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“Xiling, this time you should summon it!”

Xiaya took out the seven crystal dragon balls and handed them to Xiling.

As the creator of the dragon balls, Xiaya needed to serve as the bridge to maintain the existence of Shenron and could not personally make a wish.

“OK!” Lightly nodding, Xiling took the seven dragon balls and placed them on the ground.

The dragon balls bumped against each other and immediately flickered, making low “buzz” “buzz” “buzz”  sounds.

“Come out, Shenron!”

Xiling called out in a loud voice just like Blue-haired Launch had done last time.

Her voice had just fallen when the seven crystal dragon balls flickered fiercely, and golden clouds from who knows where floated over, shrouding the whole sky.

Soon, the whole planet was enveloped in golden magical clouds.

Xiling and Myers looked at each other with a smile on their faces.

Just like the first time, the scene of Shenron appearing was very shocking.

It was the first time that Adri and the others had seen such a magnificent scene.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked especially when Shenron’s huge head came out of the outer space.

Its appearance that blotted out the sky and sun occupied their entire field of view.

“So, Shenron looks like this! It’s really magnificent.”

Alice’ voice was slightly trembling as she hugged Myers’s shoulder.

“Myers, you were right, I really am frightened.”

“Told you so!” Myers was feeling proud as if Shenron was created by her.

“Wow, it’s so big.

Its length can almost circle around the whole planet.” Blonde-haired Launch was dumbfounded, her lips moving slightly as she muttered in a low voice.

At this time, golden-flame Shenron spoke, his booming voice converged from all directions and was transmitted into their ears.

It was deafening, “People who have gathered the seven dragon balls, speak thy wish.”

“Shenron, please do your best to transform Planet Hongshan till it is sufficiently durable, but do not affect the normal life of the Saiyans above.”

Xiling yelled towards Shenron.

When Xiling made the wish, she did not specify how much durable Planet Hongshan had to be made when transforming.

Instead, she told Shenron to do his best.

This was wordplay.

It was just like taking advantage of a loophole.

Also, Xiaya had expressly told her to say that.

Specific transformation to a certain extent and transformation to the best of his ability were two completely different concepts.

If the wish was to transform Planet Hongshan to be as durable as Sacred World of the Kai, then who knows if this wish would be a simple wish, or if it would be beyond the capability of the golden-flame Shenron

However, according to Xiaya’s understanding, transforming Planet Hongshan to the same durability as Sacred World of the Kai should not be difficult for golden-flame Shenron; thus, it means that her wish could be easily fulfilled, and perhaps Planet Hongshan could become much more durable.

Therefore, it was best to let Shenron do his best.

“Thy wish is very easy.”

Golden-flame Shenron’s booming voice resounded, and at the same time, its huge dragon eyes lit up with red light.

At this moment, Xiaya, as the bridge to make the wish, vaguely felt that a force was being extracted and used, but the force did not emerge when making a wish the previous few times.

It seemed that when golden-flame Shenron does his best, as its maker, he could also feel some movements.

At the same time on the other side, far away in the starry sky of Planet Hongshan, a miraculous scene was happening.

Golden rays suddenly spread everywhere throughout the sky; the whole planet seemed to be wrapped in a bright-colored and dazzling layer outside.

Suddenly, those rays gathered together and turned into golden liquid raindrops, and then the golden raindrops fell down from the sky.

It was like early spring drizzle moistening everything, and the whole planet suddenly became full of vitality.

Miraculous things were happening everywhere on Planet Hongshan as if time was flowing backward.

The broken tectonic plate of the continent began to recover.

It shook, and soil and rocks rolled up, and the deep chasm magically closed as it then became a flat land.

The craters began to disappear, and soil and forests moved, returning to their original appearance.

The tall and sturdy trees jumped out, and the wasteland became a forest again.

As the golden raindrops gradually seeped into the ground, the inside of the Planet Hongshan was undergoing earth-shaking changes.

The scorching magma inside the planet’s core was little by little replaced by golden energy, and the durability of the planet kept changing almost every second.

Finally, when the entire core of the planet turned into a golden liquid, the initial transformation of Planet Hongshan was completed.

Next, the dense energy accumulated inside the planet’s core would slowly moisten everything on the planet.

In essence, Planet Hongshan was not worse than Sacred World of the Kai at this moment, and it has even surpassed Sacred World of the Kai in terms of durability by several times.

If Supreme Kai of Sacred World of the Kai knew that there was an even more durable planet in the mortal world than Sacred World of the Kai, then he would be unbelievably shocked.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled.

The inside of Planet Hongshan has been transformed.

I have left my power in the planet’s core.

In the following days, this energy will continue to strengthen Planet Hongshan!”

After golden-flame Shenron finished speaking, he quickly turned into a golden ray and disappeared.

Xiaya caught the seven crystal dragon balls just like he had done in the past, and said to Xiling, “After we go back, hide away the dragon balls on the floating island where no one can find them.”

“Mhm!” Xiling nodded.

“Let’s go back and look at the situation of Planet Hongshan.

The results produced by the crystal dragon balls has always been outstanding.

It will maybe give us a nice surprise.

” Xiaya said.

Adri said with excitement, “Yes, let’s go back and test the durability of Planet Hongshan.”

“If the surface of the planet can withstand a powerful energy attack, then we can set our mind at ease from now on.” Brook smiled.

Palladi put his hand on Alice’s shoulder and happily urged.

“Go, go, let’s return and take a look.”

The grandness of the crystal dragon balls was an eye-opener for them, but right now, they were more concerned about the situation on Planet Hongshan’s side.

Xiaya also laughed.

“Since everyone is so anxious to go back, then let’s return!” Finished speaking, he glanced at Xiling and Myers, and they both nodded.

Hence, they quickly launched Instant Transmission and returned to Planet Hongshan.

Once again entering into the atmosphere of Planet Hongshan, the cool and fresh air caused them to feel refreshed.

They appeared on a small remote hill.

It was not far from the battlefield that had happened not long ago.

Gazing into the distance, a verdant and lush virgin forest entered their sight.

The previous desolate and destroyed scenery had already disappeared.

“Everything has really been restored.” Everyone was very surprised.

Looking at the towering trees that were four or five meters thick, it was hard to imagine that this place had been destroyed not long ago.

“Right, let’s test the durability of the planet.”

Adri said and formed a bluish-white energy ball in his hand.

The turbulent energy rubbed against the air and produced “zi” “zi” sounds.

Just from its extraordinary might, it could be seen that the energy contained in it was huge.

If such an energy ball fell on an ordinary planet, even if the planet doesn’t crumble, at least its tectonic plate would crack apart, and a world-class disaster with all life forms dying would occur.


Pushing down the energy ball little by little into the ground was very easy at the beginning.

At the instant the soil on the surface of the planet came in contact with the burning energy, it was as if lava had flowed into a lake as a large amount of steam emerged out, and the soil on the surface was immediately vaporized.

However, when the energy ball went deep into the ground by two to three meters, it became extremely difficult for it to move further.

After it went deeper by five meters, it could no longer move forward.

It seemed that the limit of energy in Adri’s hand was till here.


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