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“Ha ha ha! Even with my full strength attack, it can at most only penetrate five meters into the ground, and it is not effective further down.

The transformation by the dragon balls is really amazing!” After seeing the effect of the dragon balls transformation on Planet Hongshan, Adri laughed heartily.

“Let me try!”

Xiaya was also somewhat expectant.

After he spoke, he transformed into Super Saiyan; the vigorous and vast imposing aura instantly caused the whole planet to tremble.

However, this state lasted for less than a second, and then the whole planet became calm again.

It seemed to have absorbed the pressure.

Under the working of the planet’s core, Planet Hongshan was somewhat stronger.


He formed a sparkling and shiny energy wave within his hand and then immediately threw it out.

The sparkling and shiny energy wave moved swiftly through the sky, leaving behind a white afterimage.


As the ground shook violently, a dark-orange mushroom cloud rose a kilometer away.

After the fierce wind dispersed, Xiaya stared at the ground, but he only saw an impact crater less than ten meters in diameter, and depth less than four meters, which was worse than what Adri created.

This, of course, did not mean that Xiaya’s energy wave was not as strong as Adri’s, but that the inside of Planet Hongshan had strengthened by a lot in just a few seconds.

Moreover, Xiaya also discovered that the more powerful the attack, the stronger Planet Hongshan’s ability to resist would be.

In order to test his speculation, Xiaya continued to manipulate energy and attack, and for a time, the wind fiercely rose, lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

After continuously attacking for a period of time, he got the results he wanted.

“This durability is no worse than Sacred World of the Kai.

Even an energy attack of Majin Buu’s level can’t destroy the planet.”

Xiaya inwardly thought.

At least, until someone reached Super Saiyan 3, Planet Hongshan would be safe.

From a defensive perspective alone, Planet Hongshan was now no less durable than the Sacred World of the Kai, and from an even more long-term perspective for development, Planet Hongshan had more potential than Sacred World of the Kai.

After all, Planet Hongshan was transformed by golden-flame Shenron and had an unparalleled ability for self-adjustment and restoration.

As for how much better was the ability of golden-flame Shenron, and how much was its limit.

To be honest, even Xiaya, who was its creator, was not very clear.


Just as Xiaya and others were verifying the capability of Planet Hongshan to resist damage, in the distant North Area, Frieza’s third administration planet.

At this time, both Dodoria and Balfe were standing guard beside a green healing cabin.

In the healing cabin, Frieza was floating quietly in the blood-red liquid with a breathing tube.

Due to the auxin provided by Balfe, Frieza’s lower body, which was cut off, had regrown.

His white skin was just like a newborn’s, and there were no traces of it being destroyed.

From this, the Frost Demon race was worthy of the name as the “strongest” race in the universe.

Their vitality was really tenacious.

In the original work, Frieza might not have been turned into Mecha Frieza if he had been rescued on time after his attack on Planet Namek.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as growth liquid in King Cold’s hands at that time.

“Balfe, when will King Frieza fully recover” Dodoria’s dark purple lips jiggled as he asked.

Dodoria’s heart had not been calm from the day Frieza’s headquarters was attacked by the mysterious expert.

He had never considered that even the invincible King Frieza would have a day where he would be defeated, and according to the latest news, even King Cold of the faraway eastern part of the North Area had died.

Now, the eastern part’s Forces had no leader and had already split apart.

Who knows how that mysterious expert did it all in the span of just a few days, rushing from the southern region to the eastern region and killing King Cold.

Anything unknown was really frightening.

Dodoria could best understand this feeling.

Receiving bad news one after another, Dodoria and Balfe panicked.

They took Frieza’s body and swiftly traveled through the universe in the headquarter’s spaceship, fearing that the mysterious expert would find out that Frieza had not died and look for them.

Just like this, they stayed in a state of panic for a few days before finally arriving on Frieza’s third administration planet.

This was the planet where the Frieza Corps was stationed.

It was classified as a higher-level colonial planet among the Frieza Forces.

Balfe shook his head; he didn’t know when King Frieza would wake up because he had never encountered a situation similar to this before.

“Are His Majesty’s subordinate Forces also in disarray” he asked.

“Yeah!” Dodoria nodded.

“These shortsighted guys don’t even know that his majesty is still alive.

Just wait, when his majesty regains consciousness would be the time of death for those people.”

“Sigh, I didn’t expect the powerful Frost Demon race to so easily collapse.

I heard that the eastern region’s Forces have completely collapsed.

People which were formerly the strongest fighting squad have begun to fight for their own territories,” Balfe said.

Their side at least had King Frieza as the stabilizing force, so the nearby corps did not dare to act rashly.

As for the Frieza Corps which were far away, they were beyond their reach.

“Yeah!” Dodoria stared at Frieza in the healing cabin and sighed heavily.

At this time, Frieza’s eyes who was immersed in the solution moved, and then bubbles appeared in the liquid.

“Ah, King Frieza woke up!” Dodoria cried out in surprise.

Balfe looked back and saw that King Frieza’s body was moving.

“Quick, draw out the healing fluid; King Frieza have woken up.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The several aliens underneath hurriedly went forward and operated the machine in a hurry.

As the blood-red colored fluid was removed through a pipe, the transparent glass cabin opened.

Frieza opened his eyes and strode out of the healing cabin.

At this time, Frieza had once again changed back into the Normal State.

Lightly clenching his fists and feeling the abundant strength within his body, Frieza twisted his neck, immediately producing a series of “crackling” sounds.

Frieza opened wide his blood-red eyes, and asked in a cold voice, “Dodoria, tell this king what happened in these few days.

This king wants to know what that hateful ancient warrior did after leaving”


Frieza’s ice-cold voice made Dodoria’s body fiercely tremble.

In the past, Frieza called him “Mr.


This time he called him directly by his name without using any honorific title, showing how angry Frieza was.

“King Frieza, on that day the ancient warrior again came back, and quickly threw down a Destroying Ball, blowing up the Frieza headquarters planet…”

Dodoria paused for a moment, organized his words, and reported what had happened in these two days.

Especially when he talked about King Cold dying, Dodoria carefully glanced at Frieza but saw that Frieza still wore an indifferent expression, so he heaved a sigh of relief and continued speaking.

“That is to say, even my father died by the hands of the Feidaya ancient warrior”

“Yes! At this time, east region’s Forces have been thrown into disorder, and King Cold’s Corps have fallen apart,” Dodoria replied.

“Hehe, I am afraid it’s not as simple as just the eastern region, right What happened in this king’s territories during the time that this king was sleeping”

Frieza opened his indifferent eyes and glanced at Dodoria before saying in an icy voice.


Dodoria wanted to speak but then hesitated, and glanced at Balfe; however, he saw that Balfe spoke nothing, and was staring blankly.

He clenched his teeth and spoke about the things that had happened after Frieza fell asleep.

Sure enough, after listening to Dodoria’s report, Frieza’s gloomy aura became even heavier.

Chapter 245 Frieza regaining consciousness


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