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The fierce battle was finally over.

The invasion from the Frost Demon race ended with Planet Hongshan’s victory.

Although the process was full of dangers, the result was obvious.

A second Super Saiyan had appeared among the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan.

As a special existence formed from Fusion, Meiling’s breakthrough also meant that Xiling and Myers are not far from the realm of Super Saiyan.

They have experienced the power of a Super Saiyan in advance and removed all the barriers for their future breakthrough.

After instructing the Feidaya people to check the damages caused by the battle, Xiaya returned with Adri and the others to Saiyan’s city.

One by one, Gine and the others who were far above on the floating island, also began to return, and with them also returned the Blonde-haired Launch.

Looking at the city that was shaken into a complete mess by the aftermath of the battle, Xiaya heaved a deep sigh! Clearing up all this mess was going to take a lot of time.

“Duokela, how long will it take to repair these buildings”

Xiaya asked Duokela.

Duokela briefly looked at the buildings and replied, “Although most of the buildings have not fully collapsed, their foundation is already damaged.

It would take about seven days to completely build it all over again.

However, the forests that got destroyed by the fight may need several years to return to their original conditions.”

The beautiful environment of Planet Hongshan suffered a heavy destruction in the war, so it would take several years to naturally recover.

“OK!” Xiaya nodded.

Feidaya people’s technology was very developed, but even then, using high technology to accelerate the ripening would take a long time.

“Hey, it’s a pity that such a good place has been destroyed.

Aren’t there dragon balls on earth Why don’t you use dragon balls to restore Planet Hongshan”

The blonde-haired Launch looked at the forests and buildings that were not far away for awhile and casually suggested.

When she was on Earth, she had heard Korin mention the dragon balls, and she had personally gone looking for them; however, she found nothing even after searching for a long time because she didn’t have a dragon ball radar.

Xiaya shot her a glance.

Blonde-haired Launch still didn’t know that the floating island she was living on was created by him using crystal dragon balls.

Although their personalities share a body, their memories were clearly different and did not mix with each other.

“I also intend to make a wish using dragon balls, but not the dragon balls of earth,” Xiaya said.

Wide-eyed, Blonde-haired Launch asked, “What would you use if not Earth’s dragon balls Are there still other dragon balls”

However, Xiaya did not answer her question.

Instead, he turned towards Duokela and said, “I will trouble you to restore Saiyan’s city to its original state as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Sir Xiaya!”

Duokela replied quickly.

“Oh, by the way, I have already killed Frieza and King Cold when I went to the North Area,” Xiaya added.

As Frieza’s victim, he felt it necessary to tell the Feidaya people about this news.

Sure enough, after hearing the news, Duokela immediately became excited, his face flushed.

“Thank you very much, Sir Xiaya!”

Duokela bowed respectfully to Xiaya.

When Zarbon led a Corp to invade Planet Feidaya, Xiaya was the one that saved them.

Now that he had helped them to take revenge, Duokela was very grateful to Xiaya.

“Don’t mention it!” Lightly laughing, Xiaya encouraged Duokela with a few more words, and then let him go back to work.

Duokela nodded hard and slowly walked away.

Looking at Duokela’s short and thin back, Xiaya faintly smiled.

Saiyans were tied together with the Feidaya people; one have strength and other have technology.

It was an excellent combination.

Both sides compliment each other very well.

“Look at these people worshipping, humph.

Your leader pretends to be a kind leader!” Blonde-haired Launch crossed her arms across her chest and said with a lowered voice.


Xiaya glanced at her.

This little girl’s nerves were really not ordinary thick.

Suddenly, he grabbed her neck and his other hand, like a drill bit, forcefully rubbed on her head, and messed her straight golden hair before letting her go.

Blonde-haired Launch covered her head in pain and angrily shouted, “Bastard, you bully me so much every time!”

Blonde-haired Launch was very angry, her cheeks puffing out, but when she thought of Xiaya’s close-to-god-like powerful strength, she had no chance to take revenge with her weak strength.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel discouraged.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

Under the hustle and bustle of the Feidaya people, the collapsed buildings were constructed again, and Planet Hongshan quickly recovered its original social order.

Xiaya couldn’t help but sigh at the working efficiency of the Feidaya people.

In just a few days, a completely new city was constructed.

It was just the natural environment that was destroyed by Luther that was still not complete, even the Feidaya people have no way to restore it.

In the past few days, Xiling and Myers had not been idle.

Ever since Meiling had transformed into Super Saiyan, they seemed to have been greatly enlightened as the two individuals who forms Meiling.

These past few days, they had forgotten about eating and sleeping and had immersed themselves in researching.

Naturally, the results were very significant, and in just seven days, they seemed to have found a path as their Battle Power also began to skyrocket by a huge margin.

One day in the afternoon, on a planet far away from Planet Hongshan, several people had gathered together.

Taking a closer look, they were Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, Adri, Bardock, and others.

Even Launch was among them.

They had come to this remote planet to use the crystal dragon balls to strengthen Planet Hongshan because as the Saiyans’ strength continued to increase, the durability of Planet Hongshan would become more and more unable to withstand their powers.

Especially the Luther invasion incident that took place this time had given Xiaya a wake-up call.

He didn’t want to come back one day and discover that Planet Hongshan had completely disappeared.

Just over a year had passed since the golden-flame Shenron was last summoned.

The adjustment period of the dragon balls had already passed, and now it had again changed back from the stone state to the crystal dragon balls.

At first, he didn’t want to use the crystal dragon balls so often.

However, considering the problem of strengthening Planet Hongshan, Xiaya felt that it was much more suitable to use the more powerful crystal dragon balls.

“Hey, Xiaya, are we summoning Shenron here”

Blonde-haired Launch asked in high spirits as the surrounding blistering hot-like-fire temperature caused her cheeks to be covered in beads of sweat.

This place was the planet that Xiaya and Xiling had often trained on in the past.

However, because it had been withstanding powerful energies for a long time, this desolate planet had become even more desolate.

Ever since she learned about the crystal dragon balls from Xiling, Blonde-haired Launch had been pestering him and wanted to follow to see Shenron’s majestic appearance.

In the end, he was unable to change her mind and simply brought her together.

“That’s right when Shenron is summoned in a while, everyone should step back a little.”

Xiaya nodded and said.

Because the spectacle that appears when summoning crystal dragon balls’ Shenron was too grand, Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan were obviously not suitable for summoning the golden-flame Shenron; thus, the location of summoning was chosen on the training planet that was not too far away from Planet Hongshan.

“Really, although we had long known about the dragon balls, we still haven’t seen what Shenron looks like.” Adri laughed in a hearty voice.

“I am telling you, in a while, you will definitely be frightened.”

Myers jumped out.

“Hahaha, Myers, I don’t think there is anything in the universe that we haven’t seen yet.

How could we get frightened” Alice shook her head.

She had even faced a Frost Demon, so there was nothing that could frighten her.

Could it be that Shenron was much more frightening than the Frost Demons

“Anyway, you will know in a while.” Myers curled up her tiny mouth.

Thinking of when she had seen the golden-flame Shenron for the first time, the huge head of Shenron which entered through the atmosphere, looking as if it was a star bombarding the earth.

Myers couldn’t help but look forward to seeing everyone’s expressions in a while.

Chapter 243 Rebuilding Planet Hongshan


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