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“Ho-ho, since you know the name of this king, it doesn’t seem you are an ordinary person.

You know there is a price to pay for storming into this king’s headquarters!”Frieza sat on the hover pod with a calm expression as he stared below.

There were no emotions in his icy and bone-chilling pupils, like he was an aloof god, as he didn’t place the trifling human in his eyes.

His voice was ordinary, but it unconsciously made people feel cold like they were in a world of ice and snow, and they wouldn’t be able to help but tremble.

Xiaya smiled indifferently, and a whirlwind rose from beneath his feet, sending his body flying high up in the sky to arrive at the same altitude as Frieza.

“Frieza, since I dare to come, I naturally have something to rely on.

To be honest, your strength is just so-so, I don’t even put you in my eyes,” Xiaya said.

“Good, good! Whether you are speaking the truth or not, you actually dare to say such a thing to this king means that your guts are not small.

Maybe you are ignorant and do not know the terror of this king, but you have to pay a price for your ignorance.”

Frieza’s expression turned even colder, and a stern murderous aura vigorously erupted out, instantly lowering the surrounding temperature below freezing point.

He then revealed a slight smile, bringing along a dangerous aura like a poppy flower.

“The people who dared to speak to this king like this have all been already sent to Underworld by this king.”

Xiaya shook his head.

Frieza’s latent talent was extremely good.

If he was willing to work hard and train, then he could have become stronger.

At least, he wouldn’t have to compress himself into his current appearance because of his inability to control the strength within his body.

“This is your fault that you couldn’t discern the strength of your enemy, and that would be your mistake!”

Xiaya smiled.

After saying this, he lifted up his palm and drew an elegant arc in the sky.

Instantly, a beautiful and bright light suddenly appeared, and then the bright light streaked through the void.

Its target was the hover pod that Frieza was riding on.

“Hm What’s going on” Looking at the bright light that had suddenly appeared, Frieza couldn’t help but freeze, following which a dangerous signal rose at the bottom of his heart.

‘I will die!’ A strong warning rang out, and Frieza could suddenly feel the smell of death.

In the split second before the light ray landed, Frieza’s body quickly leaped away from the hover pod! Huala, the bright ray of light silently slashed through the hover pod.

In that instant, even space seemed to split into two halves.

The hover pod did not explode, rather turned into two halves along with space.


Flesh and blood splashed out, and bright red liquid fell from the sky like raindrops, along with a large flesh-colored tail.

“Ahhh ahh!!” Frieza felt pain, and his expression became distorted.

“Damn it, what the hell is going on”

Frieza let out an agonizing and violent roar.

The opponent’s attack was very strange.

Just now, if he hadn’t moved fast enough, then he would have already been split in half.

He was afraid that even with the powerful vitality of the Frost Demon race; he would have died.

Frieza had compressed his Battle Power to 530,000.

The advantage was that he wouldn’t have to worry about the loss of energy, but there was also a disadvantage when he encountered an opponent that could instantly kill him, and he may die before even exerting his full strength.

Of course, 530000 Battle Power in his Normal State, there were very few people in the universe that could reach it.

There was nothing wrong if he was said to be unbeatable, so Frieza wasn’t worried that someone ordinarily could threaten him.

But at the moment, he realized that he had made a mistake.

If he hadn’t dodged fast enough just now, then he might have really been killed by his opponent.

If that was the case, he would have died unjustly.

“Balfe, quickly check, how much is my opponent’s Battle Power!”

Frieza roared with anger and dismay.

The loss of his tail had caused his mood to become very irritable.

Fortunately, the tail of the Frost Demon race was like the tail of a gecko, and it could grow again with transformation.

“Yes, King Frieza!”

In the distance, the frog-faced Balfe quickly responded after receiving the order and immediately commanded a subordinate to turn on the large energy detector.

Frieza began to prepare for transformation, not waiting for Balfe to report the opponent’s Battle Power.

He knew that he was not the human’s opponent in Normal State.

“How can I let you transform so easily!”

With a faint smile, Xiaya’s body quickly moved.

Several blurry afterimages connected in a straight line as Xiaya suddenly arrived before Frieza.

He stretched out his palms and grabbed the two horns on Frieza’s head; then he forcefully pulled.

Frieza’s expression transformed into panic, but the hard-like-steel palms were like iron pincers, firmly gripping his horns.

He couldn’t shake them off.

He heard a crack sound, and the black horns snapped into two parts.

A severe pain transmitted to his brain after passing through the nerves on his head.

“Ahhhh!!” Frieza’s eyes split open as he angrily roared.

However, after snapping both of Frieza’s horns, Xiaya was obviously feeling that it was not enough, so he ruthlessly pounded Frieza like a sandbag.

Loud sounds of vicious attacks lingered in his ears as Frieza, who had no time to react, was hit again.

His two eyes blurred from the attacks, and his brain turned mushy.

Suddenly, a loud “thump” sounded.

Xiaya’s strong fist ruthlessly pounded on Frieza’s stomach, and sounds of something break could be heard.

Frieza’s bloodshot eyes were protruding outward, his stomach caved in from the punch, and his back bulged out.

The white sandstone armor was completely covered in small cracks.

“Ahhh, damn it!”

Frieza, who had been smashed flying, wiped the blood at the corners of his mouth.

He had never been beaten so much before.

He was sad and indignant as a strong feeling of humiliation appeared deep in his heart.

However, Xiaya seemed to have no intention of instantly killing Frieza; instead, he even more viciously trampled on Frieza.

With a thunderous noise, Frieza’s body suddenly swiftly shot out like an arrow, flying parallel to the ground.

A strong storm blew up a layer of soil and dug a deep ditch more than five meters wide.

As Frieza was flung out, Xiaya moved like a flash of lightning, and suddenly appeared next to Frieza, flying parallel with his body for a while.

Xiaya lifted his foot and forcefully kicked it high in the sky as if playing a football match by treating Frieza as a football.

The violent energy poured in from Frieza’s torso, and the powerful force instantly took effect!


Frieza screamed in pain and turned into a huge rocket that was rising into the sky.

He quickly accelerated to a very fast speed.

Because his speed was too fast, a red light appeared at the top and he instantly pierced through the thin clouds, producing faint concentric ripples.


Xiaya didn’t know when they had went outside the atmosphere; he pointed at the oncoming red little dot and raised his fists high.

“Return back to the ground!”

Bang! A heavy punch smashed down, and Frieza suddenly began to bleed from all of his five organs.

Like a meteor, he again fell down.

With a rumbling sound, the huge impact caused everything to become chaotic.

The hard diamond-like planet was struck by a huge impact, penetrating a huge dark crater of unknown depth, and instantly splashing sand out.

Xiu xiu xiu.

The fine gravel accelerated like bullets, punching everything along the way with small holes.

As the smoke and dust permeating the sky gradually dissipated, a huge impact crater of one-kilometer in diameter, suddenly became visible.


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