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Like the fine sand in an hourglass, time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had gone by.


On a plain that had almost been desertified.

There was not much vegetation on the plain.

As far as the eyes could see, except for the billowing yellow sand, only towering stone pillars standing erect on the ground like bodyguards could be seen, and they were surrounded by some spherical sea buckthorns.

The environment on earth was extremely strange.

There were many bleak and boundless deserts with stone pillars like these.

As the wind blew, tumbleweed fluttered amidst the yellow sand.

Because it was the only road that was connecting two cities, many merchant groups and travelers passed through here, which gave many opportunities for desert robbers to take advantage of.

These robbers were usually in groups of three or more, and many a time also in dozens.

They rode jeeps, carried broadswords and machine guns, and as the sand rose, they robbed the merchants and travelers along the way.

“Du du du.” Fierce sounds of shooting resounded.

As thick smoke rose, the band of robbers once again successfully robbed, after which together with the stolen belongings, happily headed back to their den.

“Hehe, boss, this time’s harvest was pretty good, enough for the brothers to live unrestrainedly for a while.” In the jeep, the robber in the driver’s seat held a cigarette in his mouth as he smoked in satisfaction and said to their boss on the side.

Their boss laughed heartily, poured a mouthful of liquor into his mouth, and indifferently said, “Brothers, you can live happily for a while, and then we will again do a big robbery.”

“If we follow the boss, it would definitely not go wrong.”

“Hehe, those police officers are really useless, yet they still want to catch us, it’s simply a dream.”

A group of younger brothers laughed merrily, making fun of the police.

To them, as long as they could go out every month to rob just like this, then they could live unrestrainedly for a while, while police couldn’t do anything to them.

It wasn’t needed to be mentioned how comfortable such a life was.

Just as the robbers were laughing and having fun, a few hundred meters away from them, there was a spacious and shady place which was surrounded by towering stone pillars.

Compared to the blistering hot outside, it was much cooler here.

At this time, a person in cowboy clothes was laying down in the shady place.

A gentle wind blew in, blowing the person’s golden beautiful hairs.

The person’s face was covered by a cowboy hat, making it difficult to discern the person’s appearance, but from the person’s graceful and delicate curves, it should be a woman.

The sound of the jeep’s rumbling sound arrived from far away, and the ground slightly trembled, causing the blonde-haired woman to wake up and straighten up the brim of her hat.

She then shot up and shouted with excitement, her dark eyes sparkling like stars, “I have been waiting for so long; finally a prey has come!”

The blonde woman was surprisingly blonde-haired Launch.

After returning to Earth, she wandered outside alone, visiting various scenic spots to properly relax, but as time passed, the rare fresh feeling gradually subsided.

She had nothing more to do until the day she saw the scene of a robbery.

Suddenly, it seemed that good luck had arrived, as she was finally enlightened.




This is the life she wanted!

“I should become a robber as that is my inborn nature, and my other self can be the good and obedient girl.” Blonde-haired Launch was suddenly enlightened.

At this moment she seemed to understand why God let her come to this world; it was in order to be a robber.

Of course, she won’t do low-grade things like stealing or robbing banks, because it will pull down her martial artists status, and if Xiaya learned about it, she would definitely be scolded.

Well, she was deeply terrified of Xiaya.

She wants to be a wanderer, walking on the borders of the desert, which was both cool and pizazz.

Moreover, she also wouldn’t be lectured by Xiaya.

Since she had made the decision, she quickly turned her sight to the desert’s merchant road.

She would not start with the ordinary merchant groups, so her target naturally shifted to the robbers.

Fighting evil with evil, that’s how she could prove her value! She thought delightfully, and then picked up a big hammer and walked out of the stone forest.

“Screech!” The jeep braked suddenly.

One of the robbers on the jeep lost his balance and almost fell down.

“Bastard, don’t you know how to drive” The robber’s boss roared at the driver furiously.

The robber driving the jeep held the steering wheel and pointed at the figure that had appeared in front.

“Boss, look, there is a woman blocking the way ahead!”


The robbers followed his line of sight and looked in front, and they really saw a blonde-haired girl wearing a scarf coming towards them.

Although, due to blowing sand, their line of sight was somewhat unclear, the girl’s graceful steps shows that she must be a beautiful woman.

However, what made people feel uncomfortable was that the girl was not carrying any luggage in her hand.

