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Looking towards the sky, the giant Shenron was burning with Ki flame just like a Super Saiyan.

The sacred, mighty aura assaulted their faces; Xiling and Myers couldn’t help but feel terrified, staring blankly.

“Xiaya, this Shenron seems to be quite… big!” Xiling swallowed a mouthful of saliva, with a stiff expression.

The golden-flame Shenron’s physique wasn’t as simple as just big, its every scale was also huge and looked like a mountain peak, especially the huge head.

Its two blood-red eyes were like suns suspended in the sky, shining with sparkling light.

“Yeah, in comparison, the size of Planet Namek’s Shenron is not even equal to the size of this Shenron’s finger!” Myers was also surprised.

“Heh heh, the bigger the Shenron, the stronger it’s power.

You haven’t seen Super Shenron’s size.

There isn’t anything in the entire galaxy that is big as its scales, and that is really shocking.”

Upon remembering about the Super Shenron’s huge body, which was beyond the norm, Xiaya was still very surprised.

At this time, the golden-flame Shenron in the sky lowered its head, and its giant mouth spurted out a stream of air.

Then, a booming voice resounded, “People who have gathered the seven dragon balls, speak thy wish; no matter what thy wish is, there can only be one!”

Launch looked at the huge Shenron in the sky, which looked like a behemoth from primeval times and swallowed.

Thinking of Xiaya’s instructions, she spoke in the language that Xiaya taught her, “Shenron, please build a place suitable for planting Senzu Beans… ”

Launch mentioned the specific requirements of Senzu Bean plantation and then waited quietly.

“Thy wish is easy!”

The golden-flame Shenron opened its blood-red dragon eyes, which immediately gave a red glow.

As the Shenron’s huge, bright eyes glowed with a horrifying red light, far above the atmosphere of Planet Hongshan—in a dimension outside the space of Planet Hongshan—a huge, peculiar mountain-like island appeared; the island had fragrant flowers, singing birds and murmuring clear springs.

A small spring was flowing at the center.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled!”

After the golden-flame Shenron finished speaking, it left immediately.

The huge dragon body transformed back into seven transparent crystals, and then they slowly rose into the sky.

Once they dispersed, they would scatter throughout the galaxy.

“Come back!” Xiaya shouted and collected all seven dragon balls just as they were about to fly away.

Then, he opened the dimensional space and placed the seven dragon balls, which had changed into emerald stones, into it.

Later, he plans to return to Planet Hongshan, take them out, and let them absorb the energy on the planet.

After dealing with everything, Xiaya smiled and said to Xiling and other two, “Then, shall we return to Planet Hongshan and look at the Senzu Beans plantation”


The girls nodded, and he used Instant Transmission, returning to Planet Hongshan.

At this time, in the sky above a certain primeval forest on Planet Hongshan—in an infinitely distant, yet infinitely close place—a mountain-like island was suspended.

This place has murmuring streams, thick forest, and tall bamboos.

It was completely like a paradise in the human world, which makes people feel happy.

Because this place was similar to the top of the Korin Tower, it was situated in another dimension, so it can’t be reached with any technology or equipment; it could only be reached using real effort and a Flying Nimbus.

“Such a beautiful island!” Xiling laughed happily, and he then looked around, from east to west of the entire island, admiring the beautiful scenery.

Xiaya also took a look and nodded with satisfaction.

The scenery on the floating island was beautiful and colorful, similar to the quiet and elegance normally on Lookout of Universe 6.

Between the pine trees at the foot of the mountain, there were several simple bamboo buildings, and there was a small spring at the center of the island, which was continuously gushing out cool water.

The flow of spring water was not fast, so it was taking a lot of time to gather in a ceramic canal on the side, filling it with a small amount of liquid.

“Such a small amount, it would take several days just to fill a small bottle!” Myers frowned, apparently dissatisfied with the production speed of the Ultra Divine Water.

“Hehe, it’s already very good.

On the Korin Tower, only a small amount is condensed in a year.

The quantity here is already several times that of Korin Tower!”

Xiaya said with a smile.

On the third floor of Korin Tower, Korin plowed a small plantation of Senzu Beans.

The annual output was only one hundred beans which were still a good harvest.

Speaking badly about it may cause the harvest to decrease.

Regarding the conditions here, Xiaya was already quite satisfied.

“Launch, I will trouble you in the future!”

“Hee hee, leave it to me!”

Launch laughed and replied.

Xiaya nodded and looked around.

It was such a big island.

If Launch was by herself here, wouldn’t it be too lonely Should I find someone to accompany her Xiaya pondered for a moment and decided to bring over few Saiyan women from Planet Hongshan.

‘Oh, that’s right; Bardock’s wife, Gine, seems to be in charge of logistics.

Should I tell her to come here’


After a brief look at the floating island, Launch waved her hand and hid it in a higher dimension.

Apart from Xiaya, Launch, Xiling, and Myers, no one else could find the traces of the floating island.

Planet Hongshan.

After passing through the clear blue atmosphere, a reddish black ocean appeared in their line of sight.

Xiaya and the girls flew high up in the sky, savoring the cool and refreshing light breeze from the ocean.

Launch was riding her soft Flying Nimbus.

She had also come to Planet Hongshan with them.

The gravity above Planet Hongshan was twelve times that of Earth’s gravity.

An ordinary earthling would not be able to endure such gravity.

Thus, naturally, Launch also could not.

So, before returning to Planet Hongshan’s land, Xiaya first found Duokela and let him develop it.

A device that reduces gravity.

This was really quite simple for the Feidaya people.

They had experience with the Gravity Machine.

Developing an anti-gravity equipment was like creating an imitation.

They completed it in just a little time.

With a bracelet-type gravity reducing device, Launch followed Xiaya and arrived at Planet Hongshan, but she did not expect Xiaya’s Instant Transmission to bring her Flying Nimbus along too.

As it was her first time leaving earth, everything on Planet Hongshan was full of novelty to her, like the reddish black ocean.

She didn’t know that oceans, except for sky blue color, could even be of reddish black color.

Of course, oceans don’t possess colors; this reddish black color she could see is the color that was revealed after the light was absorbed.

“Ahead is the city where Saiyan lives!” Myers pointed at the blurry background that was appearing in the distance.

She was energetic and became a tour guide.

She introduced every scenery of Planet Hongshan to Launch.

In fact, even Myers herself had not been to many of these places.

“Mhm mhm!” Launch nodded like a curious baby.

Suddenly, Launch’s hair touched her own nose.


The blue-haired Launch turned into the blonde-haired Launch, who has a nasty personality.

Flying Nimbus could not bear blonde-haired Launch’s weight, so with a scream, blonde-haired Launch fell from the Flying Nimbus.

“Waaaa, help, help!!”

The blonde-haired Launch shouted for help.

Suddenly, a powerful arm held her.

“After all this time, you still haven’t learned the Flying Technique” Xiaya’s clear voice sounded.

Nearly three years had passed, and the blonde-haired Launch’s Battle Power had grown from 40 points to 112 points.

Normally, this Battle Power should be enough to master the Flying Technique, but the blonde-haired Launch seems to quite stupid in this aspect.

Up until now, she unexpectedly still hadn’t learned it.

“Ahhh, how it is you again…” Blonde-haired Launch pouted, somewhat angry.

“I will drop you down if you show this kind of attitude again!”

“Don’t, don’t!”

The blonde-haired Launch panicked and quickly changed her tone, afraid that Xiaya would throw her down.

She had learned a lesson from her past mistake.

In the past, Xiaya had thrown her down from high in the sky, so blonde-haired Launch didn’t dare to be reckless again, for fear that he would let go.


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