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“Wait a minute! Who is this woman that has just appeared Why would she appear on Planet Bahert”

Xiaya searched through all his memories, trying to find out the identity of this orange-haired girl, but even after searching for a long time, he didn’t get any useful information.

Just by looking at her appearance, he couldn’t discern her identity.

There were only two possibilities that would have caused this to occur.

The unknown person did not appeared in the original work, at all—and is an hidden expert within the vast universe.

After all, Dragon Ball only tells the story of earth’s side—which was really not worth mentioning in comparison to the entire universe.

Moreover, there was also a possibility that she had appeared in the original work, but the total number of times that she appeared wasn’t much, so she didn’t arouse much attention.

Xiaya doesn’t know the category that the orange-haired girl in front of him fell into.

So he maintained the Super Saiyan Form while secretly used the “Spirit Eye Secret Skill” to observe the girl.

Immediately, the information of the woman with bluish skin was reflected in the form of data.

Upon seeing the data, Xiaya’s eyes contracted, and he sucked in a mouthful of chilly air, almost cancelling his Super Saiyan Form.

Her data was too shocking!

: 200,000 years old, Battle Power 2.5 billion! !

2.5 billion Battle Power: that was the number on this orange-haired girl!

It was no wonder why Xiaya was so shocked.

This kind of Battle Power—forget the current him, even if he trained for many years— was something he may not reach in future.

There were not many powerful women in the Dragon Ball World.

At this time, Xiaya suddenly recalled Androids 18’s data.

He compared Android 18 and the woman in front of him, and again shook his head; there was totally no comparison! 18’s Battle Power was probably around 1.2 billion; she is obviously not the opponent of this person.

Also, what the hell is 200,000 years old!

In the entire Dragon Ball World, there may not be many people with such a lifespan!

At this time, the girl in the sky saw Xiaya, and upon seeing his golden appearance enshrouded by burning golden flames, a bright light suddenly flashed through her mind, seemingly recalling something.

Looking at Xiaya while cocking her head, she said, “This is… Super Saiyan Yes, it seems to be a Super Saiyan!”

The orange-haired girl knocked on her palm, her tone certain.

After which, a ominous glint flashed in her deep blue eyes.

She didn’t seem to like Super Saiyans much.

“Woman, where have you popped out from How dare you get in the way of this king!” Yelling with a murderous look, Cooler was restlessly floating in midair, and took the initiative to provoke the mysterious woman.

Cooler is courting death, ah!

Xiaya somewhat couldn’t bear to look.

Angering just anyone isn’t good, especially a person whose Battle Power was frighteningly high.

He really only had himself to blame if he died.

But who told Cooler to be incapable of sensing aura He was used to being arrogant and really believed that everyone is afraid of him!

However, this time—he may have hit an iron plate.

Sure enough, the orange-haired girl’s countenance suddenly changed.

Her malevolent eyes were as sharp as daggers, as they locked straight onto Cooler’s chest.

“Well, isn’t this a Frost Demon Why haven’t they been destroyed yet I remember them getting killed by someone till there was no one left!”

“Woman, what are you talking about!!”

Cooler’s voice was extremely gloomy.

Although the number of Frost Demon race members were sparse, they definitely wouldn’t easily get exterminated.

The fact that this orange-haired woman actually dared to curse them made Cooler curse while gnashing his teeth in anger.

“Humph, you still don’t accept it, but I am telling you… the number of Frost Demons who have died in this lady Zan… hands are not less than a hundred, and a little guy like you, who has only developed a little transformation ability, still has a big disparity compared to your ancestors!”

The orange-haired woman looked up haughtily, but as she still couldn’t remember her name, she became irritated.

“But since I have seen you today, Frost Demon, don’t even think about escaping! Obediently die…” With a crisp shout, the orange-haired girl suddenly disappeared from her place into thin air, and once again appeared close in front of Cooler.

“So fast!” Xiaya couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, and suddenly, a layer of cold sweat dripped down his back.

If this woman had attacked him at such a speed, he definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge.

“Super Saiyans are also very ordinary in her eyes!” Xiaya muttered.

His joy of becoming Super Saiyan in the beginning, at this moment, had completely disappeared.

Compared with this woman, Super Saiyans didn’t look to be much stronger than an ordinary person.

