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“So fast, and so strong, this human’s Battle Power is definitely above 150,000.

If I can get his body, my strength will definitely be able to advance by leaps and bounds!”

Captain Ginyu looked at Xiaya and schemed in his heart.

The more he thought about it the more his eyes shone.

He intuitively felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and his heart couldn’t help but become agitated.

He was not the slightest bit sad because of his teammate’s sacrifice.

But Recoom on the side couldn’t stand his teammates death.

He shouted loudly towards Guldo, “Guldo, let’s attack together; you should seize an opportunity to launch your ability!”

After that, he roared towards Xiaya and attacked.

While Guldo changed his approach and looked for an opportunity to attack.

“Courting death!” Xiaya said with an indifferent and flat voice.

His eyes flashed with a profound light, and then his body moved.

Leaving behind few blurry afterimages, his real body had already arrived before Recoom.


Guldo shouted with excitement, and the four eyes on his head abruptly widened.

Suddenly, the time within the range of few kilometers stopped.

Everything was still, the sand swirling up stopped in the air, and the several afterimages also froze like a substance.

Recoom who was brandishing his fist was also motionless.

“Hehe, in my time domain, no one can beat me!” Guldo said excitedly, his obese body trotted over and soon arrived before Xiaya.

Guldo had the best ability in the Ginyu Force, and his ability was Time Stop.

His mysterious and rare ability made him successful in everything.

Even if he had only over 10,000 Battle Power, he was qualified to be included in the Ginyu Force.

In his journey of fighting, who knows how many experts had died under his ability!

Puchi, an energy blade pierced Xiaya’s heart, but soon Guldo felt that something was wrong.

He couldn’t feel the sensation of the energy blade piercing a body.

This was an afterimage

Guldo panicked, it was clearly the real body, how did it turn into an afterimage after he launched Time Stop Where exactly did Saiyan’s real body hide

“Are you looking for me”

A playful voice sounded, and Xiaya appeared in a bizarre manner; then he walked over to the front of Guldo step by step.

His handsome face exposed a smile, but it made Guldo feel an intense chill.

“How is it possible, you were clearly in my time domain, how can you move about freely!” Timidly stepping a short distance back, Guldo’s complexion became flustered and his forehead dripped with beads of sweat.

As far as Battle Power was concerned, Guldo could be said to be at the bottom among all the members of the Ginyu Force.

Now that his ability had failed, facing the enemy who could easily kill Jeice and Burter, he totally had no courage to stand up to him.

The corners of Xiaya’s mouth curled up, revealing a cold smile.

“It’s unfortunate, but I also have time ability and one much more powerful than yours.”

“How can it be” Guldo cried out in surprise.

“Spacetime Freeze!”

Xiu, the originally stagnated time once again stagnated, and the whole space transformed into crystal clear ice blue colour.

Xiaya’s space-time ability was launched.

On top of Guldo’s time stop, space froze further.

In this ice blue background, the short and stout Guldo was frozen in his original place, revealing shock on his face.

“Both of you die!”

Xiaya stretched out his fingers and flashed them twice in the space.

His fingers pointed at the space between both Guldo and Recoom’s eyebrows, after that he removed Spacetime Freeze ability.

Guldo and Recoom’s eyes rolled over to the back of their heads, and they stiffly fainted, dying.

In that split second just now, Xiaya’s unusually utilized Ki method mashed their brains to paste.

Following Guldo’s “defeat,” his time ability also immediately lost its effectiveness.

Swish, everything turned back to normal.

With two bang sounds, Guldo and Recoom’s head, like watermelons colliding at high-speed, suddenly exploded.

Now, except for Captain Ginyu, the other four Ginyu Force members had already reported to Underworld.

“You were able to kill them in a flash.

Powerful, powerful.

A powerful expert like your Excellency has unexpectedly appeared among Saiyans.” Captain Ginyu’s face condensed, he was afraid and at the same time, unprecedented excitement appeared in his heart.

Such a powerful Saiyan, it was no wonder that even King Frieza was so afraid of them.

It really makes sense! Before, his impression of Saiyans was too poor.

It was not because Saiyans were weak, but because the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta were too useless.

This is really a god given body!

Ginyu licked his lips and looked at Xiaya with eyes full of greed.

“Captain Ginyu, do you know why I only left you behind” Xiaya creased his eyebrows and said leisurely.


“Because I want to know about the information of Frieza’s headquarters from you.

