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Planet Metamor was located in a certain yellow dwarf galaxy of the East Area.

It was one of the moons of the massive planet.

Although it was only a moon, its size was somewhat larger than Earth.

According to universe’s widely accepted evaluation criteria, Planet Metamor was considered an intermediate level planet, and this meant that there was an expert whose Battle Power had broken through 1000 on Planet Metamor.

Xiaya arrived on Planet Metamor with Xiling and Myers.

The place that they had arrived at was a vast ocean.

There was a clear blue ocean beneath them.

Its waves rose and splashed with the wind, raising ocean spray and causing the seagulls hundreds of meters away to cry out.

It was not far away from the coastline.

Planet Metamor was very big.

Its gravity was seven times that of the Earth, but this small amount of gravity was something that they didn’t even feel.

After pondering slightly for a while, Xiaya said to Xiling and Myers, “We will restrain our aura first.

Wait till we inquire about the situation in Metamoran’s city, then we can make other plans.”

Their objective for this trip was to learn Metamoran’s martial arts.

There was no need to rouse undue attention and increase the chances of encountering unnecessary trouble for no apparent reason.

Xiling and Myers also understood this point.

They both nodded and restrained their auras before curiously observing their surroundings.

Because they had appeared above an ocean, they could only see a little outline of the land in the distance.

From the aura permeating around in the air, they could more or less determine the number of experts on the planet.

In short, Metamoran’s average fighting force was only three to four hundred, but there were a lot of people with peak Battle Power reaching in several thousand.

These auras were grouped together in groups of three or four.

There were even a few who had Battle Power exceeding 5,000.

“These few experts with Battle Power reaching 5000 should be the core of Metamoran’s fighting force.

The place where they are gathered must have the best martial arts!” Xiaya made a conclusion in his heart.

The place where the strong gathers were often the place with the purest and best martial arts.

Just like The Lookout in the Heavenly Realm on earth; it is the most sacred place on earth, and most of the martial arts on the earth had originated from there.

Planet Metamor did not necessarily have a Lookout, for only weak planets needed the protection of the gods.

Of course, this was also related to the wisdom of the local race.

If the local race was a barbaric race, even if they had protection from gods, it would be impossible to develop a sacred place.

Earth’s Lookout was the crystallization of human race’s wisdom.

The place that Xiaya was speaking about has a large number of experts gathered together.

It had the most intense clash of martial arts.

It was in that place that they would have the highest probability of obtaining the magical martial arts.

“Good! Let’s go over there! Myers, remember not to be arrogant and bossy once we arrive there.”

Xiaya especially made this clear to Myers because she was not as mature as Xiling, and her barbaric nature was still very obvious.

They were here to learn martial arts, so it was better to have a humble attitude, or else, it’d be a wonder if these people would even teach them seriously!

“Oh, I know!” Myers pouted in dissatisfaction and waved her hand when she noticed that she was the only one getting warned over and over.

Xiaya glanced at her briefly, and then he nodded at Xiling.

Soon afterward, they soared up high into the sky and streaked across the sky at high speed.

When they approached the continent, they began to fly at a low altitude.

After crossing several forests and lakes, they gradually found traces of civilization.

Several minutes later, they arrived at their destination — in front of an old city gate.

This was an ancient city that had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

The traces of years on the mottled city wall made evident that the city was very old.

“Hu!” Several people landed in front of the city gate and began to enter the city with the crowd.

Although the city was old, it was quite prosperous inside.

The people, who were preparing to enter the city, were bustling with activity.

Apart from the color of their hair and skin, Metamorans were not really different from earthlings.

Their attire was a little similar to post-fusion-Gotenks’ attire.

As for Xiaya and others who had suddenly dropped down from the sky, the Metamorans waiting in line to enter the city did not seem much surprised to see them.

They only looked at the new arrivals curiously because their appearance was different from themselves, but soon, they were quickly drawn in by own their affairs and focused on their own matters.