Instead, she had a big hammer that was completely disproportionate to her physique.

“Wow, such a beautiful girl!”

“Boss, we are in luck.” One of the robbers wiped his drool, his face revealing a lewd smile.

“Go away, this woman is mine.” The robbers’ boss glared angrily before excitedly lowering his hand, pouring alcohol into his mouth, and then picked up the machine gun and jumped down from the vehicle.

Upon seeing this, the rest of the robbers also one by one jumped down from the vehicle.

Six to seven desert robbers gathered around the blonde-haired Launch.

They simply wouldn’t have thought that what they thought of as a little sheep was actually a huge fierce lion.

Not waiting for the robbers to open their mouths, blonde-haired Launch boldly shouted, “If you want to live, hand over all the belongings on you!”

The robbers were startled, but then they burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha! Boss, did you hear her, this little girl wants to rob us.”

“She doesn’t know that this occupation is our profession!”

“Little girl, you should obediently come with us and become our boss’ wife!”

The robbers rocked back and forth with laughter.

To think that this petite little girl wanted to rob them.

Didn’t she know that they were robbers Which distinguished family had this miss come from Had she seen movies and ran out to imitate them She simply didn’t understand the rules of survival.

However, this was also good, as it was convenient for them.

They evilly laughed and approached blonde-haired Launch step by step.

Upon seeing this, Blonde-haired Launch puckered her pretty nose.

How could she not see the obscenity in the eyes of these robbers Suddenly, those bandits that she had killed in the mountain village when she was young flashed across her mind, and her eyes flashed with icy killing intent.

“Fools!” Blonde-haired Launch coldly snorted, then she raised the big hammer in her hand and rushed forward.

Her pretty figure suddenly disappeared from their sight.

The laughter of the several robbers abruptly stopped; they rubbed their eyes hard as if they had seen a ghost.

How did she suddenly disappear


The sound of the hammer smashing down resounded, followed by a heart-rending scream.

They turned their heads towards the direction where the scream came from and found that the blonde-haired girl had appeared behind them, and had already smashed unconscious one of their comrades using the hammer.

“Ahhhh, what happened, how did Benny faint”

“Not good, we have bumped into a tough crop!”

Seeing their comrade inexplicably collapse, the robbers’ hearts trembled, and their brain nerves were stretched taut.

They quickly moved and picked up their weapons before aiming at the girl in front of them.

“At first, I only wanted to rob some money, but when I saw your eyes, I couldn’t help but want to kill you all.

I really hate robbers,” Blonde-haired Launch said tyrannically and walked forward step by step.

“Don’t come!”

The robbers aimed the machine guns at Launch, but she was not at all shaken and still kept walking forward calmly.

“Quickly shoot and kill this woman!” The robbers’ boss panicked, and his eyes flashed with anger, as he quickly ordered while his finger had already taken the initiative and pressed down the gun’s trigger.

“Du du du,” half-inch flame snakes spurted out from the gun barrel.

If an ordinary person got hit by such an attack, then they would have long ago turned into a sieve, but unfortunately, they have encountered Launch.

With Blonde-haired Launch’s current 200 Battle Power, she was almost unbeatable on earth; so, how could she be afraid of mere bullets.

“Courting death!”

Launch said coldly, her attractive face showing anger.

She waved the big hammer in her hand, and a series of metal striking sounds appeared, changing the direction of the dark red flame snakes.

All the bullets were shot away by the iron hammer.

“Crackle!” Sparks flew in all directions, and in an instant, numerous tiny holes appeared on the ground.

“Are you a person or a ghost” A robber asked in trembling voice.

They were afraid.

Blonde-haired Launch adjusted the cowboy hat on her head, her cold voice echoed in the air and sentenced them to death: “You don’t have to know, I am very upset right now.

You all can obediently go see the King of Hell.”

“Brothers, fight it out with her!”

Since it was impossible to flee, the robbers became determined, their blood boiling.

However, they had no idea of the kind of person they were facing.

With blonde-haired Launch’s strength today, even if she faced the aged King Piccolo, he may not have the strength to fight her.

These robbers were doomed to have no good outcome.

Sure enough, in just the blink of an eye, a sparkling and translucent glow had quickly moved back and forth in the air.

“Bang, bang, bang.” A series of bang sounds were heard, and the eyes of several robbers rolled over as they fell to the ground, dead.

Chapter 250 Female Robber


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