Frieza destroyed Saiyan’s homeland, Planet Vegeta.

It’s time to settle the debts!” He slowly said in an indifferent and resolute voice.

It seemed that he had heard some funny joke, Captain Ginyu laughed.

“Ha ha ha, you, a Saiyan, is saying that you want to look for King Frieza to take revenge.

Ignorant! I admit that you are very strong, stronger than most of the people I have seen, but you don’t even know the frightening aspect of King Frieza!”

Calming down, Captain Ginyu said with certainty, “To King Frieza, killing you will be as easy as pinching an ant”

“Oh You really think so In other words, you are not going to give up the information on Frieza headquarters.

Forget it, don’t say it.

Then, what use is there in keeping you When the time comes, I will find it myself!” Xiaya shook his head regretfully, and his eyes flashed with murderous intentions.

“Hehe, boy, you are already late, give me your body!”

Captain Ginyu crazily howled, his eyes flashing with a red light.


Just as his voice resounded, a bright light flashed, and then a transparent spirit body emerged from his purple body and flew toward Xiaya.

Captain Ginyu aimed his ability at Xiaya; This was his best method to swap his body with a powerful one, not knowing if Captain Ginyu’s current body could be exchanged.

“Noisy!” Xiaya snorted coldly, and his eyes flashed with electric light.

A vast and majestic but indomitably imposing aura suddenly erupted out and instantly caused countless cracks to appear on the entire land.

The ground suddenly sunk down by a big section, with cracks as the boundary.

Captain Ginyu’s spirit body immediately shot back and returned to his body causing it to tremble.

The backlash from his ability failing caused his brain to completely froze, and it took a while to recover.

Captain Ginyu shrieked loudly with a distorted expression, “How is my ability not effective on you, could it be that your strength…”

All abilities have an ironclad rules, that is, they aren’t effective on the body of living beings whose strength exceeds the user of the ability by too much, and if forcibly used, then an ability backlash will be incurred.

Just like when Xiaya used Spacetime Freeze on Cooler in the past.

Cooler, whose strength was too powerful, was able to resist the power of Spacetime Freeze.

The result was that Xiaya’s spirit suffered a heavy damage and it took several months for him to recover.

In the original work, there are also many examples of an ability failing.

For example, during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Chiaotzu used telekinesis to deal with the mechanically modified Mercenary Tao;  when the Saiyans invaded, Chiaotzu used telekinesis to deal with Napa, but he failed both times with no exception.

Abilities can’t be used towards people whose strength surpass the one using it by too much, which is why Frieza had allowed Captain Ginyu to remain by his side and entrust him with heavy responsibilities.

If Captain Ginyu’s ability didn’t have any limitation, then the first person to kill him would probably be Frieza; as no one wants to have such a heaven-defying person exist in the world.

“You are unexpectedly so powerful that even my ability can be repelled.

It’s no wonder you can say that you want to look for King Frieza for revenge!” Captain Ginyu laughed crazily, his face distorted.

Maybe it was because of the pain from his ability backlash or because of fear from confronting a powerful enemy.

The surging momentum from Xiaya turned into a heavy substance-like-force which impacted his body, giving him an immense oppressive feeling.

“Can you tell me about the situation of Frieza headquarters” Xiaya asked with patience.

If he could get detailed information on Frieza’s headquarters from Captain Ginyu, it would be very helpful to him in finding Frieza.


Perhaps Captain Ginyu knew that he was doomed, so he answered with a rare unyieldingness, and in exchange got a fierce attack from Xiaya.

“Courting death!” Xiaya’s body flashed and attacked Captain Ginyu.

An ice-blue energy wave whistled out like a blue dragon bringing along a vast imposing aura, and with the sound of thunder, crushed Captain Ginyu with irresistible force.

“It seems that I will have to look for it after arriving in North Area.”

Killing small characters like the Ginyu Force might have felt exciting to Xiaya a decade ago, but now it was like crushing an ant and didn’t produce any waves in his heart.

After all, his horizons had widened, and the people who he had to look up to in the past were now like air to him.


North Area.

The original location where Planet Vegeta existed.

Now, there was nothing here.

It was like an open space.

Bright stars were still emitting light rays and heat, but in the orbit of Planet Vegeta that once existed, there was only some debris left after the explosion of the planet.

Occasionally, there will be a few meteorites flashing by, like orphans who had lost their homes.


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