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Time slowly passed.

Xiaya and Meiling had been looking for a chance to defeat King Davidow, but what made them feel helpless was that even though King Davidow had lost his rationality, the layer of Ki wall was like an armor around his body, tough and durable, blocking all their attacks.

“It’s like racing against time!” Xiaya gave a bitter smile.

Now, who would be the first to be unable to maintain it Either they would reach the limit of Super Saiyan transformation first, or, King Davidow wouldn’t be able to withstand the overload of his transformation state.

Everything was uncertain.

Xiaya and Meiling looked at each other, their anger rising.

They immediately launched a series of joint attacks, from front and back.

Although King Davidow was temporarily suppressed, their physical strength and energy had already reached the limit of Super Saiyan transformation; especially Meiling, the fusion time was soon coming to an end.

“Damn it, Super Saiyan, die!”

While crazily laughing, King Davidow stepped on the ground, and the hard rocks were easily penetrated like tofu by the tyrannical power.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Small gravels suddenly accelerated within a millionth of a second.

The tiny cold rays flickered, and like thin bullets, they shot out.

The scene instantly became chaotic.

King Davidow’s purple eyes flashed with a cold light, and he suddenly swung the tail behind him.

Although Xiaya’s swift and violent attack could not cause considerable harm to him, he found the irritating and oppressive atmosphere detestable.

Xiaya’s expression congealed, he swayed left and right, and suddenly pulled Meiling over, opening a distance from King Davidow.


The place where they were standing suddenly caved in as powerful Ki strafed it.

If Xiaya hadn’t quickly moved, then that flat ring-shaped cyclone-like sharp blade would have swept through them just now.

“What’s happening King Davidow seems to be getting stronger and stronger, and he is even slightly adapting to the strength of his transformation,” Xiaya said with a dark face.

This was definitely not a good news.

Once King Davidow adapts to his current strength, it would become much more difficult to defeat him.

“I must think of a way!”

“Want to escape”

King Davidow snorted coldly, his face showing a bored expression.

After that, his body changed direction, arriving in the front of Xiaya and Meiling in a flash.

He fiercely lifted his foot and violently kicked.

Xiaya’s expression changed drastically, and he quickly pushed Meiling far away.

“Ptui!” A mouthful of blood spurted out.

After receiving the attack, Xiaya tumbled a few times in the sky.

Then, King Davidow’s attack arrived again; however, Xiaya’s consciousness blurred for a while, causing him to receive several successive attacks.


Meiling yelled angrily and coldly pointed at King Davidow.

Without caring that she was only left with a little amount of energy, she once again attacked violently.

Her palm fiercely moved through the sky, drawing a circle, and then she opened her arms wide and pushed outward.

Immediately, electric arcs that were flashing with a light-blue brilliance suddenly connected.

“Whole Sky Star Map Cannon!”

Her chilly voice was indifferent and ruthless, but the few words were full of a majesty.

This was Meiling’s most powerful move, it consumes too much energy, so she didn’t dare to easily use it.

Bright and dazzling beams of light, followed by spiral-shaped shockwaves, whose number couldn’t be distinguished by the naked eyes, swiftly shot out, as a frightening and chilling aura continuously radiated out from it.

In the center was a blaze of bright light rays, and Ki waves were rolling in the surrounding.

Loud “huala” sounds, like thunderbolts flashing, resounded beside their ears, and blue flashes instantly shrouded the sky.

The countless sparkling rays turned into petals, which were both like a vast sky full of stars and snowflakes, making people feel like they were in a fairy tale world; a world which they didn’t want to leave.

But, usually, the more beautiful things were, the more they hid frightening powers.

This Whole Sky Star Map Cannon was completely different from Xiaya’s Space-time Breaking Punch, but it was also a little bit similar; that is, it also had a very strong penetrating power.

However, one shattered the space, and the other used the spiral Ki energy to strangle the enemy.

Rumble, rumble!

Target King Davidow!

