Delan Star has already collapsed.” Xiaya’s face was dark.

Once a massive star like Delan star collapses, a black hole would form.

King Davidow had achieved his aim.

The seed of a basic-level black hole had already formed inside the star, but the outer layer of the star still hadn’t collapsed, with no supernova explosion occurring.

Furthermore, there was another possibility that the star had already collapsed, but the scene of the star collapsing had not yet been transmitted through light.

As for the reason that Xiaya’s Instant Transmission failed, it was because of the gravitational force of the black hole at the center.

Although the transmission speed of gravitational force should be the same as the light, this was after all the Dragon Ball World.

All kinds of strange things could happen.

Who knew if the Planck’s constant here was the same as of his previous world.

The definition of microphysics might be fundamentally different, and the black hole’s radiation field might have already been radiated somewhere through a higher dimensional space.

“Oh no!”

Xiaya was very worried, and his handsome face was full of a baleful look.

Suddenly, he glanced at Xiling and Myers, and as if he had made a decision in his mind, he stepped forward and embraced them tightly; then, he gathered two chaotic masses of energies at their backs.

Chapter 258 Planet collapsing


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