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“Finally prepared to attack” King Davidow’s mouth curled up, his purple eyes kept moving around, watching Xiaya and Meiling closely.

Xiaya and Meiling’s figures kept flashing everywhere, both on the ground and in the sky.

They were moving very fast.

King Davidow’s eyes kept turning as he listened to the sounds of wind.

A deep crack suddenly appeared on the ground.

In an instant, an aura rushed over, and the air solidified as a sinister and stifling aura spread out.

The area within a thousand miles seemed to have solidified, and the snow permeating throughout the sky disappeared.

A chilly wind swept through the land.


Xiaya suddenly appeared in front of King Davidow, raising his foot as he horizontally kicked.

The frightening aura caused the air to become thin and fragile.

With a “huala” sound, a tear seemed to have ripped through the air, leaving behind faint traces of white blaze.

King Davidow’s countenance changed, and he quickly used a hand to stop it.


King Davidow felt a wave of pain as the feeling of soreness and pain came from his nerves.

His body was flung out.

At this time, it turned dark on the side, and a  beautiful figure suddenly appeared; who, with one fist cupped in the other, forcefully hammered down towards King Davidow.

A loud bang sounded, like a bronze bell’s ringing sound.

King Davidow once again felt a wave of pain as his body fell straight to the ground.

“So powerful! The strength of this Super Saiyan is clearly not weaker than mine!”

When he was about to hit the ground, King Davidow came to a halt, however, the strong aura continued to rush down.

Immediately the ground collapsed and rocks split apart, and a huge crater, several tens of kilometers wide, appeared on the ground.

King Davidow once again looked at Xiaya, who had attacked him, and his face turned gloomy.

This brief exchange was enough for him to judge the approximate strength of Xiaya, and it was not weaker than his at all.

This made him a little terrified, and even more, his heart brimmed with anger.

“Damn Super Saiyan, he is actually so powerful!”

Soon, anger permeated throughout his heart.

He also looked at the other Super Saiyan who had just attacked him while taking advantage of the confusion and coldly snorted.

Although the female Super Saiyan’s strength was not bad, she was still far weaker than him, so she did not give him too much of a terrifying feeling.

So, his real enemy was the male Super Saiyan.

“This person has to be eliminated!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiaya and Meiling didn’t give King Davidow any time to rest and adjust.

In the sky, as soon as King Davidow came to halt, both sides immediately began to fight once again.

King Davidow quickly exerted all the power within his body, while, Xiaya cooperated with Meiling and launched attacks.

In a split second, one after another, figures could be seen everywhere in the sky and above the snowfields.

Three figures turned into rapidly-moving light beams.

Under the multi-colored energy waves, the aftermath of the violent waves kept spreading as fierce winds scattered out from the center, and frighteningly deep chasms, one after another, appeared on the surface of the planet.

The frightening destructive force, compared to the destructive force during the fight with Cooler, was many times more frightening.

At this time, if an expert with over ten thousand Battle Power came here, then even breathing would be difficult for them, and they will be shocked into losing consciousness by the powerful pressure.

“Meiling, put more effort!” Xiaya shouted with urgency.

King Davidow’s strength was somewhat beyond his expectation.

If he couldn’t take care of him as soon as possible, after Meiling’s fusion time reached its limit, then they would be the one to lose.


Meiling also knew that they couldn’t delay any longer, so she raised her head and answered.

Then, she lifted her arms above her head and forcefully swung them, very much like Myers’ signature move; her body immediately erupted out with an even more majestic aura.

The golden energy soared into the sky, and the gloomy atmosphere, which looked as if “black clouds” were shrouding it was then torn apart by the majestic energy.

Xiaya’s eyes lit up.

Xiu, he continued to attack together with Meiling.

“Annoying guy!” King Davidow responded angrily.

He was unable to seize the initiative and was always being forced to respond to their attacks.

He couldn’t express how angry he was.

He, as the leader of the West Area, was being led by nose by two youngsters.

It was absolutely ridiculous!

Suddenly, the clouds in the sky seemed to be slashed open.

King Davidow looked up but sneered with disdain.

“This female Super Saiyan is not strong, so what trick is she playing”

After a moment of silence, a wriggling and distorted lightning, which was shining bright and dazzling, suddenly fell down from the sky.

After a bright flash, a “rumble” resounded, and a mushroom cloud spread out as if a hydrogen bomb had exploded.

The internal explosion of energy suddenly dispersed the air, making the battle become even more shocking.

“Stars Rampage!” A sharp roar spread through the sky.

Meiling stretched out her arms as air currents rotated around her body.

