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Rumble! Rumble!

The tyrannical energy was like a lightning snake slithering about as it instantly penetrated the void.

In an instant, the two universe-destroying energies met at the asteroid belt.

The burning and chaotic energy intertwined with each other; it destroyed the originally balanced order within a very short time and pushed all the meteorites far away


Frieza’s Barrage Death Beams collided with a tremendous force and stagnated.

Frieza’s face was frantic as he began to put out all of his energy.

In contrast, Xiaya was still calm.

Suddenly, the amount of energy in his hand increased, and under Frieza’s terrified and unwilling expression, the bright white energy swallowed him up.

A bright and colorful explosion erupted in the asteroid belt strewn with meteorites.

It was as if the universe was being born, and everything fell into chaos.

“Is Frieza dead”

After waiting for a long time, Xiaya was still for a moment as he ascertained that he couldn’t sense Frieza’s aura.

Then, Xiaya teleported and left, once again arriving at Frieza’s headquarters planet, before he threw down a giant energy ball at the Frieza’s headquarters.

As the energy ball passed through the atmosphere, the powerful energy caused the entire planet to rapidly tremble.

The tectonic plates cracked, sea water gushed down, and scorching hot magma spewed out from the ground…

“What is that”

Dodoria and Balfe looked on nervously as the energy displayed on the big screen was rapidly reaching the upper limit of the measuring range.

“Not good, that human wants to wipe out the whole planet!” Dodoria cried out, his roar immediately caused all the aliens to panic.

“Hurry up and start the spaceship.

We have to leave from here immediately!” Balfe hatefully stamped his foot and shouted.

Following his shout, the subordinate aliens reacted and quickly worked in a flurry.

The entire headquarters building, like a spaceship, soared into the sky.


A loud explosion resounded; which seemed as if the stars were exploding.

It was followed by flashes that illuminated hundreds of light years.

Amidst the explosion, Frieza’s headquarters planet turned into universe dust.

The base of a universe king of an era had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the debris of the planet that had exploded into pieces, Xiaya watched quietly for a while and then disappeared using Instant Transmission.

After eliminating Frieza, Xiaya kept on going, rushing towards King Cold’s area of influence in the eastern part of the North Area; where another fierce battle was destined to erupt.


It’s just that sometimes even a fool could occasionally hit on a good idea, and even a wise man could make errors on occasion.

Xiaya didn’t notice that as Frieza’s headquarters slowly disappeared, a weird cone-shaped spacecraft flew out of it.

Under the cover of the extremely strong energy, the aura of the weak aliens in the weird spacecraft was just like a speck of light amidst the noise in the radar image; it looked blurry and chaotic.

“Balfe, quickly look for the whereabouts of King Frieza,” Dodoria anxiously said.

His obese body kept on trembling because he was anxious.

“Okay, the computer is looking for it.”

Balfe wiped the sweat from his head.

Frieza’s headquarters encountered a calamity, leaving only a few thousand survivors which were not sufficient enough.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The computer quickly searched and analyzed all the debris in the distant sky.

However, due to the many asteroids in the asteroid belt, and the debris produced by the explosion of the headquarters planet, the number of searches were as much as tens of millions.

To find Frieza’s body among so many debris, the amount of work would have been enough to cause people to feel tired to the point of dropping.

Fortunately, they had a computer to assist, so speed had increased by a lot.

Beep! Beep!

The computer issued the sounds of alarm and began to check.


Balfe, we have found the traces of King Frieza.” A pointy mouth alien came forward to report.

“Quick, quickly bring King Frieza into the spaceship.”


The alien responded in a loud voice, then piloted the spaceship a little bit closer to the target position.

After a while, a chunk of bright blue ice appeared in the porthole, and half a body part of a white figure could be faintly seen in the ice chunk.

When facing death, Frost Demon race could choose to freeze themselves and enter a state of suspended animation.

At that time, the outside will naturally be covered with a layer of hard ice.

The hardness of this ice chunk was extremely high.

The specific hardness is related to the strength of the frozen person.

Previously, Frieza had long realized that it would be impossible for him to withstand Xiaya’s attack, so he decided to freeze himself.

However, there was no aura emitting from him after entering a state of suspended animation, he was able to deceive Xiaya’s senses.

“King Frieza is so heavily injured!” All the aliens were greatly startled after seeing Frieza’s miserable state.

The ice chunk was not too big.

It was the size of a basketball and it was wrapped around Frieza’s head.

“There really is such a powerful human in the universe that even King Frieza is not his match.” Dodoria’s face was deathly pale, obviously frightened.

Dodoria soon came back to himself and shouted, “Quickly prepare the most high-level healing chamber, and carefully place King Frieza into it to treat his injuries!”

Although Dodoria had about 20,000 Battle Power, and he could live very comfortably anywhere in the universe.

However, after getting used to a life of status and power, it was impossible for him to suddenly change it back to that of poverty.

There were still a lot of places where he needed to rely on King Frieza.

“Yes, Sir Dodoria!”

Hearing him, the aliens next to him shuddered.

They quickly and carefully carried the ice chunk which was the frozen King Frieza.

Looking at the pupils of the red-eyed demon in the ice chunk, even though King Frieza had entered a deep sleep at this moment, they were still very afraid in their hearts.


“Gulu gulu!”

In the green healing cabin, the bright blue ice chunk began to dissolve, and soon Frieza’s eyelids trembled; he was beginning to regain consciousness.

“Quick, continue to add nutrient fluid.

We must let King Frieza recover quickly!” Dodoria cried out in surprise.


Dodoria, this is a newly developed auxin, and perhaps King Frieza’s broken body can grow again…” Balfe was holding a blood-colored container which was filled with a blood-like sticky substance.

“Then, quickly add it!”


Balfe nodded and poured the sticky solution into the healing cabin via a tube.

A blood-colored substance immediately appeared in the green healing cabin.

Sure enough, with the addition of the blood-colored substance, the place where Frieza’s body was severed began to squirm, and slowly flesh began to crazily grow.

Upon seeing this, a smile couldn’t help but appear on the frog-face Balfe.

“Hahaha, Balfe, you’re really quite something.

King Frieza can soon recover to his original state,” Dodoria said as he patted Balfe’s shoulder.

“As long as King Frieza is able to recover!”


A few days later, in the eastern part of the North Area, in King Cold’s palace.

King Cold had received news of the attack on Frieza’s headquarters.

From the time that he received the news, King Cold hadn’t been feeling well.

Frieza suffered an attack, this was a very serious provocation towards his King Cold’s branch of the Frost Demon race.

“Who the hell could have attacked Frieza”

King Cold held his chin while sitting on the throne as one of his finger tapped on the seat, making sharp, and ear-piercing sounds.

“That guy Cooler died in the East Area and had only himself to blame.

However, even Frieza’s headquarters encountered an attack.

This is somewhat intriguing; Is it because someone has seen that my Cold’s family’s strength had suffered damages and intends to clean everything in one fell swoop”

“Is it King Davidow’s side, or North Kai”

King Cold suddenly stood up.

His three-meter-tall body was like a mountain, full of oppression.

The aliens next to him kept quiet out of fear and did not dare to make a sound.

King Cold didn’t know that just as he was pondering over who attacked Frieza, the person involved, Xiaya, had already hurried over to the planet where he resided.

“This is King Cold’s palace.

As long as King Cold is also killed, the Frost Demon race in the North Area will be no more!”

Xiaya stared at the magnificent palace hall below with a murderous expression.


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