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After Karuk and his four bodyguards left, Melos, Charlene, and the other Saiyans laughed disdainfully.

This merchant wants to rob benefits from Saiyan’s hand.

He really is an idiot!

“Sir Xiaya, why didn’t you allow us to make them stay behind ” Melos smirked and asked.

Xiaya shook his head.

“Commerce Alliance is not simple.

Although Karuk is only one of the agent in the East Area, before beating a dog you must see who its owner is.

Hence, it’s better not to kill if there isn’t too big of a conflict.

“Of course, if that Karuk isn’t tactful, then he shouldn’t blame us for being rude!”

Who would have thought that the profits from Hoi-Poi Capsule would attract the attention of others so quickly… Karuk is first, but he wouldn’t be the last.

Letting Karuk go was because there is no harm in giving a warning.

Looking at Karuk’s receding figure, Xiaya’s eyes flickered with cold light.


“Leo, what was all that about just now You really were not their match” Karuk turned towards his bodyguard and asked, right after their spaceship left Planet Hongshan.

These bodyguards were all hired from within the Commerce Alliance for huge prices, and each one of them had extraordinary strength.

The bodyguard, Leo, replied, “Yes boss; those Saiyans are not simple.

Boss, you know that I have the superpower to discern the energy of others.

I discovered that the Battle Power of those Saiyans were above 10,000.

If we had fought them, we would have suffered great losses.

“Saiyans are that powerful” Karuk was also frightened.

As one of the agents of the Commerce Alliance in the East Area, his personal Battle Power was nothing much.

He relied on the Forces of his family and the many resources he controlled.

When he heard that the Saiyans had Battle Powers as high as 10,000, he was frightened.

“Boss, that Planet Hongshan is not simple.

Besides those Saiyans who had come in, I also discovered countless high-intensity energies spread out in our surrounding, so I didn’t dare to act rashly.”

“What about the strength of Planet Hongshan’s leader” Frowning, Karuk changed the topic and asked.

Leo shook his head and said, “That is also what I find strange.

I couldn’t make out the strength of their leader.

He seems to be just an ordinary person.”

“No, the leader of the Saiyans can never be an ordinary person! His strength must have been concealed, so even you couldn’t discern it! Forget it, forget it; this Planet Hongshan is really not simple! It’s unfortunate about the profits from Hoi-Poi Capsule.

It’s really a pity to lose them in those short-sighted people.,” Karuk said, shaking his head regretfully.

“Boss, aren’t you an agent of the Commerce Alliance Why not ask the people of the Commerce Alliance to take action” another bodyguard said.

They were all from the Commerce Alliance, so they clearly understood how frightening an existence the Commerce Alliance was; especially those overlords who rule over an area of a starfield.

Before the Commerce Alliance, everyone else had to bow their arrogant heads.

“But, if we did this, the profits will have to be divided among many people.” Karuk was hesitating, but after some serious thought, he still painfully made a decision.

“Forget it, let it be divided a little bit.

It’s better than not getting anything at all.

Let the people of Commerce Alliance take action!”

“Doesn’t King Davidow of the West Area want to extend his reach to other galaxies.

Contact King Davidow using the connections of Commerce Alliance.

Tell him that I want to cooperate with him on a big business!” Karuk hardened his heart and said.

“King Davidow That’s a generation overlord!” All of his bodyguards showed admiration.

“Heh heh, this time, its Planet Hongshan who would be humiliated.”

It is said that King Davidow is able to vie for territories with King Cold of the North Area.

He is currently the supreme overlord ruling over the entire West Area.

If he is willing to take action, then would those Saiyans on Planet Hongshan still refuse to obediently offer the technology of Hoi-Poi Capsule


At this time, on an unfamiliar planet in the northwest of the East Area, the orange-haired Zangya was hugging her knees while sitting bored on a huge tree that was tens of meters tall.

After leaving Planet Bahert, Zangya traveled throughout the universe, trying to find her forgotten memories.

Her 200,000-year-old sleep had taken so long, there now appeared to be a gap in her memory, but as time passed, she was finally able to recall something.

First, her name is Zangya—a very powerful Super Soldier.

As for her origins, Zangya could only hazily remember a little; it seemed to be related to a planet called Feidaya.

As Zangya was sitting on the tree, a chilly wind caused her beautiful hair to flutter, and the pendant on her chest kept swaying and making jingling sounds.

“Planet Feidaya, what kind of planet could that be Is it my parent star” ”

At that moment, the energy-sensing device in her body detected three extremely powerful energy signatures approaching her; the owners of these energy signatures were not inferior to her at all.

“Who could they be They have such power… and what is this familiar feeling” Zangya’s attractive eyebrows slightly wrinkled, then she stood up and looked straight ahead in the distance.

Soon, three deep-blue brilliant glows arrived from far away, and in the blink of an eye, three figures appeared in front of Zangya.

“Hey, Zangya; long time no see!” Among those three new arrivals, a short figure shouted at Zangya.

“You are… Bujin…Bido, and Kogu” Zangya looked at the three people in front of her, and after a while, she reacted and spoke with surprise.

“Hahaha, you still remember us!” The alien called Bujin said with a hearty laughter.

“Zangya, you have been asleep for 200,000 years! If it was not for the fact that the communication devices in our bodies sensed that you had awakened, how many years would we have to wait”

“How is Boss Bojack” Zangya recovered a little of her memory.

She could remember that these three were her companions from 200,000 years ago; she could also remember that she had a boss called ‘Bojack’.

“Sigh! After you had fallen asleep because you were seriously injured by a red-haired Saiyan in a fight, Boss Bojack was also defeated by the red-haired Saiyan very quickly.

Later, he then ran into a golden-haired Super Saiyan.

In the end, although he luckily didn’t die, the four Kais, who rushed over afterward, sealed him in an unknown place!”

“Bido and I searched for many years, but we still haven’t found him!” Bujin shook his head as he recounted what had happened in the past thousands of years.

When Zangya was seriously injured by the red-haired Saiyan, their boss, Bojack, was also quickly defeated.

Then, he was seriously injured by a Super Saiyan who had suddenly appeared.

So, they don’t know where he was sealed.

Their search did not yield results, so they left the Milky Way Galaxy, only returning in recent years.

“Red-hair Saiyan…” After listening to Bujin’s description, Zangya lowered her head and muttered to herself.

A fierce headache suddenly struck, and she finally remembered something.

“Yes; it’s all because of that damn red-haired Saiyan.

If it were not for him, I wouldn’t sleep for so long, and that Super Saiyan…!”

Zangya remembered a lot of things.

“But, Zangya, you can rest assured; the Saiyan race has already been destroyed by someone, along with their parent star.

Now there are no Saiyans left in the universe,” Bido laughingly said in order to comfort Zangya.

When he mentioned ‘Saiyan’, his expression looked extremely disdainful.

“There are no Saiyans Impossible, I saw a Super Saiyan recently…” Zangya shook her head with surprise.


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