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When had he ever been beaten like this; even when fighting with King Davidow, he was evenly matched against him, and was absolutely not attacked one-sidedly!

“Ahhhh, hateful Super Saiyan!”

King Cold glared, veins bulging out on his forehead, and the sinful dark aura seemed to have gone out of control as it kept surging out.

Right now, King Cold had lost his previous elegance and confidence and had become like a rabid dog, raging.


King Cold suddenly erupted, and a sun rose with him as the core; his muscles instantly swelled, and his three meters tall physique immediately became very sturdy.

Xiaya looked on with a grave expression.

As King Cold’s change was completed, he shook his head and faintly smiled.

“Stupid guy, although you seem to have become a lot stronger, your advantage of speed is lost.

You are even more likely to lose if you are only thinking of pursuing after strength.”

In a fight, whether it was speed, defense, explosive power, ability to judge or attack power, they are all crucial.

If an originally completely balanced body especially pursues after the improvement of one particular trait, it will inevitably lead to the loss of several other traits.

If there was a priority for eliminating the essential factors, then speed and the ability to judge would undoubtedly be of paramount importance.

Although King Cold had now gained a more powerful attacking power, he had undoubtedly lost speed and the ability to judge by a lot.

If King Cold could remain calm and think hard, it was not certain that he wouldn’t have any hope of winning.

Xiaya knew that he was getting closer and closer to victory.


At the same time, the battlefield on the other side.

Planet Hongshan.

The thick black clouds had obscured the blue sky, and light had begun to dim.

The wind was raging and sending sand flying, bringing along dead branches and withered leaves.

Everything was quiet and still, and everywhere was the scene of suffering.

Planet Hongshan no longer had its former beautiful scenery.

Rumble! Rumble!

Deafening sounds of explosion lingered in everyone’s ears.

Mushroom clouds like a  burning sun rose, and the frenzied energy caused the entire planet to continuously tremble; It seemed like it might crumble at any time.

At this time, only less than ten minutes had passed since Luther arrived on Planet Hongshan, but for the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, it was as long as ten years.

In the sky, two beautiful figures were fighting with Luther.

The two figures looked exactly the same, and even their aura was almost exactly the same.

After they stopped, it could be seen that they were both Meiling!

Luther looked at her with surprise and curiously asked, “What mysterious method are you using Why can you turn into two people”

Both Meilings did not answer.

She used Xiling’s “Cloning Secret Skill” learned from Planet Yardrat.

After fusing into Meling, they were not only proficient in Xiling’s “Cloning Secret Skill”, but they also knew Myers’ “Deflection Secret Skill”.

This is why Meiling could fight Luther for so long.

Of course, the main reason was that Luther had not even used his real ability until now.

Playing a cat and mouse game was a habit that Frost Demons couldn’t change, and because of this, they usually tend to suffer setbacks.

Seeing that Meiling had no desire to answer, Luther clicked his tongue as he was feeling bored; he gradually lost interest in this strange method.

“The strength of this female Saiyan is so much more than that of other Saiyans.

Is she the legendary Super Saiyan However, her hair color seems to be different from that in the legends!”

“Forget it! Why do I have to care about it so much I should kill them in one fell swoop.” Luther laughed evilly and sternly; his blue lips slightly curling upward, forming into a cruel smile.

“What to do Is Meiling not that Frost Demon’s match” In the distance, Rebecca was extremely anxious.

Adri looked at them from far away, and he solemnly clenched both of his hands into a fist.

Planet Hongshan was in greater danger than he imagined.

This Frost Demon seemed to be more troublesome than Frieza.

The reason why Adri thought like this was also because he had not seen Frieza’s Final Form.

“Feidaya people are already using the communication device to notify Little Ya.

If Little Ya sees it, he will definitely rush over.”

Adri could only comfort himself like this.

However, he also knew that it was unrealistic to pin his hopes on Xiaya at the moment.

After all, Xiaya was still in the North Area which was countless light-years away, and technological communication always took some time.

Therefore, before Xiaya comes back, they would have to protect Planet Hongshan.

Far away in the North Area.

The battle between Xiaya and King Cold was still ongoing.

As King Cold was gradually losing his rationality, Xiaya began to gain an absolute advantage.

Xiaya tread on the void, his body rushing towards King Cold.


