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“Give me the location of the Ginyu Force.

Before going to the North Area, I will go and finish them off first!” Xiaya flatly said to everyone.”Yes, Sir Xiaya!” Charlene, who was in charge of headquarters information management, hurriedly marked the last appearing position of the Ginyu Force on the three-dimensional map and then handed it to Xiaya.

The coordinates indicated that the Ginyu Force was still within the boundary region of East Area.

After receiving the coordinates, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth slightly curled upward, and a cold ray flashed in his black eyes.

He then turned towards Xiling and Myers and said, “You two, while I am not here, you will guard Planet Hongshan.”

“Mhm! We will protect Planet Hongshan!”

“Rest assured, leave it to us.”

Xiling slightly nodded her head, while Myers patted her chest as if saying: Don’t worry, I am here.


At the same time, in a place located at the common boundary of the North and East Area.

Ginyu Force was resting on a primitive life planet.

Even though they were all very powerful, the battle a few days ago had been very strenuous and intense.

Among the five members, except Captain Ginyu, others more or less all suffered some injuries.

In the Ginyu Force’s impression, it seemed to be the most challenging battle they had experienced ever since their founding!

“Captain, it’s hard to believe that in the East Area, Saiyans still exist.

The strength of those several Saiyans was really powerful, my whole arm is still numb.” Burter, who was known for his speed, waved his arm, still feeling a spell of weakness and numbness assaulting his arm.

“Ha ha ha, despite being strong, didn’t they still died by our hands” Captain Ginyu laughed wildly, the two black horns on his head glowing.

“But it’s true that those Saiyans were a bit too strong, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta certainly weren’t that strong!” Jeice spoke, somewhat scared.

Captain Ginyu stroked his chin and agreed with Jeice’s point of view.

“That’s true, Saiyans of the East Area are really different from the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta, which is conforming to the title of Fighting Race!”

Originally, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta were only regarded as savage gorillas in Captain Ginyu’s eyes.

What Fighting Race It was just overrating them.

On the contrary, every Saiyan that had appeared this time had a strength not worse than King Vegeta.

It wasn’t worse even compared to the other members of the Ginyu Force.

“Let’s go, we have rested enough.

There are still a lot of missions waiting for us later,” Captain Ginyu stood up and said.


“Yes, captain.”

Obeying their captain’s command, they stood up and walked towards the disc-shaped spaceship that was berthed on a sandstone beach not far away.

But at this time…

An energy ray diagonally flew over and struck their disc spaceship, and with a loud bang, the entire spaceship exploded into pieces.

Seeing this scene, the expression of Captain Ginyu and the others who were moving forward, could not help but turn stiff.

They reacted immediately, their faces turning dark like the bottom of a pot.

The destruction of their spaceship was quite humiliating to the Ginyu Force.

Because the disc-shaped spaceship was destroyed, they could only go back in a small spherical spacecraft.

If the spherical spacecraft’s hull was not strong enough to withstand the explosion, they would have to contact the headquarters and have someone pick them up.

No matter which option it is, the Ginyu Force would lose face.

“Who the hell is it, so audacious!” Captain Ginyu was so angry that he was slightly trembling, and his body was emitting a cold aura; looking frostily towards the source of the attack.

“Ginyu Force, this was just a warning, you will soon report to the King of Hell in the Underworld,” A chilly voice said.

Turning around, they saw a black-haired youngster in white martial art clothes sitting on a protruding out rock ledge; as a light and clear wind swayed the hair in front of his forehead.

“How come a human is here” Burter shouted in astonishment and turned to Jeice and asked, “How much is this guy’s Battle Power”

Jeice operated the energy detector in his hand before shaking his head.

“I don’t know, the detector doesn’t have any response!”

“No need to check, the other party can definitely conceal his Battle Power.

The detector is useless towards him!” Captain Ginyu said in an indifferent voice, his eyes fixedly staring at the human opposite him.

He felt a hint of ominousness in his heart, even though he didn’t know why.

“Captain Ginyu is really experienced and knowledgeable.” Xiaya clapped his palms and praised.

“Who is your excellency, we don’t seem to have offended you” Captain Ginyu narrowed his eyes and spoke fearfully.

The smiling face cooled down, and Xiaya raised his eyebrows, coldly speaking, “Don’t tell me you have already forgotten the people you killed in the last two days Those people were my subordinates.”

“You are also a Saiyan!” Captain Ginyu’s countenance changed as he shouted loudly.

“That’s right, I am also a Saiyan, so you can all die now.”

Xiaya sneered, slightly stepped forward, and in the blink of an eye disappeared from their line of sight.

He appeared again in front of the red-skinned Jeice, and then quickly swung a strong hard-like-steel punch.


Jeice’s eyes turned over, and he immediately fainted to the ground with a muffled sound.


This was the thought that flashed in Captain Ginyu’s heart.

But before he could react, a dark blue energy wave had already shot out quickly, immediately hitting Jeice’s head.

His head exploded into pieces, and white and red liquid splashed on the ground.

Few people in the universe had a powerful vitality like that of Majin Buu.

If the majority of living beings don’t have a head or heart, it would mean death.

Jeice, one of the Ginyu Force, whose Battle Power was in tens of thousands, instantly died by Xiaya’s hands.

Instant Kill, direct and efficient!

Expert, this is definitely an unprecedented expert.

Captain Ginyu’s purple pupils fiercely shrank; his heart trembled, and at the same time an excited feeling also lingered in his heart.

“Damn it, you killed Jeice!”

Burter, who claimed to be the fastest in the universe, roared angrily.

His body immediately turned into a beam of light, quickly rushing towards Xiaya to attack.

When Xiaya saw this, a sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth.

He lightly swayed his body, his minuscule movements were always able to cleverly dodge Burter’s attacks.

“Bastard, bastard!”

Burter tried his best to use his maximum speed, but this time he seemed to have hit an iron plate.

His proud speed seemed to be nothing in the eyes of the young man; his every attack was perfectly avoided.

Burter’s heart was full of fury.

Whoosh, a beam of light which was thin like a cicada’s wing flashed past.

Feeling a cooling sensation on his chest, Burter looked down in surprise and saw that a hole had suddenly appeared on his chest.

Because the cut was too fast, it took a while for the blood to spurt out.

Looking at his opponent’s hand, a heart was vigorously beating on it.

“That’s… my heart…” Burter looked incredulous.

He seemed to have seen the most unlikely thing in the world.

He was known for his speed, but he didn’t even know when his opponent took away his heart.

“Impossible… I am obviously the fastest person in the universe…”

“You are fastest in the universe Nope, it seems I am faster than you!”

Xiaya said coldly, and then an energy ball appeared in his palm, directly burning the bloody heart in his hand to ashes.

After losing his heart, Burter’s vitality drained away little by little; his struggling consciousness became blurred and soon he also lost his life.

In just a brief moment, the Ginyu Force were two elite members less.


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