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On the spacious ground outside the villa, under Vegeta’s cold gaze, Tights tossed out the Hoi-Poi Capsule in her hand.

Following a muffled sound, a disc-shaped spaceship more than 100 meters in width suddenly appeared in front of them.

“It… really is a spaceship!” Vegeta’s eyes bulged out as he found it hard to believe.

There actually was such a magical technology in the universe.

Frieza presumptuously believed that he had gathered the best scientists in the multiverse, but the technology of those aliens under him was nothing compared to this.

“How is it It is a medium-sized spaceship much larger than the one I had before.

The space inside is sufficiently large; even if more than a dozen people stay in there, it will not be a problem!” Tights said with a smile.

Vegeta looked at Tights, and suddenly, a cold light flashed in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

“Send me back.

The nearest colonial planet from here is about three months away.

If you send me back, I can ignore your disrespect towards me.”

Vegeta stiffly said.

As she heard him, Tights became interested, but she didn’t have a star chart of the nearby starfields.

“I can do it, but I don’t know where that is!”

“I have the coordinates.

You only need to be responsible for providing the spaceship.” Vegeta arrogantly stared at her and said with certainty.


Let me finish eating and cleaning up the room, then we will set off.”

It seemed that she was very interested in the soon-to-occur space travel.

Tights waved her hand and no longer harassed Vegeta, but she didn’t know how dangerous her previous behavior had been.

How could this savage Saiyan be so easy to harass…

Tights had only been able to keep her life thus far because Vegeta was seriously injured.

As he listened to her eating, Vegeta swallowed his saliva and thought in his heart, “I don’t know where this woman got the food from, but it is so delicious!”


Soon afterward, Tights and Vegeta finished their lunch, and then Tights turned the villa back into Hoi-Poi Capsule.

It was only then that Vegeta knew that the house he had living in for several days had also been formed using the capsule.

“Let’s go.

Give me the destination’s coordinates, and the spaceship’s AI can pilot it automatically…” Picking up the Hoi-Poi Capsule from the ground and putting it in the box, Tights said to a Vegeta, whose face had turned sluggish.

“OK!” Vegeta replied and pushed his wheelchair, following behind Tights.

However, he was thinking deep in his heart ‘ who is this blond-haired woman’ Her Battle Power is obviously trifling, but everything appears strange!

Tapping sounds could be heard as Tights inputted the parameters provided by Vegeta, and then pressed a button to set sail.

With a tremble, the spaceship quickly soared into the sky, and the airflow gushed out downward, causing ripples like waves to blow on the flat grassland below.


The spaceship turned into a silvery-gray light ray and passed through the atmosphere, leaving the planet.

Looking at the solid planet, from the pothole on the ship, that was gradually receding away, Tights rubbed her shoulder: “According to your request, we can reach the colonial planet in three months.

You should rest here first; I will go and change my clothes.”

After she had said that, she walked towards one of the rooms.

This medium-sized spaceship given to Tights by the Feidaya people was about 120 meters long.

There were more than a dozen rooms in it.

Each room was relatively spacious, and there would be no problems even if dozens of people lived in it.

Looking at Tights walking away, a cold light flashed in Vegeta’s eyes, and he inwardly thought, “This woman is really troublesome.

She changes clothes too often.

I really can’t understand what good is it to change clothes.”

“Well, I can now get back and recover from my injuries with peace of mind.

When I arrive on the colonial planet in three months, I can get in touch with the headquarters.

Also, what happened to Nappa and others Damn it, this prince got seriously injured on a remote planet!”

Vegeta thought and pushed the wheelchair towards his room.

The next day was quite boring.

Because there was no hibernation chamber, Vegeta could only patiently stay in the room, idling time away.

But, a Saiyan’s physique was indeed extraordinary.

After a few days, Vegeta had recovered his ability to move, and his Battle Power was gradually recovering, and by now, Tights would be utterly helpless against him.

“Heh heh.

That weak woman is really useless.

At the age of twenty-one, she only has a trifling 2 Battle Power.

But the food that the woman took out is really exceptional and delicious.

It looks like she is not completely useless.”

Nursing these thoughts, the corners of Vegeta’s mouth slightly curved upward, and his mood became pleasant.

In the next few days, as he recovered his bodily functions, Vegeta began to train in the spaceship.

When Tight, who was looking from the side, saw Vegeta release energy waves from time to time and then ran to destroy them, she would get drenched in sweat, fearing that Vegeta would accidentally destroy her spaceship.

“Whoa, whoa, Vegeta, be careful.

If the spaceship gets destroyed, we are both screwed!” Tights ran over and made a big fuss.

“Snort, coward!”

Vegeta wiped the sweat from his forehead and casually picked up the towel on the floor, before walking into the bathroom, minding his own business.

“This… rude brat…” Tights stamped her feet in fury, seeing as she now had to clear up all the mess in the room.


Days passed in that manner, and soon, three months passed by.

In the first month, Vegeta recovered all of his Battle Power.

He even improved it to some extent.

Two months later, Tights and Vegeta could calmly get along when they looked at each other.

Since Tights was taught a lesson by Vegeta, she keenly became aware that she was weak, so she didn’t dare casually harass him any longer.

Finally, one day, their destination—the colonial planet, appeared in front of them, and a sharp and clear electronic sound reverberated within the spaceship:

“The destination, ‘Planet Leydon’, is approaching.

The destination, ‘Planet Leydon’, is approaching…”

Vegeta again donned on the white Battle Armor and put two protruding out pale-gold shoulder-armors on his shoulders.

Afterward, he draped a short cape over his shoulder.

“Finally arrived!”

Vegeta muttered to himself.

After having to live in the narrow spaceship for three months, and without any hibernation system, he felt like his entire body has almost gotten rusty.

“Hey, have we arrived” Speaking in a muddle-headed voice, Tights, who was in her pajamas, walked out with drowsy eyes, her golden hair all messed up.

Vegeta’s face was cold.

“This time, considering that you sent me back, this prince will not kill you.

Also, remember not to casually save any strangers in future…”

“Are you concerned about me” Grinning, Tights came over and immediately hugged Vegeta.

Because Vegeta was quite short, when he was hugged by Tights, his whole head sunk into soft ****.

“Bastard!” Vegeta’s face turned red.

“Sure enough, it was a mistake to let you live!”

Vegeta pushed Tights to the ground and condensed a light-blue energy ball while facing Tights.

But after looking at her for a while, he dispersed the energy ball.

“Open the hatch, I am going out now!”

“But we are in the outer space.

How about you wait for the spaceship to land!” Tights stood up while rubbing her butt, not at all angry.

She already understood Vegeta’s personality, somewhat.

He was obviously a good child; he was cold on the outside, warm on the inside, and stubbornly pretends to be mature.

‘Aiya, this is the outward disguise of the unfortunate prince who has lost his home!’ Thinking of this, Tights looked at Vegeta with eyes filled with pity and did not care about his rude behavior.

‘This child is not easy ah!’

However, Tights didn’t know that Vegeta was an indifferent person by nature.

What, cold outside and warm inside That was all her own imagination, and to him, killing a person was as simple as eating.


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