Numerous thin and tiny blades, like a cicada’s wing, were floating around her whole body.

The densely packed small energy blades were scattered all over like stars in the sky, neatly arranged.

They were shining as if the sky was full of stars, emitting bright radiance.

With a loud shout, the small rays densely covering the whole sky swiftly shot out like arrows.


Hitting the target.

King Davidow’s expression drastically changed.

His defense was broken, and his white skin was lacerated with small wounds.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya wouldn’t give up such a good opportunity.

His body flashed like a beam of light as he instantly attacked with clenched fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His steel-like punches instantly arrived and attacked as if a giant machine was pounding a sheet of metal.

A tremendous force passed through King Davidow’s body, forming circular shockwaves behind him.

Soon, King Davidow was beaten into dizziness.


The air trembled fiercely, and Xiaya revealed a shocked expression.

A huge white-tail, with a purple barbed tip at the end of the tail, slashed across Xiaya’s chest.


His skin was torn open, revealing flesh, as crimson blood splattered on the ground.

Xiaya felt a wave of pain and a bout of dizziness surge within his body.

His body flew out due to the tremendous force.


Seeing Xiaya fly out, Meiling stared wide-eyed and instantly looked cruelly towards King Davidow.

The chilly killing intent seemed to take a physical form; it was as if it was capable of penetrating a steel plate several tens of meters thick.

“Damn Frost Demon!” Meiling roared with anger.

Her sinister and bloodshot eyes ferociously swept towards King Davidow; her green eyes full of killing intent.

“Huo! Huo!” The sound of the air breaking kept ringing out in the air.

Meiling’s body was fast and agile, and her movements changed irregularly, producing numerous afterimages as she attacked like bullets shooting out.

Her erratic figure suddenly disappeared when she was close to Davidow, and it instantly turned into two figures.

It was the same blonde-haired and green-eyed Super Saiyan.

An angry Super Saiyan was extremely frightening.

Especially, after the Super Saiyan, Meiling, had launched her “Cloning Secret Skill”!

Although such a crazed eruption may greatly consume her physical strength such that even the fusion time of the Fusion Technique would be shortened, she didn’t care about it that much right now.

Xiaya’s injury had made her furious.

Then, the two Meiling’s attacked without any pause.

Both of them coordinated with each other as they aggressively attacked.

Perhaps, because both of them were Meiling, the cooperation between the two of them was seamless and natural.


The swift and fierce attacks raised whirlwind-like sharp blades, and most of them fell on King Davidow’s body; however, a small part of them shot towards the ground, leaving shocking marks on the ground.


A mushroom cloud rose and rushed into the sky as the vast area was burned by the blazing high temperature.

The land that was originally white like a snowy world was scorched.

The white snow melted in an instant, rising and turning into moist vapor.

“Damn Super Saiyan! I will tear your body into a thousand pieces!” An angry roar resounded throughout heaven and earth as King Davidow’s walked out of the explosion with a wrathful expression.

The sandstone-like armor on his body had broken, and veined cracks had also appeared on the blue skin on his shoulder.

“Too bad, I won’t let you have such an opportunity!” A low voice sounded in King Davidow’s ear; Xiaya had already arrived beside him, without him knowing.

“What How can you get up after receiving such heavy injuries” King Davidow’s heart violently shrank, but a blue energy beam, which was emitting a sparkling luster, had already struck his chest.

Just as the energy exploded, a counter-force came, and Xiaya couldn’t help but spurt out blood from his throat.


King Davidow’s body suddenly shook, his feet unsteady, but the loose soil under his feet suddenly sank down.

In just a short moment, the land had already sunk down by thirty or forty meters.

The tremendous force was transmitted into the ground through his feet and compressed the ground flat.

The rocks and soil at the bottom of the ground squeezed against each other.

instantly the ground turned into the surface of a enormous lake which had been impacted by meteors.

The large lumps of soil and stone splashed out in all directions.

Just then, bringing along a fiery and burning aura, the two Meiling’s attacked from behind.

King Davidow sensed it, but he had no time to react to Xiaya’s full-strength attack.

No, it should be that even if he had time to react, he wouldn’t still be able to avoid it.

Under the combined attacks of Xiaya and the two Meilings, almost three Super Saiyans, who could avoid them

Puchi, bang!

King Davidow suffered a heavy blow.

He staggered, almost falling down.

He looked up and roared angrily, seemingly venting the rage in his heart, and then he sneered; he had to admit that he had really underestimated them.

“As expected, Super Saiyans are as powerful as the ancestors had said.”

If it was his former self, maybe it really would have been possible for them to kill him.

But now…


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