Whole Sky Star Map Cannon was fully launched.

As it was unleashed, although it didn’t directly bombard the ground, a straight crack still appeared on the ground.

“Right now, this king is already invincible.

How can I be afraid of your insignificant attack!”

King Davidow’s eyes narrowed into a line, but his heart was furiously beating.

An awe-inspiring brutal power broke out of his body.

King Davidow wanted to forcibly resist Meiling’s attack, but when he touched Whole Sky Star Map Cannon’s energy, he felt a heart-rending pain.

He knew that he had miscalculated.

The power of the Whole Sky Star Map Cannon had far exceeded his imagination.

“Not good!” An omen of danger suddenly emerged in his heart.

King Davidow tried his best to dodge, but his reaction was not fast enough.

Also, misfortune never came alone.

At this time, Xiaya who was struck flying by him had again magically appeared on his other side.

Followed by Meiling’s attack, he roared in a loud voice, “Space Shackle!”

This was one of Xiaya’s two abilities: space ability.

Following Xiaya’s loud roar, a transparent and invisible constraint, like a ribbon, confined King Davidow’s body in place, stopping him from moving.

“What dirty trick is this” King Davidow shouted in panic.

He wanted to escape, but it was already too late.

On one hand, the Whole Sky Star Map Cannon attack had arrived too fast, and on the other hand, there was a strong binding force restraining him firmly.

He could not avoid it at all.


The spiral-shaped energy wave fell down as if a heavenly maiden was scattering flowers.

The spiral energy was similar to a half-inch blade, and it slid into King Davidow’s body, directly destroying the protective layer on the surface of his body and then it penetrated his body.

The loud and clear “cracking” sounds were heard.

King Davidow was covered in cuts and bruises as if he was a sieve made from thousands of small bullets.

“Ahhhh!” King Davidow roared in pain, the pain causing his expression to become greatly distorted.

He gasped for breath, his face turning pale.

“Quick, use another move!”

Upon seeing this, Xiaya shouted excitedly, and without caring how the energy within his body was nearly-depleted, once again launched the space ability.

There was a reason why he was only using the space ability rather than the space-time ability.

Reasonably, no matter how strong space power was, it couldn’t be compared with space-time ability that was the fusion of time and space ability.

Xiaya chose the space ability because different strategies should be adopted based on different occasions.

Space ability had the effect of restraining, and space-time energy had a similar effect; however, it would cause the whole of space-time to freeze, and even time would be stilled, which was detrimental to Meiling who was attacking together with him.

Sure enough, when she heard Xiaya’s shout, Meiling also shouted excitedly, and ignoring that her energy was exhausted, she quickly took out a Senzu Bean and ate it.

The golden blazing aura around her instantly expanded.

“Come!” She excitedly gave a loud cry, raised her arm and draw a circle in the air.

Buzz buzz buzz!

With light vibrations, a frightening force spread out, enshrouding the sky in all directions in haziness.

Xiu! Xiu!

Meiling opened her eyes wide and stamped her feet.

The ground suddenly sunk down by hundred meters, and through this, the counterforce from penetrating the ground continued to accelerate the Energy Wave that had been formed in her hand.

Muffled sounds came through the air, and in the blink of an eye, she was in front of King Davidow.

“Stars Rampage!”

An icy voice cried out.

With one hand spread out, a light golden-colored energy wave suddenly formed.

Meiling’s small beautiful face revealed a cold smile, and then, she threw the Energy wave in her hand at King Davidow.

Shortly afterward, numerous thin blades, like a cicada’s wings, floated around her body, twinkling like stars.

Meiling’s attacks, whether it was “Whole Sky Star Map Cannon” or “Stars Rampage”, were both wide-area attack methods.

Such attacks were highly lethal, and were very effective in group battles; however, they were still insufficient against a lone target.

Of course, if your control was precise, then these wide-area damage attacks could certainly be aimed at one target, and destructive power would stack up.


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