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“It’s a pity that you won’t have such an opportunity!” Just as Frieza felt that he had escaped from death, he heard a voice that made him tremble, being transmitted to his ear somehow.

In fact, as long as one was powerful to a certain extent, by relying on exceptional control, a lot of living beings could achieve things that don’t conform to common sense.

When Son Goku in the original work just set foot on Planet Namek, he only touched Krillin’s head and knew what happened on Planet Namek.

Of course, it could be that it was just Aki*ra Tor**ama drawing nonsense.

However, after Xiaya came to Dragon Ball World and then combined with his realistic impression, he understood that Son Goku read the brain wave signals by relying on his strong Ki sense.

Right now, Xiaya transmitted his energy via manipulating spatial fluctuations and then released the energy to agitate the eardrums, achieving the effect of “transmitting sound” into Frieza’s ear.

Suddenly hearing his voice, Frieza’s body fiercely trembled, and then he stiffly turned around in disbelief.

He saw that the human who was shining with a golden radiance was floating not far away from him.

“You… you can survive in a vacuum” Frieza opened his mouth, feeling incredulous.


A blurry afterimage flashed, and when it reappeared, Xiaya was already less than a foot away from Frieza.

Looking at the calm green pupils, Frieza’s whole body felt cold, and his body trembled.

A huge force came from his tail as Xiaya grabbed his tail and began to swing him around, hitting him against the solid objects left and right.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless solid little meteorites collided with Frieza and were crushed with a swat.

Some of the slightly larger ones were directly swatted into smaller pieces, while those that were harder were sent flying away.

Every time Xiaya swung Frieza, he would divide a part of his Ki to strengthen those asteroids, so whenever Frieza was smashed down, it was as if he was being swatted on the surface of a diamond.

Soon, Frieza was beaten till his skin turned blue, a big bump formed on his face, and blood dripped out of his nose and lips.

Just like when he was trampled on before in the Normal State, Frieza couldn’t retaliate at all.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Frieza was anguished.

It was the first time in his life that he had suffered such a humiliation.

Puchi, another powerful swing, and Frieza unexpectedly flew out.

“How did you fly away” Xiaya looked at the white silhouette that had shot out.

He felt that his hand was light and looked down.

A white, snowy tail was still grasped in his hand.

“Frieza’s tail… was cut off and left behind.”

Xiaya was stunned, but he immediately smiled.

Suddenly, a deep blue energy wave appeared, and the whole tail was turned into ashes.

After that, a blurred shadow was left behind in his place, and he once again flew towards Frieza.

“Damn it, damn it, this king has never been humiliated like this!!”

Frieza kept cursing at the bottom of his heart, but he had a pained look on his face.

Frieza, the dignified king of the universe, was being trampled on and swung around like a racket by someone.

Only he had done this before in the past when he dealt with those weak races.

When had the Frost Demon race ever fallen into such a situation

“You deserve to die! You, the ancient warrior of the Feidaya people!” Shouting like an abyss demon, Frieza’s blood-red eyes were full of hatred.

He vows that if he could escape this time, he would certainly return this enmity in full, and at the same time, he was slightly regretful in his heart.

If he did not provoke the Feidaya people, then he might not have suffered today!

“No, this is all Zarbon’s fault.

If he was able to find out where the ancient warrior was sleeping early on, and kill him when he hadn’t awakened, then there would be no current situation.”

Frieza’s lips trembled, and his face was black like the bottom of a pot.

“Frieza, where are you running over to Why don’t you obediently accept your death” The nightmarish voice came again.

“Not good!”

Frieza revealed panic, and without caring about the pain on his body, he hurriedly flew toward the numerous stars surrounding the asteroid belt.

As long as he could hide in a small area, his opponent wouldn’t be able to find him.

It was true that there is such a possibility, but Frieza didn’t know that his opponent had the ability to sense aura.

Even if Frieza hid at the ends of the universe, as long as Xiaya remembered Frieza’s aura, then he would be able to find him at any time.

A bright light streaked across the dark starry sky.

