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While on the other side, after suffering an attack from Zangya, Xiaya’s body penetrated the atmosphere like an arrow and directly flew away into space.

Even after that, his speed didn’t decrease, and he continued to fly at a high speed.

After an unknown amount of time, Xiaya recovered from his surprised state with great difficulty.

He has still not recovered completely from Zangya’s attack, but it was imperative that he leave the area immediately!

“Instant Transmission!” He shouted with a pale face.

With only the little bit of strength in his body, he used Instant Transmission.

He wasn’t looking for a specific location as it was already very tiring for him to even check the star chart, so without thinking, he directly locked onto a life planet, used Instant Transmission, and disappeared from space.


In the distant starfield of the East Area, there was a galaxy shining with colorful lights.

A massive planet that had dozens or so moons orbited a yellow dwarf star in an elliptical orbit.

This was a massive planet—even bigger than Jupiter.

Subjected to the common gravitational force of the massive planet and the sun, the moons revolve around the planet in regular and irregular manner.

Some of these moons had huge mass while others had small.

Many of these moons were bigger than earth, and their orbiting path was complex and orderly.

Amidst the moons, a cyan moon was the most special.

This moon was shrouded in a layer of thick atmosphere.

The cyan moon looked like a bright pearl from space, exuding a sparkling and dazzling brilliance.

This planet was called “Metamor”, and it was one of the most common medium-sized planets in the East Area.

Living on this planet was a race extremely good at researching—Metamoran!

This was a race that had developed a lot of secret skills like Yardratian, but unlike Yardratian—who have developed secret skills which were more about surviving—Metamoran focused on fighting skills.

Fighting skills, as the name suggests, were the secret skills related to martial arts.

Their research on martial arts had reached extraordinary level.

Like in the original work, Son Goku learned Fusion Technique from a Metamoran in the Underworld, which was a kind of fighting skill developed by Metamorans.

One day, it was early morning on Planet Metamor.

Located in a primeval forest near the equator of the planet, humid water vapor suffused the forest, and various kinds of poisonous insects and savage beasts ran rampant.

This was a paradise for wild animals.

Suddenly, a colorful radiance flashed in midair, and a person with **** upper body fell from the sky.

With a loud rumbling sound, a large crater with a diameter of ten meters appeared on the ground.

Dust and stones rose several meters into the air.

The surrounding trees were severed at their middles, and some even got uprooted.

The loud tremors startled numerous birds, causing them to fly away!

“Cough, cough…where am I” An arm half-covered in sand extended out from the crater before Xiaya climbed out with difficulty.

And immediately, all the broken bones in his body caused him excruciating pain.

Grimacing, Xiaya took out a Senzu Bean from the space with difficulty and swallowed it, and then also quickly took out a Tree of Might’s fruit to eat.

The two miraculous objects simultaneously displayed their effects upon entering his mouth.

The injuries on Xiaya’s body were immediately healed.

Then, he jumped out of the crater and stretched his hands and feet.

Vigorous power surged in every cell of his body.

Senzu Bean had healed all his injuries and recovered him to normal, and the Tree of Might’s fruit had supplied extra energy to each of his cells.

The combination of the two of them was truly perfect.

After stretching, Xiaya transformed into a Super Saiyan.

His black hair immediately turned golden, and as his Ki surged, his black eyes instantly turned transparent green…

“Not bad, I can control Super Saiyan transformation!”

Thanks to the fight on Planet Bahert, he had completely mastered the Super Saiyan transformation, and his Battle Power has skyrocketed by more than 50 times.

This was mastery similar to Goku’s when he returned from Planet Yardrat in the original work.

But thinking of that mysterious woman who had appeared on Planet Bahert, Xiaya’s heart trembled fiercely again.

“Back then, it was really too dangerous.

Who was that woman Cooler in his Final State wasn’t even her opponent, and he ended up being forcibly trampled to death.

A king of a  generation died so cruelly; it’s too pitiful.

Recalling Cooler’s miserable appearance, Xiaya can’t help but sigh.

At the same time, he also understood that there were many mysterious experts hidden in the universe.

Look at those few overlords who like to act like tyrants.

Who knew when they would suffer like Cooler!

“The waters in the Dragon Ball World are quite deep! Not to mention an apex existence like the God of Destruction, Beerus—even a randomly-popping-out ‘expert’ could kill him!”

That mysterious orange-haired girl was such an example.

He had never even heard of her before, but she killed Cooler in an instant!

“But, what planet is this” Xiaya took out a set of training clothes from the dimensional space, and then looked around, discovering that he was in a primeval forest.

Then, he closed his eyes and looked up in the universe star chart given by Shenron Porunga.

Soon, he compared the images in his mind with several nearby Cepheid variable stars as a guide and locked onto his position.

“Eh, Planet Metamor”

Xiaya opened his eyes and a trace of surprise flashed on his face.

Who would have thought that his random teleport would bring him to Planet Metamor

This planet was very famous in the original work.

The wonderful fighting skills that are developed on it are much better than those on earth.

In his memory, the fighting skills of Planet Metamor, the secret skills of Planet Yardrat, and magic of Planet Namek were all well-known.

“Since I have come to Planet Metamor, I can’t go back empty-handed.

How about I have a taste of their fighting skills!”

Xiaya smiled happily, nursing the idea of ‘Since he is here, he should make the best of it’, but before that, he should tell Xiling and others that he was safe; otherwise, they would worry.

Coming to this conclusion, Xiaya memorized the coordinates of Planet Metamor, and then used Instant Transmission to go to Xiling’s side.


On a planet not far from Planet Bahert, Xiling and other Saiyans eagerly waited for Xiaya, but even after more than an hour of waiting, Xiaya still hadn’t appeared, and even Xiling had begun to worry.

Something didn’t happen to Xiaya, right Xiling looked worried.

“Don’t worry, Xiaya is a Super Saiyan.

Who can still be his opponent” Myers pulled Xiling’s hand and simple-mindedly uttered in a loud voice, but everyone could see from her expression that the brat was also worried.

“Yeah, he is definitely fine.” Xiling nodded, her beautiful forehead strewn with worry.

“You all don’t have to worry, there is nothing that can hamper Sir Xiaya!” Bardock was quietly sitting on a protruding rock, the red ribbon on his forehead swaying in the air.

Since everyone knew that Bardock had the ability to predict future to a certain extent—and since he was saying that Sir Xiaya would not meet with any accident—then Xiaya should certainly be fine.

Sure enough, after a little while, a brilliant radiance flashed in front of everyone, and Xiaya’s figure appeared.

“What Is everyone waiting for me” Xiaya smiled and greeted everyone with a deep and strong magnetic voice.

“Sir Xiaya, you are back.”

“Sir Xiaya!”

Seeing Xiaya has returned safely, both Bardock and Rebecca heaved a sigh of relief.

Xiaya is the core of the entire Planet Hongshan.

If he isn’t there, it absolutely won’t be good.

“Xiaya!” Softly shouting, Xiling threw herself in Xiaya’s arms.

Feeling Xiaya’s broad and strong chest, her heart suddenly felt calm.

Looking at the soft and delicate girl in his arms, Xiaya smiled and gently patted her on the shoulder.

“Xiaya…” Myers raised her head and called out his name; she also moved closer and looked at him curiously.

Xiaya smiled.

He reached out his hand and gently stroked the little girl’s head.

Myers closed her eyes and hummed from satisfaction.


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