“It seems that Metamorans are used to unfamiliar faces,” Xiaya inwardly thought.

The standing that Metamorans held was very high among humans.

Xiaya sized them up.

The average Battle Power of the surrounding people was around 300, and if it was placed on earth, they would all be at the level of a martial artist.

Of course, this could just be a special case only associated with the city; however, it still reflected the approximate level of Metamorans.

“They don’t seem surprised by our appearance!” Xiling moved close to Xiaya and whispered.

“Well, this shows that there is no lack of aliens on Planet Metamor.

Communication can allow one to continuously grow.

It seems that Planet Metamor really knows the principle of being tolerant to diversity,” Xiaya said.

Unlike Namekians who withdrew from the society — and Yardratian who had concealed themselves — Metamorans were willing to communicate with the outside world.

As long as the visitors were not evil, Metamorans were happy to exchange experiences with others, even after they went to Underworld.

This is also the secret behind Metamoran’s long-term prosperity.

“Let’s go, we should enter and have a look at the situation.”

After Xiaya finished, the trio went into the city.

They passed through the huge city gate, finally entering the city where Metamorans lived.

The interior of the city was another kind of scene.

Here, Xiaya saw the traces of a lot of aliens, and most of them were humanoid races.

Seeing as Planet Metamor’s martial arts were more suitable for humans to train in, the visiting aliens were mostly humanoids.

They walked into a restaurant, and Xiaya ordered some dishes and pastries for Xiling and Myers.

Afterward, he attentively listened to the conversations of the other people in the surrounding.

In places like restaurants and tea houses, it was often easy to inquire about information.

Soon, Xiaya got the information he needed from eavesdropping on the conversations of several people at the neighboring table.

“I heard that the martial art hall of one of the Nine Martial Immortal, Mr.

Rade, will soon begin to teach martial arts.

This is a rare opportunity.

If we can get pointers from Mr.

Rade, our martial arts will definitely improve a lot.”

The person on the table beside him said to his companions.

His words were full of reverence for Mr.


His companion replied excitedly, “Yeah, Mr.

Rade is one of the nine legendary Martial Immortal; he is proficient in all kinds of magical martial arts.

I am really looking forward to it!”

“Unfortunately, the few Martial Immortal masters are usually occupied with developing martial arts.

There are very few opportunities to learn martial arts from them, so this opportunity is rare!” The people in the surrounding also joined in the discussion.

The more they talked, the more excited they became, wishing that they could immediately receive Master Martial Immortal’s pointers.

As Xiaya listened quietly on the side, he picked up a cup and took a sip while pondering, “Upon listening to them, it seems the strongest people on Planet Metamor are the Nine Martial Immortals.

If this is true, they should be the people with Battle Power’s exceeding 5000.

What could be so special about these Martial Immortals who are proficient in all kinds of magical martial arts!”

“Both of you, eat quickly.

In a while, we will go look for that Martial Immortal Rade,” Xiaya turned to Xiling and Myers and said.

“Didn’t they say that there is still some time until Rade would teach martial arts” Xiling picked up the pastry on the table and ate it elegantly, but her speed was not at all slow, and soon, a large stack of pastries had been eaten by her.

Xiaya shook his head.

“What do we learn before he would publicly teach martial arts It is better to directly go and look for the Martial Immortal…”

The publicly taught martial arts were all ordinary, and the real high-level martial arts were taught one-on-one.

Xiaya did not think much of ordinary martial arts.

He sought to learn real martial arts like the Fusion Technique.


Xiling thought about it for a while and agreed.

She and Myers then hastened the speed at which they ate, paid the bill and left.

Since Planet Metamor communicated frequently with the outside world, East Area’s currency could be used here.

After leaving the restaurant, they concealed their aura, and then quickly walked towards Martial Immortal Rade’s martial arts hall.

Soon, a huge and magnificent building appeared in front of them.


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