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“You must have remembered wrong.

How can there still be something like a Super Saiyan in the current era! “Bido smiled as he said to Zangya.

Immediately after he denied Zangya’s words, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh in his mind.

‘Zangya, this girl, she really has been sleeping for a long time, even her memories has become disordered.’

“No, I really saw a Super Saiyan on the planet that I woke up on, and I also killed a Frost Demon with my hands.” Zangya shook her head and refuted Bido’s words.

This matter she had experienced not too long ago, so it was impossible for her to remember wrong.

“Could it be that a Super Saiyan really exists”

Speaking was Kogu who was carrying a long sword at his back.

Among these several people, he was considered to be quite an intelligent one.

He didn’t believe that Zangya’s memory was disordered.

Then, the only explanation was that a Super Saiyan really exists in the universe.

But is this possible If there was really a Super Saiyan in the universe, then when the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta were enslaved by the Frost Demon race, and even as they were destroyed at last, why didn’t he appear

“Yes.” Zangya nodded with certainty.

“Haha, no matter whether the Super Saiyan really exists or not, there is nothing to worried about.

As long as no red-haired Saiyan exists! Our current priority is to find the place where Boss Bojack had been sealed,” Buchin said coldly.

In his words, it could be seen that he didn’t place the Super Saiyan in his eyes.

In his eyes, the insignificant Super Saiyan was only a little bit more powerful than an ordinary Saiyan.

At that time, if they weren’t seriously injured by the red-haired guy, how could they be defeated in the hands of the Super Saiyan who came afterward

“Back then, if the four Grand Kai’s hadn’t taken advantage of the moment when Boss Bojack was seriously injured, Boss wouldn’t have been sealed in an unknown place.

The place where he is being sealed must be in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The question is: where is it”

As long as they could find the place where Boss Bojack was being sealed, and then rescue him.

At that time, with their five people’s strength, he believes that the whole universe will fall into their hands.


Zangya and Bido both nodded.

“Also, pay attention to the Super Saiyan that Zangya has seen.

Maybe there are other Saiyans somewhere we don’t know off.

The Saiyan race must be eliminated.” A cold light flashed in Swordsman Kogu’s blue eyes.

They had previously suffered a loss from a Saiyan, although that different kind of red-haired Saiyan should not still exist in the universe; but in order to guard against the unexpected, the Saiyan race had to be completely annihilated.

“Yes, we can’t let off the Saiyans!”

“Zangya, you previously should have killed that Super Saiyan,” Bido standing next to Zangya spoke.

Displeased, Zangya said, “I had just woken up at that time and hadn’t thought about it!”

“Enough, it also cannot be blamed on Zangya.

How about this, as there just happens to be four of us, each of us will go to a galaxy.

I will go to the West galaxy, Bido will go to South galaxy, and East and North galaxies will be left to Kogu and Zangya.

Our primary objective is to find the place where Boss Bojack is being sealed.

If you encounter Saiyans, just kill them.

What does everyone think”

Bujin casually made an arrangement.

“Good, let’s do it like this!”

“No problem.”

Everyone felt that there was no problem, and after a while, they rushed in four different directions.

Great waves were raised in the four big galaxies because of their arrival.


On East Kai’s planet, East Kai, who had been closely following Zangya’s tracks all along, panicked.

“Damn, why didn’t I think that the woman could be related to Bojack, the same orange hair and cyan skin.

I should have thought of it long ago.”

East Kai was regretful and vexed, her obese body trembling.

Two hundred thousand years ago, these powerful people who called themselves Galaxy Soldiers suddenly appeared in the universe, and the whole universe was embroiled in a reign of terror.

Finally, the great Grand Kai personally took action, and with great difficulty sealed Bojack somewhere in the universe.

But who would have thought that there are actually still four such people

Their purpose is to undo the combined seal of the four Kais and release Bojack.

Once they have succeeded, the entire universe will again be embroiled in chaos.

“No, this must be reported to Grand Kai!” East Kai thought it over and felt that she should still tell Grand Kai, and let him make a decision.

If it really wouldn’t work, they could only violate the rules of Underworld, and have the experts on Grand Kai’s planet step in.

“Yes, I’ll do just that!” East Kai trotted over to the center of her planet.

The two antennas on the top of her head sent out a strange electric wave, and soon, she got in touch with Grand Kai’s planet, which was far away.

“Is there a problem”

Grand Kai’s voice resounded on her planet, and thunderous rock and roll music came from all sides.

East Kai respectfully said, “Grand Kai, the accomplices of Bojack who you had let us seal has come back, and want to undo the seal on Bojack!”

“Ah! did they find the sealed place” Grand Kai froze and asked in shock.

