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On East Kai’s Planet.

When the furious East Kai calmed down and turned her gaze back to Planet Bahert, she saw the last scene that happened on Planet Bahert—Zangya stepping on Cooler’s head and crushing it—East Kai was so scared that she jumped.

“Ah ah ah, that woman… who is she Cooler unexpectedly died just like that in her hands.” East Kai was so excited that she didn’t notice that her sunglasses had fallen down on the ground.

At that moment, her attention had been completely attracted by the mysterious woman who had suddenly appeared on Planet Bahert.

She never expected something terrifying would happen on Planet Bahert, the moment she did not pay attention to what was happening there.

“Even Cooler, who was a powerful King within the Universe, was not that woman’s match.

She stepped on his head and crushed it.

What is the identity of this orange-haired woman”

East Kai looked solemn.

Although she usually looked very crafty and strict—and she doesn’t show a friendly face in front of anyone—she was, after all, a Kai in charge of an area of the Galaxy.

Suddenly, a strong and frightening person appeared within her administered area.

If this was not investigated clearly, it would be difficult for her to set her mind at ease!

Therefore, the two tentacles on her head swayed with electric light and began to widely search for the identity of the orange-haired girl.

However, she didn’t know that Zangya was actually an ancient person from 200,000 years ago.

East Kai’s investigation was destined to be in vain.

“Strange, I can’t find any information about this woman!” Soon after, East Kai opened her eyes in confusion, and without any choice, she could only give up investigating Zangya’s identity.

“But, it’s definitely not a good thing that such a person has appeared in the East Area! This woman must be strictly monitored.

Otherwise, East Area will become chaotic!” East Kai thought to herself, then she immediately also felt slightly comfortable.

Cooler, who had tyrannized the North Area, died in the East Area.

No matter in whose hands he died, whenever East Kai got to see North Kai again, she could have a good laugh at him.

In any case, worrying anymore was useless.

Upon arriving at this conclusion, East Kai’s expression became somewhat better.

Then, she wore her sunglasses and observed the situation in the mortal world.

When she saw Zangya soar upward, pass through the atmosphere of Planet Bahert and enter space, East Kai’s eyes also followed her.


On the other side, when King Cold’s subordinates—who had wiped out all the experts that Galactic Patrol Organization—had gathered, King Cold waved his hand, and the spaceship continued to head towards Planet Bahert.

However, after flying for a while, King Cold began to feel that something was wrong.

His spaceship was already getting close to the galaxy where Planet Bahert was located, but the detector on the spaceship did not react at all and did not detected Cooler’s aura!

“Alvar, are we close to Planet Bahert…” King Cold asked with a stern expression.

“Yes, King Cold, we will arrive on Planet Bahert in few minutes,” The alien named Alvar stood up and reported.

“Then, why has the detector not detected Cooler’s aura Don’t tell me that Cooler has gotten the Tree of Might’s fruits and already left Planet Bahert!” King Cold’s tone was harsh.

He was in a bad mood as he had come over from far away, but it seemed like the fruits of victory had already picked up by others.

If this was the case, King Cold would definitely destroy a few planets!

“Erm, Your Majesty, please wait a moment.

I will immediately send someone to investigate!”

Alvar responded loudly, after which he sent a squad to Planet Bahert with the fastest speed possible.

After a while, the squad came back with frightened expressions.

They laid face down in front of King Cold’s throne while trembling.

“What happened What has you this scared” King Cold asked in displeasure.

The aliens’ complexion were deathly pale, and they glanced at each other, before someone took the lead and said while trembling, “King Cold, Planet Bahert’s continent has been destroyed from a battle, and…” The alien swallowed his saliva and didn’t dare to continue.

“Speak, what happened”

“And… we saw Sir Cooler’s dead body on the planet.

Sir Cooler died on Planet Bahert!” The aliens’ eyes flickered, making evident how difficult it was for them to believe it too.

“What—Cooler is dead!”

King Cold suddenly stood up, his face no longer calm.

His more than two-meter-tall body suddenly erupted with a chilly storm, and the command hall suddenly sunk into a vast sea-like violent whirlpool.

“Tell me everything in detail what you saw,” said King Cold in a icy, stiff voice.

“Yes, King Cold!”

The several aliens took a deep breath and told him everything that they had seen.

“We found Sir Cooler’s dead body lying on a shattered ground.

The armor on his chest was completely cracked; all his bones had been broken by someone, and he was also missing an arm.

Moreover… his head had been stepped on and crushed… The person who fought him is definitely very powerful!”

King Cold’s face darkened as he listened.

From his subordinates’ description, he understood that Cooler must have been subjected to inhuman abuse before death, which meant that the strength of the person who had killed Cooler was far above Cooler; otherwise, Cooler’s death wouldn’t have been that miserable, and the fatal injuries also wouldn’t be on his head.

Thinking while putting himself in other’s shoes, only those who are far more powerful than their opponents would like to toy with their opponents, just as Frost Demon race liked to trample their opponents.

At this moment, King Cold’s heart suddenly “thumped”, and his body felt a chill.

Not good, we cannot stay on Planet Bahert!

Cooler’s full strength wasn’t much different from his own.

If even Cooler had been trampled like that by the other person, then he too most likely wouldn’t be their opponent if he ran into them.

A gentleman doesn’t stand under a collapsing wall*.

King Cold was not a gentleman, but he still cherished his life very much.

[TL: staying away from a dangerous place.]

King Cold decisively chose to leave when he knew that the other’s strength might be above him, and he didn’t even intend to take away Cooler’s dead body.

The person who had killed Cooler may still be nearby, so he had to quickly leave this starfield.

And for a long time to come, he doesn’t even intend to set foot in the East Area.

He would return and properly administer his territories!


A few days later, Frieza in the North Area also received news that Cooler had died in the East Area.

It had a huge impact on Frieza’s mood.

He then immediately recalled those subordinates who had been sent to the East Area.

“Even Cooler died in the East Area.

Could it be that East Area really is a lion’s den* It’s no wonder why those people who had been sent to the East Area before were completely annihilated very quickly.

Who would have thought that the level of the East Area is so high!”

[TN: an extremely dangerous place.]


Dodoria, let’s give up the plan to pioneer East Area for the time being!”

All kinds of misunderstandings caused Frieza to feel intense fear against the East Area Forces.

Even Cooler died there.

He doesn’t think that his strength is better than Cooler’s, so it would be good if he kept a respectful distance from the East Area.

“Yes, King Frieza!” Dodoria opened his mouth wide in disbelief and responded in a loud voice, while wiping the cold sweat.

At this time, Frieza chuckled and his cold eyes glanced at the scenery in the distance.

“The territories left by Cooler after his death are not bad.

Right, I heard that recently Slug has also disappeared.

Perhaps he has already died from old age—this inferior race, ah!”

“Ask my father to see if he wants us to take over those territories!”


Dodoria shouted in a loud voice.

As soon as he heard of taking over territories, Dodoria immediately became interested.

The northern part of the North Area has very abundant territories!


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