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Several days later, Vegeta’s injuries had somewhat improved; at least it wasn’t difficult to move short distances.

When Tights saw this, she repeatedly exclaimed in admiration that the physique of Saiyans was really powerful.

If it was a human, they would already be half-paralyzed, and for the latter half of their life, they would have needed a wheelchair as a companion.

These last few days, Vegeta’s mood was very bad, seeing that woman called Tights wasn’t afraid of him and treated him as a toy.

“Hmph, once this prince’s injuries heal, I will definitely kill this woman with my own hands,” Vegeta thought with a gloomy expression when he saw Tights walking over, wearing revealing clothes.

“Hey, Vegeta, can you not scowl all day long.

Smile, smile… ” Tights casually sat down by the bedside.

“Humph! ” Vegeta folded his arms across the chest and leaned against the corner of the bed.

“Woman, don’t you feel any shame, wearing such revealing clothes all day long.

“Hee, hee! ” Tights tugged the cloth on her chest, revealing a wide scenery of fair and soft skin, and spoke, without minding it even a little bit, “What does it have to do with you Can’t I do whatever I wish in my home”

“Besides you are only a kid.

It’s not as if this sister would eat you… don’t tell me you Saiyans mature so early” Tights joked while looking at Vegeta.

“I am 11 years old! ” Vegeta said indifferently.

“What” Tights was surprised.

Looking at the short and thin youngster in front of her; she couldn’t tell at all that he was already 11 years old: “I thought you were less than 10 years old.

So you are already 11 years old.

What to do… haven’t you have already seen sister naked”

“That, sister is 21 years old this year.

Even though it is a problem, how about sister… marries you” Tights pretended to act bashful.

Regarding this indifferent younger, she likes to always come up with ideas to harass him, and every time she does so, her mood becomes joyful.

However, she didn’t know how dangerous of an existence this Saiyan in front of her was.

Vegeta had an indifferent nature, and his hands had been stained with a copious amount of blood while working under Frieza for years.

Once his injuries healed, the first person he kills may just be her.

“Shameless woman!” Vegeta frowned and turned his head to the side, not speaking.

With a smile on her face, Tights watched unconcerned as Vegeta turned his head away, and her mood suddenly became extremely good.

She stroked the beautiful hair beside her ear and laughed suddenly, “Aiya, I never expected Your Highness to surprisingly be so innocent! ”

“Oh, by the way, do you Saiyans go out to perform missions even at such a young age What happened before Why was your body so heavily injured” Tights asked with concern.

Before, Jaco had mentioned a bit about the Saiyans’ situation, but she wanted to hear about it from a Saiyan himself, for it could be good writing material.

Vegeta looked at Tights coldly and saw that the shameless woman was looking at him with a gossipy face.

He knew that if he didn’t say anything, the woman definitely wouldn’t let him off, so he indifferently said, “There were only a few Saiyans left in the universe after Planet Vegeta was destroyed.

I was assigned to a remote planet…”

Vegeta spoke stiffly, and Tights kept recording with a pen and paper.

After Slug’s disappearance, the starfields under his rule quickly fell into chaos due to the absence of their leader.

At that time, Vegeta was ordered to follow Frieza Corp and incorporate them, but they encountered resistance on the remote planet, and he was seriously injured in the battle…

“Wait, what is this Battle Power you just said” Tights stopped the pen and asked; her instincts were telling her that this was a very important setting and that it might have unexpected effects when used in the novel.

“Ignorant woman!” Vegeta looked at her contemptuously and impatiently said, “Battle Power is a numerical value through which an individual’s energy intensity is measured!”

“Hmm, hmm!” Tights repeatedly nodded, wrote down the information, and said, while looking at Vegeta, “What is your Battle Power”


Vegeta proudly raised his head.

Back when Planet Vegeta hadn’t been destroyed, this numerical value would be one that a High-level Warrior could only attain as an adult.

Right now, Vegeta was only eleven years old, yet he already had such a powerful Battle Power.

“What about me” Tights didn’t know what the number 4360 represented, so she asked again.

Vegeta glanced at her contemptuously; he took out an energy detector and swept his eyes over her.

“Hey, human, what planet are you from Why is your Battle Power like this…” Vegeta exclaimed in surprise and incredulously looked at the number

on the detector.

“What happened Could it be that this sister is very powerful Didn’t I tell you that sister had learned Kung Fu” Tights straightened out her chest, brimming with confidence.

Vegeta coldly snorted and said disdainfully, “Your Battle Power is only 2 points.

I have never seen such a weak race.


Immediately, he was very dejected.

After getting seriously injured, he couldn’t even resist a trash that had only 2 Battle Power, which was unacceptable to such a proud person like Vegeta.

“How can this be Are you mistaken” Tights shouted in disbelief, and then she snatched the energy detector away and looked at it.

It really did say only 2 Battle Power.

She suddenly burst into an embarrassed laugh, and a slight redness appeared on her face.

Now Tights finally had a rough idea about

the value of Battle Power.

“How long would it still take for your injury to recover” Tights asked.

“If I had healing equipment, I could have recovered in seven hours, but who would that thought that en-route I would collide with you, stupid woman.

If I rely on my body’s own recovery ability, it may take one month.

Anyway, my spacecraft is damaged; I don’t know how long would it take to contact the headquarters…”

Vegeta looked at Tights coldly.

It was all because of this stupid woman that he was reduced to this state.

When he got the ability to kill, he would definitely kill this woman first.

“Hehe!” Tights smiled in embarrassment, “Speaking of spaceships, sister here has more!”

As soon as finished speaking, she took out a Hoi-Poi Capsule and shook it.

She was the big missy of the Capsule Corporation, after all.

There were several boxes of capsules on her body; how can she only have one spaceship

“What is this” Vegeta asked.

“Hoi-Poi Capsule.

It’s already quite popular in the East Area; haven’t you seen it” Tights was surprised and handed the Hoi-Poi Capsule over.

She had been advised by the Feidaya people, so she knows that earth’s position could not be carelessly divulged.

Thus, Hoi-Poi Capsule is said to be a product from East Area.

“Is there a spaceship in this capsule” Taking the Hoi-Poi Capsule and looking at it for a while, Vegeta found it quite difficult to believe that there is a spaceship within it.

This space compression technology should be very profound.

“Hey, you actually don’t believe me!”

Tights put both of her hands on her waist, with a displeased expression.

“I will take you out to have a look!”

After that, Tights bent down to pick him up.

Immediately, a lithe and smooth belly was exposed to the air, and a faint fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

Vegeta froze and quickly turned his eyes away and then struggled.

“Hey, idiot woman, let me go.”

“Hee hee, boy, how about letting sister carry you again…”


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