“Not yet, but their existence will definitely cause chaos in the universe,” East Kai said.

“Then, it’s fine, i will let you handle it.

The universe is already quite in chaos, may as well muddy the water.

Then, we will deal with it at the same time.

Ah, didn’t I tell you, I have recently choreographed a new dance…”

“But…if we don’t handle it as soon as possible…” East Kai wanted to say something but stopped.

Following the beat of rock and roll music, Grand Kai cut off the communication.

Black lines appeared on East Kai’s forehead.

“Since even Grand Kai has spoken so, then let’s do it first.

What Grand Kai has said is also right.

The universe is already very chaotic, it wouldn’t be bad if Bojack’s companions are added!”

Although she spoke like this, as the Kai of East Area, she still paid close attention to the situation on the planets of the mortal world.

If anything was wrong, she could immediately have the Galactic Patrol organization step in.


On the other hand, after some preparations, Boss Karuk finally contacted Commerce Alliance, and the Universe Commerce Alliance will pass on his message to King Davidow in the West Area at a right time.

“Hehe, when the powerful King Davidow steps in, that group of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan who refuse to obey will also have to obey!” Karuk said with a sinister smile.

West Area.

On a white snowy planet, the temperature here was tens of degrees below zero all year round.

Far away from the radiance and light of the stars, except for a small number of light rays, there were no traces of warmth here.

This was an extremely cold world.

In an ice palace.

“Father, there is a message from the Universe Commerce Alliance.” The one who spoke was a completely white, short and thin alien.

He somewhat looked like Frieza in his Final Form, but he looked more mature compared to Frieza.

His eyes were purple, and the layer of skin on both his arms, shoulders and top of his head was a crystal-like dark blue.

A white flawless tail tapped on the ground, making thump thump sounds.

His father was King Davidow who ruled over the entire West Area.

“Luther, what news has come from the Universe Commerce Alliance” Feeling interested, King Davidow stood up and walked to Luther’s side.

King Davidow looked very much like Luther.

He had similar purple eyes and a dark blue layer of skin on top of his head.

As a member of the Frost Demons, King Davidow’s terrifying strength was not inferior to King Cold.

He was the overlord of the West Area.

Since he lost against King Cold in vying over North Area’s territories four hundred years ago, King Davidow began to fully concentrate on training and recovering from injuries.

After many years of hard work, his current strength was definitely above King Cold’s.

Luther exuded an icy aura from all over his body as he disdainfully said, “It is a businessman in the East Area called Karuk who has taken fancy to a technological product and wants to rob it.

He is willing to give us 40% profit!”

“Oh, what technology”

“It seems to be called the Hoi-Poi Capsule, a product that uses space technology for portable compression,” Luther said with a cultured and refined chuckle, like a gentleman.

Many from the Frost Demon race were like this.

They usually seemed to be very polite.

Even if it was a subordinate with low strength, they would use “Mr.” to address them, and the cold-bloodedness hidden deep in their bones would not be exuded through their aura all the time.

“This is a very rare technology.

The other party is definitely not willing to hand it over, so he has asked us to take action.”

King Davidow touched his chin, his purple eyes were profound and dark, and silent like a dead sea.

But hidden behind the calm, there were undercurrents that could surge at any time.

“40% is too little, we should forcibly take everything.” Luther evilly smiled, his tone was very calm as if he had become accustomed to these kinds of things.

“No, no, no, we can’t do it, but 40% is really less.

Let’s only take 90%.

We still have to give some face to the Universe Commerce Alliance.” King Davidow looked in the distance with hands behind his back.

The Universe Commerce Alliance was a big universe-level organization.

He was also one of its members and had to follow the rules.

Otherwise, the Universe Commerce Alliance would lose its dignity, which was also not a good thing for him.

“Rightly said, father!”

“Oh, by the way, father, haven’t Cooler of the North Area just died.

Now only King Cold and that little kid Frieza is left.

It is better for us to seize this opportunity to attack and pocket the North Area while their strength is weakened.”

Luther licked his blue lips, and his whole body exuded chilly air.

King Davidow’s family and King Cold’s family were both Frost Demons, but they belonged to different branches, which could be seen from their body’s color.

King Cold’s family had purple armor and blood red pupils, while King Davidow’s family had blue armor and purple pupils.

While their ancestor, Space Pirate Chilled, had golden armor.

They were the only few living Frost Demons, but there was a competition for power between the two famililes.

Their conflicting views had gone on to this day from their fathers’ generation.

Now that the most powerful person in King Cold’s family, Cooler, had died, it was a heavy blow for King Cold’s family.

If he could seize this opportunity to fiercely attack, then it may really be possible to pocket the North Area.


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