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“Snort, stupid guy, it’s not that simple to kill this king! Next, I will let you have a taste of this king’s strength that causes people to feel despair!”

Faced with the powerful attack, King Davidow was afraid at first, but then he almost went mad.

Even though his body was full of injuries, he still stood tall and proud as if he was fine.

The Frost Demon’s vitality was simply amazing.

King Davidow’s white-tail swept out, and the firm ground under his feet, like loose flour, quickly collapsed inward.

Pfff, Space Shackle instantly broke!

Xiaya’s spirit was jolted, and his expression was dazed as blood splattered out.

Rustle! The sound of billowing waves.

King Davidow erupted out with all the power within his body.

His originally weakened strength instantly increased by several times.

After the restrictions of space ability were broken, an even more powerful aura burst out, and intertwined with the large amount of “stars force”.


The two forces collided halfway and exploded, an enormous bright orange-red mushroom cloud rising.

In an instant, the ground cracked open, and the sand was splashed flying.

As the bright rays of light and deafening boom dispersed, it seems the entire battlefield had went through the baptism of several hundred large-scale nuclear bombs, becoming unrecognizable.

Smoke, yellow sand, and dust were sent flying everywhere.

A destructive circle, like a conical-shape was projected onto a plane surface, appeared in front of them.

Everything was a scene of doomsday.

King Davidow, however, had disappeared.

“Cough, cough, did King Davidow die” Blood was spilling out of the corners of Xiaya’s mouth as he slowly walked.

His body was riddled with scars, and his strength had weakened by a lot.

King Davidow forcefully broke the Space Shackle which also hurt his spirit.

Fortunately, he only used the space ability this time, and not the space-time ability that he used when fighting against Cooler last time and suffered a serious backlash.

But while he was bearing injuries from the ability backlash, he was also seriously injured, so his strength was no longer at its peak.

Just then, Meiling’s body flashed a few times and arrived beside Xiaya, and then, she whispered with a pale face, “Xiaya, my fusion time is ending, what should I do next”

“Can you maintain it for a while more”

“I am afraid it’s not possible.”

Meiling smiled bitterly.

As she wasted too much of her energy before, it had greatly reduced her fusion time.

As soon as her voice fell, a bright white light flashed, and Meiling’s silhouette blurred and quickly divided into Xiling and Myers.

As soon as Xiling and Myers appeared, their bodies felt empty and tired, causing them to powerlessly fall to the ground.

Seeing this, Xiaya quickly held them up and took two Senzu Beans and two Tree of Might’s fruits, and fed them.

Senzu Beans could replenish their physical strength, while the Tree of Might’s fruit could replenish their vitality, and both of them combined together could complement each other well.

“Xiaya, what should we do now” Myers scowled miserably.

Their individual strength was only one or two million, and wouldn’t be of much help in such level of combat; furthermore, after using the Fusion Technique, they had to wait for a while every time.

They aren’t able to use it continuously.

Xiaya had a grave expression on his face: “You two back off first.

Next, leave the fighting to me!”

“Umm!” Xiling vehemently nodded in response and quickly dragged Myers away.

Xiaya adjusted his breathing and also ate a Senzu Bean and a Tree of Might’s fruit.

Although his physical strength recovered to its peak state in an instant, he could only exert less than 30% of his strength within a short period of time because his spirit had suffered heavy damage.

In the distance, King Davidow’s figure finally appeared.

At this time, he cut a sorry figure.

The leather armor on his body was not in a good condition.

His torn skin was full of hair-chilling wounds.

The wounds were very deep and even some bones inside could be seen.

Besides the wounds he got because of the explosion, his body had numerous tiny holes, like holes in a sieve.

These were all caused by Meiling’s energy beam.

If an ordinary person suffered such wounds, perhaps their soul already would have flown to the sky, but King Davidow was still standing tenaciously.

From this, a Frost Demon’s strong vitality could be seen.

If Xiaya want to kill King Davidow, it would not work even if he severed half of his body, unless, he crushed his head.

Xiaya couldn’t think of any race, except for Majin Buu’s race, that had such a strong vitality.

“Hateful Super Saiyan.

To think you have brought this king to such a sorry state!”

A light-purple Ki wall coiled around his body.

King Davidow’s mouth twitched, his body trembling violently.

He angrily roared, and a gloomy and dark energy began burning on the surface of his body.

Just now, when he was bombarded with the energy, it was only a draw between him and Meiling.

Meiling after taking a Senzu Bean could barely contend against King Davidow, whose strength was greatly exhausted, but if she wanted to defeat him, it would have been extremely unrealistic.

The dazzling lights scattered in all directions and the dark clouds in the sky appeared to be increasing more and more.

Amidst lightning flashing and thunder rolling, the dark clouds spun and pressed towards the ground.

Xiaya and King Davidow stood facing the wind, and the two Ki waves of gold and purple color pressed against each other; they collided, and then erupted into a rumbling explosion.

The sky was divided by the two groups of terrifying energies, forming two independent world-class giant storms.

With a “Kacha” sound, the equilibrium suddenly broke.

Their line of sight suddenly became blurred, and in such a narrow space, it could not be distinguished where the sky and the land was.


A loud, muffled, sound suddenly resounded in their ears.

This sound was like a war drum.

King Davidow roared and rushed over to attack.

The swift and fierce muffled sounds were the sound of his body tearing through the air.

King Davidow was extremely fast.

His body was encompassed by faintly discernible and translucent threads, and even the wind raised by his tail could be seen clearly.

Xiaya was on guard, as his body quickly dodged, leaving behind a blurred afterimage.

One punch! Two punches! Three punches!

His body explosively retreated by few hundred meters.

The soil splashed out like ocean spray, and the shock waves raised the gravel to form a vortex.

The shattered stones rapidly shot out like bullets, ripping through the air, and then they hit the ground, deeply embedding themselves under the depths of the earth.

Their bodies continued to dodge, causing both side’s physical strength to be consumed sharply.

Xiaya and King Davidow were colliding forcefully.

Thump thump thump!

Their figures repeatedly appeared everywhere in the sky and land of the battlefield.

Every time Xiaya and King Davidow fought, they would then quickly retreat after a brief clash, and then again started fighting.

Only two flashes could be faintly seen continuously appearing everywhere, and then a strong shock wave would rise.

“Is that King Davidow a monster Even after fighting for so long, his strength hasn’t weakened!”

Xiling and Myers were observing from far away.

Myers vigorously waved her fists and cursed furiously, and couldn’t help but look at Xiling on the side, who was half a head taller than her.

“No, in fact, he is already a spent force.” Xiling looked serious, her eyebrows slightly raised as she inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

“King Davidow is maintaining his transformation with difficulty, and even if he has made some progress during the battle, he should not be able to last long.”

Sure enough, shortly after Xiling made the guess.

One hundred meters high in the sky, King Davidow’s face was distorted as he endured the throes of pain coming from his body.

At this time, he was really like an arrow at the end of its flight, and continuously making big moves was worsening his injuries.

“Ahhhhh!” He spat out a mouthful of blood, and a feeling of dizziness rushed to his head, his body almost collapsing!

Facing the gradually approaching Super Saiyan, King Davidow knew that he was no longer his match.

Thus, his face turned dark and insanity flashed in his eyes.


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