He punched, and ripples that were visible to the naked eye were formed.

The ripples spread out in all directions, dispersing into the deep universe’s starry sky.

Pfff! Pfff! Pfff!

The blue energy ripped through the starry space.

Xiaya and King Cold trembled.

No, it was better to say that it was the beginning of a one-sided suppression.

King Cold was firmly suppressed after losing an arm and his rationality.

“Annoying Super Saiyan!” King Cold was angry, and he shot down a large number of energy waves; However, Xiaya easily dodged them without any exception.

At this time, King Cold realized why his ancestors had repeatedly emphasized the dreadfulness of a Super Saiyan.

These kind of people with unfathomable depths were really too troublesome.

Just then, Xiaya’s attack once again arrived.

A large beam of energy was accompanied by electric arcs whose sound was like that of a fierce and evil wolf as it shot towards King Cold, although sound could not be transmitted in the vacuum.

If someone looked at the dark blue exploding electric arcs, they would feel their scalps getting numb.

At this moment, time froze.

King Cold tried to dodge, but he was startled as he found that his body was bound by a force.

Space also froze!

“Hahaha, interesting! How could this king be defeated by such a trick!”

King Cold wildly roared in his heart.

His grim face looked extraordinarily sinister.

He unexpectedly stretched out both of his arms to block.

“Today you will undoubtedly die.

Separate!” Viciousness flashed in Xiaya’s eyes.

When the energy beam approached King Cold’s white body, it split into four; cleverly avoiding King Cold’s obstruction, and then once again closed in.

Under Xiaya’s exquisite control, the four divided energy beams attacked King Cold from different directions.

Among them, the greater part of the energy beam was blocked by the leather armor on King Cold’s chest.

However, there were three other energy beams that directly changed their angles, penetrating the armor like an electric drill, and directly struck King Cold’s back and head.

Xiu! Xiu!

The sparkling and translucent, bright white-blue light beam, hit his head, causing King Cold to suffer pain.

The aura within his body immediately trembled, and it dispersed by a little.

At this time, the energy beam on his back was like a drill bit hitting a rock, producing searing electric light as it immediately drilled into King Cold’s back and then passed through his chest, penetrating King Cold.

“Ahhhh…” Several mouthfuls of blood gushed out, and King Cold incredulously looked at his chest that was penetrated.

“Impossible, I actually lost This is a Super Saiyan Haha, you shouldn’t be too proud of yourself because the Frost Demon race will never become extinct.”

“King Davidow, I didn’t think I would be defeated first…”

King Cold’s eyes became dim and he began to lose consciousness.

After King Cold died, Xiaya’s body appeared calmly in front of King Cold.

The blonde hair in front of his forehead fluttered along with the imposing aura; his two green eyes did not have the slightest bit of undulations.

The bright blazing aura fiercely burned, shining in the darkness and quietness of the vast starry sky.

Looking at King Cold’s dead body, Xiaya smiled coldly.

“The Frost Demon race has done all kinds of evil, and finally today it has completely disappeared from the universe!” After killing Frieza and King Cold, North Area’s Frost Demon race had been completely uprooted.

“But, who is this King Davidow that King Cold spoke of before his death Is that also a Frost Demon” Xiaya muttered.

Even though sound couldn’t be transmitted in space, he roughly guessed the last words of King Cold through the movement of his lips.

The number of Frost Demons was very little.

In the original work, only a few of them were shown, but that didn’t mean there were no other Frost Demons in the universe except for Frieza and his father.

After all, the universe was so big that it could totally be described as vast and endless.

Moreover, this was just Universe 7.

Suddenly, Xiaya felt a vibration on his wrist.

He lifted up his hand to have a look.

It was a message sent from Planet Hongshan.

After carefully reading the content above, Xiaya’s countenance suddenly changed.

“Frost Demons are invading Planet Hongshan!”

Several big characters were displayed above.

“The Frost Demon race is really like a lingering ghost! To think that they have even appeared on Planet Hongshan!” Xiaya cursed with a gloomy face.

He did not care about King Cold’s body and used the most powerful energy wave to turn the corpse into ashes.

After doing this, Xiaya concentrated and used Instant Transmission, immediately rushed back to Planet Hongshan!

Chapter 239 King Cold dies


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