In the sky, when the orange-haired girl approached Cooler, Cooler was shocked and instinctively sought to widen the distance, but a shocking thing happened—

He saw the orange-haired girl tilt her head, calmly extend her palm and easily raise Cooler’s arm.

Cooler’s heart was tense, and he wanted to break free, but the enormous strength was like iron pincers that has firmly latched onto him; he was unable to break free not matter what he did.


With a sharp and clear sound, Cooler’s only arm which was covered in sandstone armor has its shape completely change and was forcibly broken.

“Ahhh…” Cooler screamed in pain, his bloodshot eyes looking at her in disbelief.

“Who are you” Cooler asked, frightened.

Unfortunately, no one answered; the girl once again held Cooler’s shoulder, lifted her leg, and heavily kicked in his abdomen.

Cooler doubled over in pain and vomited.

He still couldn’t understand why did this girl, who had suddenly appeared, had attacked him Why would such a frightening person suddenly appear on this uninhabited Planet Bahert

His Battle Power is as high as 470 million, but he didn’t have any strength to fight back!

Ka! Ka ka!

The sounds of bones breaking was like that of beans being fried.

Cooler had, in the blink of an eye fallen, from his high position of a king to a prisoner, as the bones in his four limbs were crushed.

The orange-haired girl kicked Cooler from the sky to the ground, and then she also quickly drop down from the sky, stepping on Cooler’s chest.

The sandstone armor could not withstand the tremendous pressure and cracked with a loud bang.

Cooler’s heartrending screams were extremely tragic…

“This woman… is too strong—2.5 billion Battle Power is really…” Xiaya dumbfoundedly looked at this scene, as his brain immediately crashed.

The scene of the orange-haired girl trampling on Cooler was as terrifying as the scene of Trunks cruelly killing Frieza in the original work, even to the extent that the scene in front of him was more visual and even more unimaginable.

“Didn’t I say that there are more than one hundred Frost Demons who have died at the hands of this lady.

Now, there is one more!” The orange-haired girl shook her head and then stepped on Cooler’s face which now had a stunned expression.

The golden boots stepped on Cooler’s forehead, it seemed to lack strength, but Cooler’s brain was immediately crushed.

Red and white [*****] liquid splashed across the ground.

Just like this—Cooler is dead

Xiaya looked at this scene, dumbfounded.

He was finding this somewhat hard to accept!

Looking at the orange-haired girl cruel appearance, Xiaya’s scalp felt numb, especially her innocent smiling expression.

It made Xiaya’s feel cold, and he unconsciously cancelled the Super Saiyan’s State.

“Hey, Super Saiyan over there.

Come over to this lady!” A crisp and pleasant voice sounded.

Listening to her voice, Xiaya felt that it was like a devil’s call.

Can I escape using Instant Transmission now Pondering over it, Xiaya was ready to run at any time.

Even though Saiyans were prideful, Xiaya was ready to escape at this moment.

“Didn’t you hear, I asked you to come over!”

The voice had already arrived beside Xiaya’s ear.

Unknowingly the orange-haired girl had suddenly arrived in front of Xiaya.

She stared at him, her blue eyes gleaming with innocence.

“Oh no, i can’t move!” Xiaya’s heart thumped, and his expression was of dismay.

“You Saiyans are really… ay.

I don’t know why I got angry when I saw a Super Saiyan; do you know the name of this lady…” The orange girl rudely swayed her finger.

She was very polite when talking to Xiaya.

At least, she hadn’t directly killed him like Cooler.

“I don’t know!” Xiaya replied.

This person from 200,000 years ago—who knew what her name was!

Because the orange-haired girl was very close, a clear fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

Xiaya raised his eyebrows and hurriedly turned his face to the side.

“Oh!” The orange-haired girl looked at Xiaya in disappointment and slightly nodded.

“Then get out of my face.

There is no use in staying here!”

After that, the orange-haired girl lightly touched Xiaya’s chest, and the sounds of bones shattering could be heard, and a huge power suddenly acted on his whole body.

Like being run over by a train, Xiaya only felt an enormous force exerting pressure on his entire body, and he suddenly turned into a beam of light, flying backwards.

A light yellow color rapidly flashed past him, as his body soon charged out of the atmosphere!

Looking at Xiaya in the sky, who had disappeared amidst a flash of light, the orange-haired girl stamped her feet madly and suddenly became confused.


who am I

Planet Feidaya…Zan… Gya…


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