Looking at the asteroid belt that was getting closer and closer, Frieza was wild with joy, and with a swift flash, he quickly hid behind an asteroid.

The place was very dark because the front of the asteroid was facing the sun.

As long as he didn’t erupt out with a strong energy light, then Frieza was confident that no one could find him.

“Snort, finally safe.

To think that this king will have such a difficult day.

Later I must train properly.

As long as I am willing to work hard, then I only need two years… No, only a year, and I will surpass him.”

“That would be the time for me to take my revenge!”

Frieza clenched his fists and resolutely vowed.

A sharp pain came from the cut on his back where his tail was cut off, causing his face to become hideous and distorted.

This time he had really been scared, and he was really determined to properly train!

Frieza’s talent was very good, as long as he was given a year, he believed that he could definitely reach Cooler’s level.

At that time, taking revenge would only be a matter of time.

Right now, he felt hateful towards himself.

Why didn’t he train when he had so much time Otherwise, he wouldn’t be humiliated like today.

“You can be pleased for now,” Frieza hatefully said.

But at this time, something unexpected happened.

A sparkling thread flashed past like an extremely thin cicada’s wing and swept over from thousands of kilometers away.

Puchi! Puchi…

The space within thousands of kilometers area changed.

He couldn’t tell whether it was far, or near.

The huge asteroid wasn’t destroyed at a physical level but was divided into two at the spatial level.

Frieza was also swept away by the spatial blade.

His voice stopped abruptly.

He looked at his chest with disbelief, as the skin on his stomach was gradually displaced.

A thin cut appeared across his abdomen, and after a brief stagnation, the torso below his abdomen slowly began to slide along with space.

Space restored, and the wound changed from virtual to real!

Red blood spurted out and Frieza was cut into two sections.

“My body has been slashed!”

Frieza looked on sluggishly as an intense pain came from his nerve endings.

“Ahhhh!” Frieza gave a heart-rending scream, and no longer cared about hiding his body.

He indiscriminately shot out energy waves everywhere, venting the pain in his heart.

“Hehe, found you!” The cold and indifferent voice came, and Xiaya appeared in front of Frieza with an expressionless face.

Raising his hand, an attack containing a power that could decimate heaven and earth swiftly shot out and destroyed Frieza’s lower body that was thousands of meters away, without leaving behind a single cell.

“Frieza, your time has come.”

Pronouncing a judgment in a cold voice, Xiaya glanced at the villain who was extremely arrogant in the original work of dragon ball.

It could be said that Frieza’s existence really added a lot of colors to the dragon ball.

If there was no Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, then what impression will it leave behind to people

Xiaya didn’t know, but he understood that Frieza was quite an exciting person amongst villains.

He was extremely evil, but he had a fair number of readers, viewers, and followers.

However, a person like that was now fleeing in panic from him, and will also be killed by him!

Immediately, Xiaya’s hands joined together to make a triangle shape; a dense and frightening aura suddenly began to converge in his hands, and soon a bright white and transparent brilliance was formed.

Due to the effect of the powerful energy, the surrounding space began to distort.

“This… How can this king die in the hands of a nobody like you!” Blue veins were wriggling on Frieza’s head as his eyes were filled with wisps of blood, and his mouth spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He wanted to resist the person in front of him.


This Tri-Beam was not the copycat version that he used in Universe 6, but a true Crane School Tri-Beam passed down from Master Mutaito.

As Xiaya shouted loudly, he pushed both of his hands forward, and a bright white Tri-Beam swiftly shot out and became a cube of more than a 100 meters in length.

The color then turned from white to black, and after which it brought along with it an irresistible and formidable might as it collided.

“This king can’t die!” Frieza roared with a distorted face.

“Barrage Death Beam!”

The blood-red energy fearlessly sprayed out.

The dazzling energies were like a pot of boiled water, and with Frieza at the center, it began to surge out.

The pressure at the center suddenly increased rapidly.

A giant energy ball soared into the sky and rushed forward with a surging momentum.


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